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Greg Secker’s Business Tips

Greg Secker, the founder of Learn to Trade has helped raise the living standards of many people. Mr. Secker’s analogy shows that if one is capable of generating profits, they can also make a difference in their lives. With such kind of belief, CEOCFO Magazine saw it necessary to interview Greg Secker. The aim of the interview was to find more business tips from the English businessman, Greg Secker.

Greg Secker is driven by the ability to remain positive in adverse conditions. In every situation, Greg Secker will always give it a try. Later, he will figure out the details regarding the situation. Greg started an initiative known as Flying Trader initiative. The initiative was operational and made trades as Greg flew over Canary. Greg did this to show the possibility of making money anywhere, in any place and at any time.

Greg Secker studied food science and agriculture in school. In the university, Greg built and sold computers. Greg’s interest in computers provided a platform for him learn how to code. With his focus, Greg became a computer geek. Secker also designed a 3D interactive model of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. Later in Greg’s search for a job, he met a person who was highly interested in computers. The guy helped Greg in an interview where Greg finally found a job. After that, Greg was promoted and continued serving in the currency trading department at the Virtual Trading Desk.

Greg became interested in Forex trading while working at the Virtual Trading Desk. He coded all the functions of the trading strategies. Greg understood how the market works and how the profits were generated. Being motivated intrinsically, Greg borrowed five thousand pounds which he invested in the trade. To Greg’s surprise, he earned sixty thousand pounds in a one year. With his extensive experience in Forex, Greg is recognized as an expert in the industry.

Greg was born on 18 February 1975. He lived in London, England. Greg is also an accomplished author. He has written many books including Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom through Forex. Greg is not only the founder of Learn to Trade but also FX Capital, Capital Index, and Smart Charts Software. In 2010, Greg Secker established a non-profit organization known as The Greg Secker Foundation.


What Betsy DeVos Did Prior To Becoming President Trump’s Education Secretary

If you followed the 2016 election and saw the cabinet appointments in the months following, you may have noticed the fierce battle that ensued to get Betsy DeVos nominated for US Secretary of Education. But often overlooked is just how much work DeVos did in the years prior to this election and why many educators can thank her and the non-profit groups she’s a part of. She sat down once with Philanthropy Roundtable several years ago to explain why she supports school of choice.DeVos explained that she first got into her efforts to fund private K-12 schools and start scholarships because as a parent of several children, she saw how tough it was for other families to afford the same privileges on lower paychecks. That’s when she and her husband Dick got the idea to start the Education Freedom Fund followed by Kids Hope USA and Children First. She talked about a setback they had when they tried to introduce a tax credit and voucher program in the state’s constitution for the year 2000, but it was this setback that led to a new endeavor that included increasing charter school availability, and many of the DeVos’s friends started seeing a national movement.

So just how long has Betsy DeVos been involved in grassroots conservative activism that she also mentions in the interview? She grew up in a strong business-minded family, the daughter of Edgar Prince who founded Prince Corporation, one of Michigan’s most famous manufacturing companies. Her political activities started while she was attending Calvin College where she has also served as a trustee after graduating. Her interests in fighting for important social reforms and economic freedoms attracted another young man to her who was a businessman and activist. That man was Dick DeVos Jr., son of Amway Founder and major Republican donor Richard DeVos Sr.Together, Dick and Betsy DeVos founded The Windquest Group, a highly profitable investment firm from which they’ve been able to fund the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, the key parent foundation to their scholarship and other charity works.

Betsy DeVos also took a lead role in the Michigan Republican Party in 1996 when she won election to the position as Chairwoman. In the year 2000 she stepped down because she felt she could only be a follower and not a leader in this position, but in the year 2003 she once again returned feeling that this time she could do more. While Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm held office, it was said that Betsy DeVos was “her worst nightmare” due to the strong measures DeVos used to combat her policies. The then President-elect Trump’s nomination of DeVos to Education Secretary in 2016 was highly surprising because DeVos had been outspoken against the man she said didn’t represent the Republican Party, but after receiving the nomination said that it would be her “honor” to accept the position.

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Cameron Clokie And Advanced Regenerative Medicine In Toronto

Cameron Clokie works on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine, and he is known for working with many patients and new studies on the subject.

Someone who is interested in Cameron’s work will find that there has been quite a lot of work done on helping bones grow, healing patients and offering better dental care to all. This article briefly touches on how Cameron does the work that is required to heal many dental patients every day.

#1: Serving Toronto Well

Crunchbase revealed that Cameron Clokie has a large practice in Toronto that serves the community quite well, and it has been put together to ensure that as many patients as possible may be seen.

These patients may come to Cameron for simple procedures, or they may consult on advanced trials that the office is assisting with. These patients are given the opportunity to become part of groundbreaking work that Cameron is working on. Read more: Our Team – Induce Biologics

#2: Advanced Science

Cameron’s name may be found attached to many new efforts to help regenerative jaw bones and teeth bones. The work that has been done through the office and Cameron’s patients ensures that all his patients will have happier healthier lives.

Bone regeneration is a strong part of the dental research field, and Cameron’s willingness to be a part of it makes all of Toronto a hub for dental research.

#3: Why Is Cameron’s Work Important?

Canada has been blessed with one of the finest medical minds in the regenerative movement, and Cameron has been invited to or credited on multiple research panels. Patients from his office are often allowed to participate, and people sometimes travel to Toronto to see him. This may be their only way to heal, and Cameron will accept as many patients as possible to that end.

Everyone who has come into contact with Cameron Clokie knows that he is dedicated to patient care. Someone who has been through quite a lot of medical turmoil may ask Cameron for assistance, and he has many options that will help his patients recover their health, feel more confident about themselves and be able to move on with their lives.

Ricardo Tosto: The Corporate Lawyer To Government Officials And Companies Alike

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer who has been working in the corporate sector in Brazil for an extremely long time now. He is well known in his industry for his experience and expertise with matters dealing with litigation. Through the span of his long career, he has worked with a wide array of clients, all coming from different fields in the industry. He has worked closely with these customers, analyzing their current situation, and giving them the legal aid that they need accordingly. Being an expert at litigation, he has grabbed the attention of numerous large enterprises from in and around Brazil who have wanted to take him on as their legal counsel. Using this experience, he always knows exactly what needs to be done to help his clients with the current scenario that they are in. The list of clients that he has worked with all these years is extremely long and ranges across the spectrum.

Being as proficient in the field as he is, Ricardo Tosto has caught the attention of numerous government level officials, who have all wanted his legal expertise to deal with their matters. Some of his clients have even been top level government officers. He has worked with a few governmental agencies as well through the span of his long career.

Whenever Ricardo Tosto gets a new client, he first sits down and tries to understand the kind of situation they are in and their background. He is good with financials, which is why he always knows exactly how to work with the company and the resources that it has in place. He has had a long list of clients, both local as well as international corporations.

Ricardo Tosto has always been drawn towards success and believed in working hard to get to a high position in his career. He still stands by the same principles today, only now he is at the top of his field already. In addition to giving legal aid to corporates, he also tries his best to take on pro bono cases and help those people who are trying to seek justice but do not have the means to do so.

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Enormous Business Opportunities for More Executive Leaders like Susan McGalla to Thrive

While there are many companies that still have a larger population of one gender over another, there are advantages to having a diverse structure. Statistically, when a company has gender-diversity of at least 15 percent, those companies have a better advantage for higher performance levels and greater success than those that do not. The reason companies will out-perform with gender-diversity is simply because it brings a wider scope of ideas and different levels of perspective.

As a career businesswoman and leader, Susan McGalla has worked in several marketing and managerial levels within a company. Susan is a graduate from Mount Union College with a degree in marketing and business. In 1994, she began her impressive tenure with American Eagle Outfitters, which she used her marketing knowledge to become the company’s divisional merchandise buyer. Among several managerial opportunities, this position ultimately led Susan to become the Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) for American Eagle Outfitters.

During Susan’s tenure as CMO, she was instrumental with implementing successful merchandising plans that are well-known for American Eagle Outfitters brand collections, which have been extremely popular even to this date. Susan orchestrated winning strategies in order to develop purchasing and merchandising opportunities that not only met the market trends, but she also executed the profitable timing strategy for availability. Her leadership skills were paramount in American Eagle Outfitters growing in the fashion industry which ultimately led to Susan becoming the company’s President.

Susan is now the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development within the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization.

Many women look to successes like Susan’s career as inspiration for how to move forward in their executive leadership path. While professional women continue to strive for equal platforms within the business culture, there’s mounting evidence of how contributions of a diverse nature bring forth even more effectiveness in executive leadership.

Creating an equal balance among men and women is not the ultimate goal for the business world to thrive. The goal is for there to be equal opportunities within executive leadership in order to have greater input and achieve higher success within business.

The Success Story of Greg Secker as a Trade Coach

Greg Secker is a young entrepreneur who has successfully created and developed leading trading companies in Europe. He has always used the slogan that states that he is not a ‘why guy’ but a ‘why not guy’ and during an interview with Lynn Fosse from CEOCFO Magazine he said that the slogan has always been his philosophy. Greg told Lynn that he believes in saying yes about anything and then figures out later the details of the matter along the way. Despite that he studied agriculture and food science while in school, Greg Secker also built and sold computers and this gave him a chance to learn a lot about coding. He prospered in this project and it earned him an appointment with a guy at Thomas Cook Financial Services stand who later gave him a computer programming job that involved forex transactions.

Through his experience operating from the virtual trading desk he got more interested in forex exchange trading. After a trial with the business he was able to turn £5,000 into £60,000 within few months and this made him want to get into details of this business. Having risk managed approach, being disciplined and then sticking to viable trading plan helped Greg to succeed in his venture. His interest to speak to people and help them earn extra money through foreign exchange trading came after he attended several seminars being hosted by people such as Dr John Demartini, Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins. He has been speaking to people since year 2003 sharing his vision and knowledge with them in different events such as Success Summit Congress, National Achievers Congress and wealth expos across U.S and the Pacific.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a prominent foreign exchange trader who owns the most efficacious trading companies in Europe. These include SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index whereby through them he is able to coach many people about the foreign trading business. He has a passion to teach people on how to become successful entrepreneurs. Apart from doing business, Greg has also been participating in charitable activities such as Royal Princes’ chosen causes and Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust. He also owns a foundation aimed at improving children’s life quality across the world.


Betsy DeVos Helps To Keep Education at its Best

One thing that people understand is that the world is constantly changing. In order for people to be able to keep up with the changes, they have to make sure that they are changing with the world. The issue is that some areas in the world are changing faster than others. Among the areas of the world that seem to be changing a little slowly compared to other areas is education. There should always be upgrades to education in order to make sure that the students are equipped enough to take on the changing world with the skills needed to handle the new jobs and technology that has been developed. Read more about her philanthropy at

Fortunately, there are people that are doing everything they can to make sure that they students are getting the education they need to move forward. One of them is Betsy DeVos. She is someone who is very passionate about making sure that the children are getting the highest quality of education possible so that they will be able to be productive and creative throughout their careers. She has looked at many of the factors that go into the quality of education that the children get throughout their childhood. She has also done what she can in order to make sure that they are getting helpful education.

Among the factors that Betsy DeVos has addressed is the funding for good equipment as well as the community in and of itself. There are tons of poor communities that leave children vulnerable to all of the issues that come with such an impoverished environment. Therefore, Betsy has run different campaigns in order to make sure that they are able to get the best education possible to move forward. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

Among the factors behind the quality of education that students get are the types of skills that they learn that are applicable to their lives. Betsy wants to make sure that they education system is adequate to prepare children to support themselves throughout their lives. For one thing, if they are not prepared to handle all of the responsibilities that come with life, then they are going to have a hard time adjusting.

Mike Baur Leads Swiss Start Up Factory In Making Startup Companies Thrive

Mike Baur is a well-known Swiss entrepreneur and business executive. He is one of the founders of Swiss Startup Factory where he is also a managing partner. Baur has been in the banking business for over 2 decades. He also worked for UBS and Clariden Leu. After leaving UBS and Clariden Leu, he started investing in startup companies prior to becoming a Swiss Startup Factory co-founder in 2014 alongside Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Mike Bauer was a jury member for a start-up pitching contest at the University of Saint Gallen by the name of START Summiteer. In January of last year became the deputy managing director at CTI. At that time Swiss Startup Factory had a partnership program with CTI. This was during the period when Swiss Startup Factory underwent the accelerator program with Mike Baur. Baur managed Swiss Startup Factory in its partnership with Fintech Fusion in early 2016. In December of 2016, the Wall Street Journal featured a profile story on Mike Baur’s first jobs at the beginning of his career at Swiss banks to his present activities as an entrepreneur and in startup investments.


Currently, Mike Baur leads Swiss Startup Factory and is responsible for fundraising and financing rounds. He is a Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory. Max Meister works with Mike Baur as Co-Founder & CEO. Oliver Walzer is also another Co-Founder & CIO and completes the leadership team. The leadership team is supported be Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier as Head of Training and Head of Pitch Training and heads all training and coaching sessions. Chris Bargholz is the Business Analyst. Perhaps the most unique team member is Mexx, a dog who holds the title of Security and is Chief of Food and Good Feeling responsibilities. Mexx is currently on sabbatical per company team information. Perhaps this team is one of the most complete business teams due to their open-minded concepts.


At Swiss Startup Factory, companies that are starting up have access to facilities such as a fitness center and changing room, co-working desks, Nespresso bar, super powerful meeting rooms, kitchen and lunch space, welcome area, free Wi-Fi, and video studio. These facilities are key ingredients in offering a 360 degree service platform for startup companies.


Swiss Startup Factory offers individual services to help startup companies with ideas, input sessions, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, accelerator program and a custom service package.



Wonder Woman is Most Tweeted Movie of the Year

Wonder Woman is Most Popular Movie on Twitter This Year


It’s no surprise to anyone that Wonder Woman has already become one of the biggest movies this summer, if not the entire year so far. A huge record-breaking turnout at the box office goes along with that as a huge factor.


What shouldn’t be surprising is the fact that the movie is dominating nearly all forms of social media, in all conversations. For one thing, the movie was exactly what DC needed from its live action movies, since the previous three movies received mixed to negative reviews, whereas Wonder Woman has earned overwhelmingly positive reviews. Much of the positive feedback was definitely in anticipation of leading actress Gal Gadot after giving a scene-stealing performance in Batman V. Superman in 2016.


Wonder Woman has performed much better than other films at the start of the summer, many of which were high-profile films that only ended as a disappointment. This film generated a lot of positive buzz and will be sitting at the top of the box office even a week after its debut.


According to Variety, Wonder Woman is the most tweeted film so far this year, in fact upwards of 2.19 million tweets were sent out about the movie in its first week, moreso than Oscar winner La La Land. Wonder Woman herself is the most tweeted movie character so far this year as well. In addition, Gal Gadot, director Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine are all the most tweeted names that are most associated with Wonder Woman.


The vast amount of talk on social media really shouldn’t be a big surprise, since moviegoers have been excited to see a female-led superhero adaptation in the modern era for a long time and Wonder Woman was more than able to deliver.


The Mummy Unravels for Universal

Universal’s Dark Universe has gotten off to a truly awful start. The debut film of the shared monster universe has garnered marginal pre-release box office and even worse reviews. Prior to the June 9 North American major release, the film pulled in over $20 million at international theaters and $2.7 million in previews.


Those at Universal hoping for hundreds of millions of dollars in international box office are going to be very disappointed. The film might only barely hit the $100 million mark in North America, but is likely to do much better overseas. $300 to $400 in worldwide grosses won’t even come close to the big money made by other franchises.


The Mummy is not launching the Dark Universe, a shared universe reboot of the classic horror films of the 1930’s and 1940’s, on the right footing. Even if the box office was below expectations, good reviews could help keep plans moving.


Universal is not likely going to abandon the Dark Universe too quickly, but there are surely major worries. The Mummy is not the first disappointment. Several years ago, The Wolfman remake did not deliver the desired results at the box office.


Perhaps the trouble with the Dark Universe is the weak attempt at crossing genres. Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel/DC heroes, Godzilla & King Kong, and Fast and Furious are all movies rooted in action. Monsters such are horror. The previous Mummy franchise did weave in adventure quite well but, in general, monsters are tied with horror. Trying to turn the Universal monsters into stand-ins for superheroes probably won’t work.


All is not lost. The D.C. Extended Universe suffered several critical duds before the release of the outstanding Wonder Woman. No D.C. Comics film did weak box office, though.


The creative teams at Universal have their work cut out for them with the Dark Universe going forward.