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Avaaz = the World in Action

Avaaz promotes global awareness and activism. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with citizens and volunteers all around the world. The issues it supports include human rights, climate change, poverty, animal rights, conflict and corruption. It is based in the United States and has worldwide offices.

Funding is from individuals and small organizations, no corporate or large donations are accepted. This keeps it ethically a grass roots NGO. The Guardian has reported that Avaaz relies on the generosity of its members and supporters. They have raised more than $20 million dollars for operations and programs. The Avaaz movement has more than 45 million members worldwide.

The name Avaaz is generated from a Persian word meaning voice. Since its intent is to speak on behalf of under-represented groups and causes, this name is apt. Director Ricken Patel describes its mission as uniting the practical idealists of the world. Close the gaps between where people are and where they want to be.

Avaaz is the community that brings people-powered politics to decision-making around the world. Campaigns are suggested by members from 30 different international offices. By using the Internet, email, petitions and various media-friendly attention getting events Avaaz takes a non-traditional approach to communicating with global decision makers. The Economist asserted, in 2010, that the Avaaz approach may be an asset in an otherwise divided society. The cause is more important than race, class or geography.

Avaaz created a human chain handshake three miles long attempting to create dialogue between the Chinese Embassy in London and the Dalai Lama. This is one example of their non-traditional strategies. Currently, a petition campaign, suggested by members, is attempting to prevent a merger between two major corporations, Monsanto and Bayer.


Securus Technologies Is Moving Forward

The public safety field is an important industry all across the world. Securus Technologies is the leader, and they are respected and known for their exceptional work in the field. They have numerous clients that are based in the US. Their specialties are in both the civil and criminal sides of the justice system, and they create new technologies to implement for safety on a weekly basis.


Over a year, Securus Technologies deals with prisoners that number in the millions. They are adept at using techniques and technologies to make sure that the correction facilities are safe places for the prisoners, workers and visitors. They know what works in terms of keeping everyone safe, and that is what they are looking for when they create new technologies. The US government utilizes their expertise in their correctional facilities all across the nation.


Client feedback is very important to Securus Technologies. They want to know how their technologies are working in their facilities. They wrote an article that shows the public just what their clients are saying about the technologies and how they have helped them.


Their clients make detailed comments about how their facilities operate after they implement the technologies that Securus Technologies creates. Since the public has a chance to read all of their comments, they are even more confident in this company. The future brings many more clients to their door every day, and Securus Technologies continues to lead the industry in order to make the world a safer place for everyone.


Owner Gregory Aziz Establishes a Leader in Car Manufacturing

Mr. Gregory James Aziz has been on top of the company National Steel Car for quite a few years now. Mr. Greg James Aziz is holding the positions of Chairman, President, and Chief executive officer of the National Steel Car. The company of National Steel Car is working in the business of railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing. National Steel Car is one of the global leaders in its line of work. The headquarters of National Steel Car have a permanent home in Hamilton, Ontario.

Mr. Gregory James Aziz was born in London, Ontario in 1949. He received his higher education from the Ridley College, and after that, he received a major from the University of Western Ontario graduating in Economics. The family of Mr. Gregory James Aziz owns a wholesale business called Affiliated Foods. Mr. Gregory James Aziz became a part of the firm after he had graduated from university in 1971. The company of Affiliated Foods is quite large. Over the sixteen years of operation, it had grown to become a worldwide establishment that imports fresh food from Europe and South and Central America and the distributing them across Canada and the United States.

In the 80s and the 90s, Mr. Gregory James Aziz was a part of the banking business, and so he worked in a few investment banks. After that, however, Mr. Gregory James Aziz purchased the company of National Steel Car in 1994 from its previous owner Dofasco. It used to be a Canadian firm, but Mr. Gregory James Aziz intended to transform it into a leader in its line of work across all of North America. When the company was purchased in 1994, National Steel Car was able to manufacture only 3 500 cars a year. In 1999 that number multiplied significantly. National Steel Car started manufacturing 12 000 cars every year. In terms of employment, the number increased 600 to about 3 000 people. The growth had truly been a significant one, and it put the business of National Steel Car among the top leaders in the industry.

National Steel Car manufactured their first railroad freight car more than 100 years ago. Today the company remains among the top producers of railroad freight cars in North America. National Steel Car has managed to stay on the upper part of their line of business through the company’s commitment to the high quality engineering of their products. Mr. Gregory J Aziz intends to continue growing the business.


The Fear of Losing And the Assistance of Igor Cornelsen

One of the issues that investors are faced with is the fear of losing everything. Everyone that takes on something new is always faced with some kind of failure. The only thing that is going to stop them from moving forward is an abnormal fear of such. The thing for people to recognize is that people are going to fail. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

Therefore, it is important for people to not take failure as a world ending experience. The better thing to do is to look at everything as a learning experience. This is one of the best ways to success. At the same time, it is good to get advice from someone who has a lot of experience in the financial markets. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:

One example of an experienced financial expert is Igor Cornelsen. He is someone who has made a lot of investments and built businesses in Brazil. He has a lot of experience with the markets and has dealt with all kinds of market conditions.

Therefore, he knows how influential market conditions are when it comes to investing. Therefore, he is willing and able to tell people when it is safe for them to invest or trade and when it is better for them to hold out on their investments.

According to Lulu, Igor Cornelsen has a lot of knowledge on the many different types of profits that people can make on their money. While many people look to trading as their way of investing, Igor is willing to show people about other forms of investing.

For one thing, there are accounts that yield money periodically so that the money that is invested will collect interest over time. The one thing that can be done is to add to the investments over time until it they are satisfied with the amount of money it gives them.

The Remarkable Investment Banking Solutions of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a well-known global investment banking company that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm has focused on offering a broad range of financial solutions to middle market businesses. Madison is trusted by most of its clients due to its integrity, experience, and expertise. The company is regarded as one of the leading providers of corporate finance services. It has successfully organized complex deal, enabled sellers to meet buyers, and developed remarkable exit strategies for different businesses. The firm is skilled in handling transactions such as corporate governance, private placement guidance, merger and acquisitions, bankruptcy solutions, and tax compliance. It gets most of its business from companies such as Bond Medical Group, Bond Medical Group, and Fiver Science. Learn more:

The investment banking firm has established itself in the global market. It currently manages offices in India, Ghana, Chicago, and Oregon. It is committed to applying comprehensive approaches whenever it deals with any issues that affect its clients. Madison Street Capital has a competent executive team that makes deals by utilizing its outstanding analytical expertise, healthy relationships, and market information.

DCG Software is among the companies that have hired the services of Madison Street Capital. The firm’s main offices are in Pennsylvania, and it is an expert in providing software analysis solutions. It recently merged with the Spitfire Group to help in improving the value of its business. DCG is appreciated for its expertise in maintaining software worth, software valuation, and supporting projects. The firm was formed in 1994 and has been hired by several corporations that need software management solutions. Based in Denver, Spitfire has specialized in utilizing cutting-edge technologies in enabling businesses to run their projects and developing excellent technology architecture. Learn more:

Another client of Madison Street Capital is the Dowco Group. The firm has depended on the services of the investment banking enterprise for many years, and it recently hired it to help in forming a merger with Acuna and Associates. Dowco is a company that is trusted for offering excellent pre-construction and steel modeling solutions. The transaction was highly successful, and this made M&A Advisors nominate Madison Street Capital for various honors.

The finance company has also worked with ARES Security Corporation, which is a Virginia-based business that provides cutting-edge security software. The security firm needed help in restructuring its minority equity. It has specialized in developing products that are used in safeguarding valuable properties that are owned by the government and private organizations. Madison Street Capital connected the firm with an excellent financing partner that can enable it to accomplish its growth needs. The investment banking enterprise is served by highly competent employees, and some of them have been awarded for their outstanding career accomplishments.

Equities First Holdings Continues to Make Impressive Business Moves

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2012. The organization is an advisory and investment business that gives individuals several financial solutions. Equities First Holdings also offer margin loans and financing services for shareholders, so that customers can meet their financial and personal goals against traded stock. During the time Equities First Holdings has been in business, the company has developed long-term partnerships with reputable investment banks, as well as the largest custodian banks in the world and several prominent international law firms and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Equities First Holdings was originally known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited. When Meridian was acquired by Equity Partners, the name of the company changed. Attorneys from the Morgan Lewis law firm helped to facilitate the transaction, and regulatory advice was provided by Chris Harrison and William Yonge. Equities First Holdings also received valuable corporate advice from associates such as Vinay Varma, Sergey Kvitkin and Iain Wright. Financial advisors Kate Habershon and Katerina Heal were on board to provide tax advice and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

Equities First Holdings is currently based in London. Since the start of the company, the organization has completed more than 700 transactions. This is one of the reasons Equities First Holdings has expanded its offices to China, the U.S. and Australia. A number of these branch companies have started experiencing success on their own and are working toward independence and more information click here.

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Susan McGalla Has Been An Inspiration To Women

A lot of women have struggled to have a successful career. Women like Susan McGalla have paved a path for these women. Her upbringing made her comfortable working with both sexes and her career is a success story. Her career started when she went to work for American Eagle Outfitters. Although every executive at this time was male, she became the President. After she left the company she created P3 Executive Counseling and is currently working for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Unfortunately not all women have achieved success because of the proverbial glass ceiling. There are groups providing support for women and giving them the opportunity to share their ideas. The problem is in order for a woman to succeed she requires the support of other businesswomen. This becomes difficult since three quarters of the senior roles are filled by men. One possible solution is opportunities for sponsorship. Women in executive positions can sponsor other women and create necessary opportunities. This would be an excellent way to advocate women’s rights and may prove to be the missing key.

The Joseph Horne Company was Susan McGalla’s first step into the business world. From 1986 through 1994 she worked in numerous management and marketing positions. Later in the same year she became a part of American Eagle Outfitters. She began as a merchandise buyer specializing in women’s clothing until becoming the CMO and President for the American Eagle Brand. This led to her promotion as President for the company. Her achievements included launching the brands for both 77kids and aerie.

In January of 2009 Susan McGalla departed from American Eagle Outfitters to work in the areas of financial and retail investments as a private consultant. HFF Incorporated elected her to sit on their Board of Directors in October of 2009. In January of 2011, she was Ed Thomas’s successor as CEO of Wet Seal Inc. During her initial tenure working for Wet Seal she was pregnant and was working remotely from home. In August of 2011 Susan McGalla began working for the company on a full time basis. Her achievements have been an inspiration for women.

David Giertz Explains Why Financial Advisers Should Talk about Social Security

Updated August 15th, 2017:

David Giertz has been the subject of a new article about retirement planning, but it’s a little different than you might expect. Instead of the typical negative slant about saving money, and living more frugally, David makes the point that you can still live your best life. You just have to be careful, and intelligent about your financial planning. Something Mr. Giertz covers in depth for

Updated July 1st, 2017:

David Giertz had some sound advice on what his fellow Ohioans can do to invest in themselves earlier than they might think.  If you don’t want to spend your entire life working, and you like the prospect of an earlier retirement without the fear of outliving your money, it’s worth reading David’s insight.

David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors. He has over 31 years experience as a financial adviser, and is registered with FINRA as a broker.

In a 2014 interview with Veronica Dagher, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser, David Giertz stressed the importance of financial advisers speaking to their clients about social security. He discussed a survey that Nationwide Retirement Institute initiated with consumers of retirement age and within ten years of retirement. The results of the survey showed that most financial advisers were not speaking to their clients about social security. He said it’s important for financial advisers to talk to clients about social security from a retention perspective, because four out of five consumers in the survey stated that they would change advisers if their adviser didn’t discuss social security.

David Giertz explained that some advisers might avoid the topic because social security is a very complex issue and can be hard to understand. However, social security can play a big part in a client’s retirement plan, totaling up to forty percent of a client’s income. The client’s social security income should be included in the retirement planning process at If a client starts collecting social security too early, the person could lose up to $12,000 per year.

The survey also showed that many consumers have misunderstandings about how social security works. By discussing this issue on, financial advisers can prevent clients from losing money in their retirement.

David Giertz’s firm, Nationwide Financial Distributors, sells life insurance and annuities, offers investment advisory services, and is a mutual fund underwriter.

The Replicant Mystery and Blade Runner 2049

One thing that makes Blade Runner and other movies classics is the ambiguity of certain important aspects of the film. As a matter of fact, ambiguity gives the film a longer lifespan than a film that answers every question. In the case of Blade Runner, the one topic of ambiguity is the nature of the protagonist. In the first film, particularly in the director’s and final cuts, there were scenes that suggested that the protagonist of the film Deckard is a replicant. However, one issue that appears with the film is that Deckard appears in Blade Runner 2049 in an aged form. For some people, this shuts down the replicant theory. However, there are plenty of other things to consider.

While in the first film, it was stated that the replicants had a four year lifespan, there are lines of dialogue that suggest that not every replicant has the four year lifespan. In the theatrical ending that was cut out of later versions of the film, Deckard’s voice over has said that Rachel, who was a replicant, was special in that she had no termination date. However, she does not appear in the film. It might be explained what happened to her, or there might be ambiguity in that case as well.

One thing that the director doesn’t want to do is answer the mystery as to whether or not Deckard is a replicant. He did say that he will take care of the mystery. The best way to take care of the mystery is to keep it going. As to whether or not K is a replicant, the trailers seem to spoil that he is a replicant. However, this is not going to be the big mystery in Blade Runner 2049, which will be released this October in premium theaters.

The ‘Thong Song’ is Back

Dru Hill front man Sisqo had some pretty big success with his first solo album in the late 1990’s. Most of that albums success was the result of the massive single ‘Thong Song.’ Released in December of 1999, the ‘Thong Song’ ear ed four Grammy nominations along with other awards. The song was a major success worldwide reaching number three on the hot 100 chart. More than fifteen years later Sisqo has put together a remake of the song with Norwegian production trio Jcy.

Sisqo’s updated version of the ‘Thong Song’ was produced with the group Jcy. The new version of the song has a lighter, tropical feel than the original version of the song. Just like the original video there are plenty of women in the new video rolling around in thongs. The new version has girls in a skating rink having a good time in Miami.

Over the years Sisqo has been approached multiple times about redoing the ‘Thong Song.’ He declined every time not really feeling moved to make a new version. His mind however was changed when heard the new version of the song done by Jcy. After hearing this new version Sisqo new it was time to get back in the studio and do a remake.

Sisqo continues to make new music both as a solo artist and as a member of the R&B group Dru Hill. No matter what he does, he his unable to escape the mega hit ‘Thong Song.’ Now with a new version for a new generation, the song is as alive as it has ever been.