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A Film Crew Helps Avert a Tragedy

Recently, the BBC broadcast Planet Earth II, a nature special covering a number of environmental issues. In one segment, viewers watched some newly hatched sea turtles experiencing confusion as they struggled to find their way to the ocean. Reportedly, young sea turtles depend heavily upon moonlight in this process. The spread of artificial urban lights in their environment causes them to become confused, and a high percentage perish. The scene upset and shocked audiences.


Fortunately, the newly hatched sea turtles filmed in the documentary met a kinder fate. After filming the segment which showed confused hawksbill turtles on the beach, the film crew joined volunteers from a local conservation group in helping the confused creatures locate the water. The Barbados Sea Turtle Project, a conservation organization, had assisted the filming of the documentary, which seeks to raise awareness about this issue.


Today critically endangered, the beautiful hawksbill turtles possess striking shells with a serrated appearance and distinctive mouths. They reside mainly in warmer, tropical waters, including the Caribbean Sea, where they perform a valuable role in maritime ecosystems. Some experts believe these endangered turtles bear a close relationship to reptiles which existed on Earth some 100 million years ago. Currently, their survival remains in question and they depend upon human conservation efforts and the enforcement of marine mammal protection laws in order to avoid extinction. The fact the young turtles filmed in the recent televised documentary survived gives everyone a reason to celebrate!


Jeffry Schneider Continues to Make a Name for Himself

Founder of Ascendant Capital, Jeffry Schneider started his career making waves in the industry. Like many before him, Jeffry began working at other firms in the hopes of moving up the corporate ladder. Dissatisfied with the way other companies are run, Jeffry set out to build his company the way he wanted. In the short time since Ascendant Capital was founded, Jeffry has raised nearly $1 billion in assets and grown the company to employing more than thirty employees. His company is quickly becoming one of the foremost expertise in alternative investments.

The Austin-based company operates within a wide range of categories. Ascendant has professionals who have decades of experience in marketing, education, and sales and operational services. The collective knowledge at Ascendant allows them to approach financial structures in an innovative manner. Many of the business deals Ascendants handles involve raising funds for well-established and emerging alternative asset sponsors. Jeffry also brought a well of networking value to his company. Ascendant uses a vast network of family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and registered investment advisors to help provide clients with the best options. Unlike other companies, Ascendant uses its network to offer better options to both public and private clients all over the world.

Ascendant Capital was founded only five years ago, but Jeffry has led the company to such great success that many believe he’s a true genius. When Jeffry founded Ascendant, he had only two employees. Now he has over thirty, and his company is still growing. Raising nearly $1 billion, on behalf of several managers, isn’t successful enough for Jeffry. Jeffry wants his company to be the best in the country. He plans on using his huge network of investment advisors and family offices to expand his company’s reach further. More and more eager candidates apply to work at Ascendant Capital every day. Ascendant Capital’s team has no plans of stopping and being contempt with their current success. As of 2016, it is estimated that Ascendant will be raising $50 million a month.

Jeffry is truly different from any other massive finance guru. He loves being healthy. Most successful businessmen wait until their doctors tell them they need to be healthier. Jeffry has always loved eating healthy and staying in shape. Jeffry loves being active and participating in healthy activities. He’s participated in numerous marathons, iron man, and half ironmans. He also has a personal love for travel. He has traveled all over the world and says he will continue to explore new places and culture. He’s also an avid philanthropist. He firmly believes in giving back to the less fortunate.

Jason Halpern’s Real Estate Ventures and his Support to the Community

Jason Halpern is a renowned real estate guru and is the proprietor and managing director of the JMH Development. He comes from a background that has a third generation real estate business that has an exceptional history of developing and controlling many buildings in New York for more than fifty years. The Halpern family has an excellent record of developing many residential houses that are mainly based in New York and Westchester County. It has been contracted to build and also owns class A business space in the Westchester County. He has years of experience and outstanding skills that have assisted him to purchase and develop several distinguished landmarked properties. Jason is a focused person that always works to ensure that his company is successful.


Mr. Halpern’s difference from his competitors in the industry is the passion that he has for his job and the reputation that he has built in investing in historic areas. He has been devoted to creating robust and sustainable relationships in all the cities that he constructs houses. His rapport has done his work to be notable in the area. JMH operates with a principal of treasuring all the communities where it operates.


Jason is a generous individual, and he has been offering a lot of resources to help in developing various communities. He has invested a significant amount of money in the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which operates from the Westchester Medical Center. The foundation has set up a Level I Trauma Center that is well equipped with infrastructure and medical professionals. The services that it provides include orthopedic surgery, open-heart surgery, fixing broken limbs, and complex emergency neurosurgery. The organization also offers medical services to children, burn victims, pregnant women, people who have serious internal injuries.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

Halpern has also involved JHM in his philanthropic undertakings. The firm has a collaborated with the international water non-profit and has been offering $20,000 for every deal that it successfully wins in Miami’s Three Hundred Collins. It has been dedicating the money to providing clean water to the people of Nepal and Ethiopia. The project involves two water contractors, which are Splash and Relief Society of Tigray, and it has benefited more than 650 people.