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Dr. Mark McKenna’s Unrivalled Achievements

Dr. Mark McKenna is an alumnus of Tulane University Medical School. He is a degree holder in Medicine and Surgery which is his main career. Besides treating patients, he has ventured into business and ran McKenna Venture Investments. This company specializes in delivering quality real estate services and projects to their clients. He is also the owner and head of Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. This other business venture of his runs financial advisory offices and architectural designs for buildings. Most importantly, they also deal in real estate.

Interestingly, his passion for medicine and surgery made him relocate from New Orleans, Los Angeles to Atlanta. Dr. McKenna operated in providing quality and reliable medical services for seven years before it was bought by Life Time Fitness Inc. Luckily, the company hired him as their National Medical Director. This dates back to 2014 the company has operated only for two years. His incredibility in the medical field kept propelling him higher for better opportunities. He then landed at OVME where he was appointed the President and Chief Medical Officer of the company. This is one of his recent achievements, and he is still working at OVME. Under his leadership, he has invented technological ways that have massively improved the quality of the medical services offered by the firm.

His success and great achievements have attracted many interviews where he has shared his experiences and challenges both as a medical doctor and an entrepreneur. It is the experience that he has gathered from various organizations that have made him open-minded to always try new ideas. He is currently committed to providing authenticated healthcare to his patients.

Every successful man must have a way of constantly building their knowledge. This can be achieved by reading extensively. This motive has steered him towards setting targets that he ensures are achieved accordingly. Mentors like Barack Obama are also contributors to his inspiration to crave for better operations for his businesses.

Commitment and hard work are all that it takes for someone who is passionate about achieving massive success.


Richard Blair Makes Financial Planning Easier for Austin Natives

There is a large amount of interest in financial planning and making a better life if you plan to retire without being totally dependent on Social Security. There have already been reports that state that Social Security to be something that will not be available to Generation X so there is a strong need to save. Even Millennials that are growing up now are going to realize that they need a financial planner, and Richard Blair has been someone that has stood out as an excellent financial planner.


Everyone has a need to save at some point, but the average person that is saving is not going to know about all the things that can make their portfolio better. This is where Richard Blair shines. He is the portfolio person that really knows about lots of different options. Some people may have a need to get the best returns that they can possibly get so they put that money towards stocks. Others may have a desire to build a connection to stocks that make the higher returns. There are other investors that are going to have a desire to play it safe. They may want to put their money into mutual funds. There are some that are going to consider a hybrid of investments so they may choose stocks, mutual funds and annuities. Learn more:


There are so many options available for people to consider, but everyone does not always take full stock of what is out there. They do not have all of the pieces to the puzzle. Richard Blair is someone that has managed to gain a significant number of pieces to the financial planning puzzle. He knows about a wide variety of things, and he started Wealth Solutions to help spread his knowledge about investing. People that connect with Richard Blair or any of his consultants can get a better understanding of how they should invest. People that connect with Richard Blair are going to be on their way to creating a much better financial future.


Investors are going to have an easier time when it comes to building their financial portfolios. There is going to be a better need to create a financial future with someone that is going to know the ins and outs of investment opportunities. Richard Blair has proven himself to be this type of financial planning expert for all the natives of Austin, TX.

Why Dr. Imran Haque is the Preferred Physician for Many North Carolina Residents

Who is Dr. Imran Haque? He is an experienced internist who boasts of over 15 years of clinical practice. He is the most sought-after physician at Horizon Internal Medicine. The medical facility located in Asheboro, North Carolina, is among the most famous medical institutions in the region owing to the quality of services delivered by Dr. Haque and a team of physicians who match up to Dr. Imran Haque’s expertise.

Just like any medical practitioner, Dr. Haque underwent training at various institutions of higher learning. He is an alumnus of Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo; he earned a medical degree from the school. He also a former student of the University of Virginia. What’s more, he is a licensed doctor who adheres to the highest standards of professional conduct.

What sets Dr. Haque apart from other internists? While all doctors can diagnose and treat various diseases, not all of them create a professional bond with their patients as Dr. Haque does. Most of the patients that he has attended to praise him for his excellent people skills. Also, his 15 years of practice enable him to accurately diagnose and treat various ailments such as diabetes, asthma, pneumonia, etc.

Dr. Haque worked at various medical facilities before starting his practice, Horizon Internal Medicine. He founded the medical center to offer rare medical services to the residents of Asheboro. Horizon Internal Medicine is up and running smoothly courtesy of Dr. Haque’s hard work, diligence, and in-depth research.

Dr. Haque is enthused over the fusion of technological innovations and medicine. Presently, the use of technology in medicine range from simple applications such as maintaining databases to complex applications such as using technology to perform surgeries using surgical robots. Dr. Haque believes that the constant improvement in technology augurs well for medicine and related fields.

Apart from practicing medicine, Dr. Haque is an accomplished entrepreneur. Earlier on, one of his businesses failed because he tried expanding it quickly and because he was weak in multi-tasking. Of course, Dr. Haque has honed his multi-tasking skills over the years, and he currently prides himself on his ability to handle numerous tasks at a go.


Aloha Construction Inc. Becomes A Full-Service Construction Provider With Its New Division

This month, Aloha Inc. launches Aloha Restoration, Co. division tasked with interior remodeling and restoration. This division is made up of local roofers and siding contractors who can provide a wide range of services including mold removal, fire and damage restoration, carpet cleaning services, and interior remodeling services and Aloha Inc. on Facebook.

The launch of Aloha Restoration, Co. fulfills the promise made by Aloha to the people of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin that it would one day become a full professional service construction network. From the outset, the ultimate objective of Aloha Inc. was to become a one-stop shop for households across the Midwest. With the launch of Aloha Restoration, Co, that dream has been achieved.

This new division boasts of trained and certified personnel who offer round the clock emergency assistance. In times of need and distress, whether during the day or night, you can rely on Aloha Restoration, Co. to arrive at the scene and secure your home and more information click here.

According to David Farbaky, the CEO of Aloha Inc., the company has experienced tremendous growth in 2017. Nevertheless, he urges the staff to maintain quality service and craftsmanship to realize customer satisfaction continually and learn more about Aloha Construction.

Based in Lake Zurich Illinois, the headquarters of Aloha Restoration, Co is just a stone throw away from the headquarters of Aloha Inc. Providing free in-home evaluations, you can visit the office and book an appointment for property assessment. For further information on this new division, visit Aloha Restoration, Co.’s website.


About Aloha and Aloha Restoration

Aloha Construction provides roofing and siding repair services across the greater Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas through their Lake Zurich and Bloomington offices. The new division, Aloha Restoration is focused on all kinds of interior home remodeling services like mold removals, fire, and water damage services and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

Both Aloha and Aloha Restoration are fully accredited, bonded, and insured and…/prweb14244544.htm.

The Success Story Behind Waiakea Water

The use of the fully degradable bottle by the Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water will start I the coming this, and this step will see the company bring down the span of the containers they manufacture by almost 98 percent. This bottle can be recycled apart from being degradable. Time past, which is an additional additive that is added on the Nano degradation of plastics, combine the quality of the plastics being recyclable. Brand representatives, however, claim that the lifespan of the bottles reduces from 1500 years to 15 years upon addition of the new additives.

The approach that the scientists took to ensure that the containers can be broken down chemically the intention of production shifted from making stronger and better plastics to making weaker and simpler plastics on the molecular level. During the process of manufacturing the company is mentioned to add chemicals that speed the degradation process in the ground naturally. In addition to this, the carbon dioxide is then converted from the polymers which are the readily degradable. Nevertheless, the creation of these degradable bottles has come with a share of problems. One of the most visible issues that the production of degradable containers came with is the fact that it needed to create bottles that were the same in quality with the former ordinary bottle. Another challenge that seemed significant is the fact that patent extraction from the degradation of plastic had also proved futile according to the C.E.O of the company.

The RPET used in the manufacture of the new bottles also seemed more costly than the regular RPET that was used in the production of the standard containers, this seemed seriously expensive. The company was founded in the year 2012 and is the first Hawaiian volcanic water and triple bottle company. Having been registered the company aimed at the transformation of the industry of CPG to the best people interest line and government. The company has widely been applauded for the immense energy they have put in trying to innovate and will be the first company ever to use degradable bottles with RPET. The company also is the first American company that has got the certification of Carbon Neutral.

Find Out How Rodrigo Terpin’s Passion for Sport is in the Genes

Rodrigo Terpins, 44, who hails from Sao Paulo is passionate about sports and speed. He is also a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Together with his brother, Michel Terpins, and father, Jack Terpins, the family has made a lucrative impact in the world of sports. The brothers are leading rally drivers while their dad majored in basketball.

Rodrigo partnered with Fabricio Bianchini in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally in Brazil. The duo covered 2, 600 kilometers, 7 stages and 2 states in the competition. Rodrigo’s team participated in Prototype T1 category and took the third position and eight position overall. Amidst the 38 competitors, only a few, Bull Sertoes Rally Team included, managed to secure top positions.

The 22nd edition took place in Midwest, and the participants passed through the states of Minas Gerais and Goias. Rodrigo had higher expectations in the race. Rodrigo counts on his navigator, Fabricio, who is supportive in the race. The duo also gave credit to the car sponsors, MEM Motorsport, and their team who contributed significantly to their success.

Rodrigo and his brother Michel, together with other nine participants formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Rodrigo and his brother board T-Rex cars developed by MEM Motorsport. Rodrigo boarded car #326 that was developed by MEM Motorsport. The brothers have been racing for four seasons and compete for the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship.

The sponsors of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team are Eventos, Xarla, Terpins, Cintra Advogados, Bull Sertoes and MEM support team, Motul and Ohlins. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Rodrigo, the 22nd edition race was a success. Rodrigo Terpins said, “The test was pleasant and delicious to ride, we had very hard Specials that required a lot of the equipment and our team was ten, we had 100% of use and the result was this.” Rodrigo has achieved outstanding results in his racing career.

Rodrigo Terpins, 44, is an outstanding Brazilian Rally driver and has won several competitions. Rodrigo who races for Bull Sertoes Rally Team has a passion for sports just like his brother, Michel, and his dad, Jack Terpins. Rodrigo and his navigator Fabricio participated in the 22nd edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and were among the few teams who secured top positions. Rodrigo attributes his success to his supportive team and sponsors of the #326 T-Rex car. You can visit his Vimeo page to see more.

Bob Reina Joins HuffPost for Launch.

The team at Talk Fusion have been set on innovating within the video market industry for over a decade at this point. CEO Bob Reina established the company in 2007 because he foresaw just how important video marketing would become in the future. Reina’s work took on renewed importance once having an internet presence became almost compulsory for successful companies in today’s climate. Reina has been the leader at Talk Fusion since the beginning and he’s been more than willing to share all of his expertise with as many people as possible. Reina was recently brought on to the newly re-branded publication, the HuffPost.


The Huffington Post is a popular online publication that recently decided to re-focus their message and re-brand under a new auspice, the HuffPost. As the HuffPost Editor in Chief Lydia Polgreen has made it clear that their focus is on giving a voice to people that don’t typically get a chance to get their message out. HuffPost’s new branding goal resonated so well with Bob Reina and his work that he was brought on to supply a few new articles to help launch the website.


Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has been contributing to the Huffington Post since early 2016 but his invite was recent and intentional to give him a chance to help open the doors to the new platform. Bob Reina released a pair of new articles to help usher in the new brand: “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters” and “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience.” These two new articles are now viable on the website and can be seen by any of the millions of visitors that utilize the HuffPost website.


Bob Reina has always been a fan of innovation and it makes sense that he would be on board with the HuffPost re-branding effort. Talk Fusion is all about staying ahead of the curve and that means doing things to change up your message and invite in new audiences. Bob Reina says, “I look forward to sharing more insightful articles not only with our own customers and associates at Talk Fusion, but with Huffpost’s nearly 200 milion readers.” Learn more:

The Contributions of Richard Mishaan Design in the Provision of World-Class Services

Richard Mishaan Design is a company that pioneers in the development of interior décor. This firm has been running its operations for more than two decades. The company is a global leader in the provision of commercial, residential, and hospitality design solutions and read full article.


About Mishaan Design

Mishaan Design is responsible for the development of some of the most discerning and residential projects in hotels, suburban, and retail projects across the globe. This company is led by Richard Mishaan, a successful businessman and designer. This Colombian-born executive is one of the most influential people in the art, fashion, and interior design industry. Richard Mishaan spends a significant part of his time in Columbia, New York, Miami, and Colombia where he operates various projects. This entrepreneur is a proficient writer who has authored books such as “Artfully Modern” and “Modern Luxury.” The esteemed Monacelli Press is responsible for publishing all Richard Mishaan’s works. He is a people’s person and occasionally hosts dinner parties with the help of his wife, Marcia, at their home in the Hamptons. He is responsible for leading his company into becoming one of the top service providers and learn more about Richard Mishaan.


The Company’s portfolio

Richard Mishaan has an extensive business portfolio, and he is responsible for designing a variety of homes. Some of the homes he has designed include:

Mishaan designs a variety of decorations, including furniture, lighting, accessories, art, and homes. This company has made a name for itself in the international platform, which has led it to earn recognition as the top interior design company. Some of its recent projects include the design of a vacation home in the Hamptons. Mishaan has inspired other designer, such as Yoko Ishibashi, to develop cutting-edge solutions and Richard on Facebook.

Aloha Construction Charity to the Society

The Aloha Construction Company is situated in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It is a family owned business founded in 2008. Over the years, it has shown tremendous growth as a result of its superb service. This service is not only to their clients but to the community as well. For over 15 years, it has offered an array of services to the Illinois community. These services range from roofing, water and fire restoration to home repair, among others. Consequently, it serves as a leading general certified contractor in this industry. The great milestone that Aloha has made can be attributed to the able leadership of Dave Farbaky, who is the CEO and the president.

Davy has set an example to the Aloha employees by creating a foundation that gives back to the society. This is the David Farbaky Foundation. It aims at supporting the needy in the society. Through him, crucial lessons of growing together with the community are learned. As a result, he has become an entrepreneur to reckon with in Illinois. Through Dave Farbaky Foundation, the Aloha company has sponsored several needy children from the local community.

Under Dave’s leadership, Aloha company has set the bar high when it comes to community appreciation or supporting community projects in Illinois. This is the realization that the community plays a significant role in the growth of every business, whether small or big. There are various ways one can engage in when giving back to the community. For the Aloha company, they are actively involved in the community’s events.

One of these events is the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club, where Dave provided tickets to children for a night out. In addition, they participated in fun and sports day with other disadvantaged children from the community. Through Davy, it’s clear that Aloha company sees the community as part of its family; as such it has the spirit of family. This is why under the Dave Farbaky Foundation, the company has expressed its generosity, a value it holds dearly, by sponsoring the local high school football team. From the funding, the team’s uniform, sports fee, and equipment were catered for. This makes Dave an inspiration to many young people in the Illinois community.

Karl Heideck Traffic Laws To Philadelphians

Karl Heideck is a well-known attorney with reputation about traffic laws in Philadelphia. He is an excellent Hire Counsel-listed legal advisor since 2015. Karl extends his legal services to individuals and industrial sectors in case of constitutional litigation, compliance, and management of risks. When he is not practicing law, he writes blogs on statutes and publish them to create awareness and enlightens the citizens of Pennsylvania. Karl aims at making his community understand how specific laws work to avoid the violation. Besides being a lawyer to individuals and commercial enterprises, he has held various positions in numerous law firms.

In Philadelphia, Karl Heideck focuses on risk and compliance management cases among others. He is famous in winning various litigations in court and implementing new ones in the constitution. Karl has an excellent education history. Heideck holds a degree in English & Literature from Swarthmore College. In 2009 he received a law degree from James Beasley School, a satellite campus of Temple University. Karl Heideck had vast experience in law and had been in the legal career for more than a decade. He is always empowered with his extensive legal knowledge and experience to pursue his professional life further, and this has put him on a higher notch among other legal practitioners in Philadelphia.

Follow @karl_heideck

Over the years, Karl Heideck has ventured and pursued various areas of law including employment laws and corporate litigation. His blogging activities have added value to his profession since he can reach the majority of Philadelphians and enrich them with trending legal issues. The citizens are always on loop due to Karl Heideck`s publications. He once explored the law concerning car seats to children. This law required the kids at the age of 2 and eight years to be put and carried in a booster seat until they reach the weight of 8 pounds.

Also, children below two years of age were expected to be put on seats facing the rear. Karl Heideck urged that according to the health practitioners, placing children in such conditions will prevent them from serious injuries if an incidence of accident occurs. He ruled that drivers who act contrary to this law they should be penalized $ 75 and cater for the court costs. This traffic law has been in place for years though it has not been strictly adhered to by the majority. Although, after the incidence of traffic deaths on 11 years old kids, the authorities have demanded the compliance of the traffic law. People are now required to evaluate the children seats in their cars to ensure that they meet the law of the state.

Find more about Karl Heideck: