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Capital Group: A Collective Group Of Professional Associates

Armour is the chairman of Capital Group Companies and also holds a management role for of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. Tim Armour gained 32 years of experience with Capital Group in the investment field. He originally began his career at Capital in the Associates program and prior to that, acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics from a college based in Los Angeles called Middlebury College.

Tailored For Success

Since 1983, Timothy Armour has been able to gain experience in finance and investment. During his time with Capital Group, he was able to gradually climb the ladder until he finally held the position of an Equity Investment Analyst.

Timothy Armour will be working with some of the top members in the committee. Not only will he be working with Robert Lovelace and Phil Toledo, but he will also be overseeing the daily operations of the organization.

A Successful Change In Leadership

The change in their leadership will reflect the business future for years to come and was placed in a succession plan a few years ago. When Armour was appointed Chairman, it gave him the opportunity to continue the legacy of James Rothenberg, their former chairman.

Since Armour took his rightful place as chairman, he has pushed the company to their limits. Janet Young, an investment analyst, feels that because of Tim, the business was able to hit a peak of 1.4 trillion in assets. She stated that Capital Group is a role model in the culture of investment, and congratulates the business for promoting brilliant portfolio managers like Armour. His work ethics can’t be matched in his field. He has the experience, strive and dedication that every business would want to have.

Capital Group’s Mission Statement

However, Capital Group is known for their strength in collective talents. The business does not hold their success to only one individual, but to all of their associates. Each individual who works there stands firmly behind their mission. Their mission is to deliver the best long term investment solutions to their clients and investors. With a committee of over seven thousand associates, their clients can only expect for them to continue a 84 – year legacy of superior achievements.


Will “Rogue One” Make Over $100 Million On Opening Weekend? Disney Certainly Hopes So

Everybody expects Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to have a phenomenal opening weekend. Just how much this first standalone Star Wars film will make, however, is anyone’s guess.


Box-office analysts at Exhibitor Relations believe Rogue One could exceed $100 million in its opening weekend. Although a $100 million opening is extremely rare for films released during Christmastime, they believe the positive reviews and media hype will push this film over the edge.


Officially, Walt Disney Studios is projecting an opening between $120 million and $150 million domestically. Some executives even believe Rogue One could beat Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War‘s opening of $179.1 million earlier this summer.


Disney executives were pleased to hear crowds cheering during the world premiere in Los Angeles. They believe this positive first screening will give Rogue One an added boost this holiday season. Rogue One is currently “certified fresh” on, with an average rating of 7.5 out of 10.


Although analysts expect Rogue One to do well, they don’t believe it will even come close to last year’s Star Wars VIII: The Force Awakens. The Force Awakens broke numerous box-office records last December with a $248 million opening weekend.


Rogue One tells the “back story” of the Death Star, made famous in the 1977 classic Star Wars IV: A New Hope. This new film follows a group of rebel soldiers who attempt to steal plans for the Death Star. This film stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, and Donnie Yen.


Rogue One will premiere in 4,100 North American theaters on December 15th before being officially released on the 16th. It cost Disney Studios around $200 million to make Rogue One.



Margot Robbie Will Play Tonya Harding in New Movie

The Olympic scandal that shocked the world 22 years ago will soon be made into a major motion picture. Margot Robbie has signed on to portray Tonya Harding. She was the American figure skater who won the title at the US national championships in 1991 and was considered to be a major contender for the gold medal at the 1994 Olympics. Her primary competition was thought to be American Nancy Kerrigan. A scandal exploded when Harding’s husband and a couple of other men were arrested for attacking Kerrigan with the intent of injuring her knee to the point where she was no longer able to compete at the Olympics. They were unsuccessful in their task. Kerrigan won the silver medal and Harding finished eighth.


Margot Robbie got her career kick-started a few years ago in “The Wolf of Wall Street” when she played Leo DiCaprio’s wife. She was very interested in playing Harding because she believes it will be a great opportunity to challenge herself as an actress. The project has been in development limbo for over a decade because there are several different parties who claimed ownership of the rights to the story. However, an agreement has been reached between the parties involved in the dispute. Therefore, the film has received a green light. Sebastian Stan has been tapped to play Jeff Gillooly, Harding’s husband. He eventually turned on Harding in court following his arrest on assault charges. Craig Gillespie is set to direct the film that will be released in 2018.

The Eagle Huntress Soars

The internet is buzzing with excitement about The Eagle Huntress, a newly released documentary about a Mongolian teenage nomad. Considered by many to be a strong Oscar contender,  the film  follows Aisholpan’s journey to become a woman.


The movie’s production has been propelled forwards by a series of coincidences. Director Otto Bell just happened to see a picture of the film’s protagonist, Aisholpan. He immediately headed off to Mongolia, where the teenager’s father invited him to film a pivotal moment in the girl’s life: The capture of her first eagle.


The film was shot by just a handful of crew: Bell, photographer Asher Svidensky and an cameraman. This made it extremely difficult to get footage of Aisholpan’s descent down a cliff and into the nest of her eagle. Bell ultimately stuck a GoPro on her clothing then climbed an opposite mountainface to capture her descent. The scenes are so breathtaking that some critics thought they were reenactments, not actual footage.


Bell says the movie isn’t just about Aisholpan’s empowerment; it’s about her father, a key figure in allowing her to soar. It was her father’s initial encouragement that allowed the movie to start, and Bell captures plenty of scenes of the family together. Throughout the course of the movie, viewers learn that Aisholpan has always had a connection to eagles. She’s lucky to have been born into a family that allows her to capture her dreams, and viewers are fortunate to be able to watch her journey.



HGTV Stars Show That Often Pain Hides Behind Smiles – The El Moussa’s Split

The famous television show Flip or Flop has always been a ratings superstar for HGTV. Tarek and Christina were the modern-day Barbie and Ken. However, the world was shocked yesterday when they formally announced that they had been separated since May of this year. They are deciding what to do with their family, but the leaking story seems to continue to unfold.


There was an altercation in May of 2016 that scared Christina enough to call the police to her home. They brought 11 officers and a helicopter to search for Tarek. In the middle of a fight, he apparently ran into the woods with a gun. She feared he would commit suicide, but he stated the gun was for protection from mountain lions and rattlesnakes. Neighbors watched the episode unfold in shock. The fact that no one reported this to the media before now is a little surprising.


The only problem with their split is their beloved television show. Part of the core of this hit show is that they are a family working together. They often have their children in their scenes. Though they plan on continuing their show, which nets them about $10,000 an episode, how long can they keep up the act? They stated that they are committed to co-parenting and making the show work. However, now that Christina has become romantic with someone else, will Tarek be able to remain civil?


It seems like HGTV stars are really getting some bad publicity these days. Hopefully, HGTV can do whatever it can to help with damage control. Otherwise, it could mean the end of a couple of great programs.


The Top-Rated Six Films This Weekend

With the Christmas holiday season close at hand, a lot of attention focused on the top performing films at cinema box offices in the United States last weekend. Disney’s animated film Moana maintained a strong lead for the third week in a row, followed by Office Christmas Party (still in its first week), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Arrival, Doctor Strange and Allied. The front runner, Moana, has generated $145 million in the United States and a total of $238.8 million counting overseas ticket sales. It picked up a Golden Globe nomination for best animated motion picture last week.


The science fiction film Arrival earned a Golden Globe award nomination for the best original musical score, plus a best female actress Golden Globe nomination for star Amy Adams. It has generated $81.4 million in the United States since its release.


Of the top six motion pictures at the box office, Doctor Strange has earned the highest cumulative domestic total, garnering an impressive $222.3 in the USA since its release date shortly before Thanksgiving. The film, based on a Marvel comic book character, continues to draw audiences. It recently became the seventh highest earning film out of 14 total major productions in Marvel Studio’s history.


Martin Lustgarten is Committed to Community

Martin Lustgarten manages a lovely investment business from his home in Florida, and he has a beautiful family that he spends much of his free time with. He supports his community by taking in rescue dogs, and he makes a name for his business in the community. This article shows how Martin Lustgarten helps his clients while serving the community and his family.

#1: The Community Appreciates Martin

Martin spends quite a lot of time with his family in public, and he travels with them often. His clients will see what a gentle husband and father he is on his Instagram feed, and they will see that he shares posts about the dog rescues that he supports. He wishes to help his community, his family and his clients have more passions than investing.

#2: How Do Customers Receive Service?

Martin is kind and affirming with all his clients, and he helps them make decisions about their investments most-useful. He reviews every account for its merits, and he ensures the choices he makes do not cause problems for customers. They wish to make profits from their investments, and he will not spend too much time adjusting their accounts. He wants his customers to be placed in the best position to succeed, and he does so quickly.

#3: Sharing The International Markets

Martin travels often as he is a multinational man. His parents are European and South American, and he travels to learn about markets he may invest in. He shares his travels with customers, and he helps them learn how each new market may benefit them. He knows how the markets shift, and he is up-to-date on current events. He uses the political climate of a country to make decisions, and he will share any information he finds with clients.

The investment business of Martin Lustgarten is a small part of what he does. He travels well, and he spends time with his family. He supports local charities, and he offers information to each client. The business he manages brings together family and business into one safe package for all.

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AXA Advisors Helping Others – Led by Vinny Parascandola


There are a lot of great companies throughout the world that spend a lot of time and money helping others. AXA Advisors is a large insurance firm that does business in various countries. Over the years, this is a company that has done a great job of helping others in need. With all of their giving efforts, the company has made a positive impact in many nations.

Vinny Parascandola

Vinny Parascandola has had a great career at this company. He has proven to be a valuable asset for a variety of reasons. Not only does he have a great work ethic, but he likes to help people as well. This is one of the biggest reasons why he has done so well at the company. He manages at a lot of people at the firm, and he mentors them with his knowledge in the field. Many people who work for insurance companies get to assist people after losing a home or a loved one. Vinny Parascandola is there to stand up for those in need, and that is why he is excited about what his company is doing in the coming years.

Insurance Rates

One of the biggest challenges in the insurance industry is the rising cost of insurance. Whether it is in the form of health or home insurance, insurance premiums have increased dramatically in the past few years. This is bad news for anyone who is trying to figure out how to invest in the right areas with their money. Finding a good insurance plan may take a lot of work. Instead, you can work directly with AXA Advisors and they can help find a plan that fits your needs. This is where Vinny Parascandola spends the majority of his time in the business. In the coming years, there are a lot of aggressive growth plans for the company.

Netflix Axes Another Original Netflix Series

As 2017 rapidly approaches, Netflix has announced some changes to its current roster of streamed original Netflix series. The media giant offers a wide variety of films and re-run television series for audiences, as well as some very high quality original streamed programming produced by Netflix.


Earlier this week, Netflix announced it would not renew the historical drama Marco Polo. Although it ran for two seasons, the series reportedly cost Netflix some $200 million, a financial setback which apparently contributed significantly to the cancellation decision. Marco Polo had acquired a global audience. The production company filmed some episodes partly in Malaysia. The series starred Lorenzo Richelmy as Marco Polo and Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan. Critics gave the show mixed reviews.


Marco Polo joins a growing list of canceled original Netflix series. They include Bloodline, Hemlock Grove and Lilyhammer. However, during 2017 Netflix will reportedly increase the number of original streamed television series it offers to the public. The programming decision suggests this programming has developed a loyal audience.


Among the anticipated new series scheduled to stream next year, Netflix reportedly plans to provide a 10-episode comedic series called Dear White People, based on an independent film by that title. The miniseries recounts the lives of minority students at a predominantly White Ivy League college. Another series, Bill Nye Saves The World will address several timely cutting-edge science issues, including global warming.

A Different Type of Banking offered by Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a type of banking that is majorly there to raise capital. They majorly work twit other entities such as corporations, governments, as well as individuals. Investment banking is usually done by banks that try to offer the most appropriate advice concerning investments where clients intend to put their money. Investment banks also facilitate mergers and even acquisitions, sell securities, underwrite debts, carry out reorganizations and broker trade for investors.

Many leading investment banks have partnered with larger banks. When firms want to issues bonds or stocks they would use investment banks as intermediaries between investors and a company. So as to maximize, Investment banks would help in pricing. They also assist the clients in trying and complying with regulatory issues.

The structure used in investment banking is very different as compared to other banking types and therefore sets the investment banking apart. The organizational structure is also unique as compared to the banking types. One of the positions in the investment bank that makes the bank different is the investment banker. This position plays a very key role in almost every bank operations.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who is based in Florida. He is the founder of this investment banking firm. He thus works with small businesses and even individuals to help them attain their financial objectives. Small companies that would need money for expansion would often seek assistance from Martin Lustgarten. Martins Lustgarten would then help the companies receive the funding that they need usually using referral partners. Therefore, Lustgarten has helped a large number of companies to get the funding that they need so that they can grow and also become more successful.

Apart from working with small businesses, Martin has also specialized in working closely with individuals. There are usually many individuals who often are looking for wise ways to save for retirement and grow their wealth. Therefore, most of them often from Martin to assist them to reach their goals. Lustgarten helps the individuals by giving them advice on how to plan their finances and allocate their assets. He also does research on some investment so that he can give the options to his clients. With help from Martins expertise, many people have been able to establish financial security.