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Star Trek 4 is Officially Happening

The cinema world will soon have the opportunity to feast upon the theatrical release of Star Trek Beyond. Director Justin Lin has managed to reboot the iconic science-fiction television series and turn it into a massive franchise rivaling that of major pictures today. While older audiences may remember the show and the old films, today’s audiences only know of its existence through Lin’s movies, and that fact is opening new doors for the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

Following the recent theater release of Beyond, it has been announced that a fourth film, currently titled Star Trek 4, has been officially revealed and will come to world theaters in the near future, reports Hitfix.

The announcement came straight from Paramount Pictures, who also revealed Chris Hemsworth will reprise his role as George Kirk, the lost father of James T. Kirk, portrayed by Chris Pine.

The upcoming fourth film is being penned by none other than J.D Payne and Patrick McKay, while J.J Abrams and Lindsey Weber will return as producers through their company Bad Robot.

Die-hard fans will find their minds being blown when the late Captain Kirk meets his infant son as an adult in the upcoming fourth film. Back in 2009, audiences witnessed in shock as Captain George Kirk met a very untimely and momentous demise. The timeline has been altered, however, and the deceased legend will make a return once more to the big-screen.

Star Trek Beyond will open in theaters on July 22, 2016.

Lovaganza – Uniting the Global Community through Promoting Quality of Life


What has been described as “The Mother of all Foundations’’ is the vision and dream of founders Genevieve Gagnon and J.F. Gagnon. This is a foundation whose set goal is bringing a Universal Quality of Life for all of Humanity. The founders believe it is possible to realize this through empowering, uniting, and inspiring global organizations and foundations of a similar spirit that embrace similar goals.

The Lovaganza Foundation is extending an invitation to all beginning May to September 2020 to join them on the greatest global celebrations ever seen, simultaneously uniting Europe, America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania with a series of groundbreaking entertainment that are going to be presented in spectacular form.

The Genesis of the Non-Profit Organization

The Lovaganza Foundation was inspired by the projects of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. The Foundation is a unique mixing of extraordinary productions which are designed to simultaneously provoke and generate funds for the Foundation’s campaigns, research, and programs through inspiring documentaries. These worldwide events will generate visibility and opportunities to guide, empower, and fund other organizations and foundations.



Realizing the Foundation’s Milestone #1

Over the upcoming years, the different Lovaganza headquarters on each continent (known as Lovaganza Centers) will be researching and studying the situation of children across all nations globally. This is because it is vital to understand the current situation globally and where we stand of now in terms of the goal. Only then will it be possible to propose a vision that is better of what needs to be realized for the achievement of milestone #1.

Research on the quality of life of children begins this year. By the year 2022, all the goals to be attained by each country will be monitored in all the 8 major word regions by the Lovaganza Foundation centers. By 2025, it is believed that the Foundation will be having the support of all world countries and in place will be an official global treaty.

Between the years 2025 and 2035 all world countries will be working jointly to realize all the set 6 goals ahead of December 31st, 2035. The Foundation believes that when we stand united, it is possible to realize the historic Milestone #1 of the Foundation by 2035: A Universal Quality of Life for EVERY CHILD ON EARTH.

Some of the highlights of past and scheduled activities and events include:

Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy

The Foundation is pleased to make public that THE LOVAGANZA CONVOY trilogy is now going to be shot using the highly advanced Super Panavision anamorphic 2.76 screen ratio. This is the same technology that was employed in shooting such epic movies like Ben-Hur. This is certainly going to be one big step!



Frigiliana gets Movie Boost

Released in September 2015, THE LOVAGANZA CONVOY is the first part of movie trilogy. French directors JF Gagnon and Genevieve assembled a team of 50 persons into the small Spanish town of Frigiliana and 25 extras were selected amongst locals. The film brought the town a touch of nostalgia, evoking memories of by- gone eras as actors wearing period costume strolled down through the traffic-free streets.

According to Maria Jose Caravaca, the Town’s Head of Tourism the production impact was very beneficial to the town. During the filming, the Frigiliana’s coffers got a boost of €33,000 in total.

Cannes Festival Exhibition: Lovaganza Lova World Images

In May 2013, over 300 people turned up in supporting Lovaganza’s Lova World Images during Cannes to admire the photography works of globally acknowledged artists like Kristian Schmidt, Julian Lennon, and Nick Rhodes.

Sales from the exhibition were donated to the Foundation, The Princess Charlene of Monaco LA’s Promise Foundation, and the White Feather Foundation. The Princess Charlene of Monaco was present at the event.

Emmy Award Winner Patrick Sullivan and Oscar Nominee James Murakami Join the Convoy Team

In 2014, two notable professionals in the film industry joined the Lovaganza cause. Known for his Emmy Award winning Set Designer, Patrick M. Sullivan Jr. is an American famed for his classic works Men in Black shot in 1997, Memoirs of a Geisha shot in 2005, Man of Steel, done in 2013, and more recently the 2016 Independent Day: Resurgence.

James J. Murakami is known for Apocalypse Now, shot in 1979, Unforgiven (1992), Groundhog Day, done in 1993, and recently American Sniper shot in 2015. He has won American Oscar nominations for these works.

In due time…

The Lovaganza Foundation is not scheduled to become fully operational prior to finalizing the process of registration, so they are not accepting donations. However, Lovaganza Entertainment continues to produce and the profits will continue supporting organizations and foundations that have objectives that are aligned with the goal of offering every child on our earth a universal quality of life and for all of humanity by the year 2050. Keep your eyes out for the official launch of the Lovaganza Foundation!


Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Await Doctor Strange

Fans of British television and film star Benedict Cumberbatch recently received news that the talented actor’s latest movie, Doctor Strange (2016), will arrive in movie theaters this autumn in time for Thanksgiving. In anticipation of the film’s release on November 4th, the studio recently unveiled another theatrical poster. It joins trailers of Doctor Strange (2016) in cinemas.

The poster appeared in advance of Comic-Con International 2016, scheduled to draw crowds of comic book enthusiasts later this month between July 21st and 24th. The promoters of Doctor Strange (2016) will reportedly appear at the event, much to the delight of fans of the classic comic book series.

Based upon a comic book character who abandons his career in medicine to pursue the life of an actual magician with incredible superpowers, Doctor Strange (2016) has already begun generating a buzz among film audiences. Star Benedict Cumberbatch also appears in the hit British television series, Sherlock, a cerebral drama-adventure mystery based on the concept of a modern Sherlock Holmes who solves murder mysteries in contemporary London. The television show helped make handsome Benedict Cumberbatch one of the most popular stars in the UK.

The talented British actor, who married shortly after accepting the role of Sherlock in the TV show, has also gained fans in the United States. He appeared a few years ago in the Star Trek franchise, playing the villain responsible for murdering young Captain Kirk’s mentor.

Netflix announced as the international host for new Star Trek series

After signing a licensing agreement with CBS Studios Intl., Netflix has been officially recognized as the host for the new Star Trek series. This new installment in the Star Trek series will be available for viewing in 188 countries, and Netflix will be the exclusive platform for viewers to tune in and watch it.

the Netflix arrangement doesn’t extend to viewers in Canada and United States, in which Bell Media and CBS, respectively, hold the rights to airing the series. All episodes of the series will be made globally available within a day of the premier in the United States. Viewers in the United States will be able to view the premier episode on the CBS television network, and following the premier, all subsequent episodes will be made available via digital subscription on CBS All Access.

In Canada, Bell Media will have the premier episode aired simultaneously with the United States release. Bell Media has licensed every episode in the Star Trek series TV library to date.

Production in Toronto for the new series is expected to begin in September, with the premier scheduled for January 2016. The 2017 premier will be series’ first return to television broadcasting since the year 2005. addition to the brand new series, episodes of the previous series will all be made available on Netflix by the end of 2016.

Ghostbusters Was a Lightning Rod

There aren’t too many other movies that have sparked so much attention and debate as the new Ghostbusters film has. There were huge question marks going into the film’s opening, but in the end the film has done quite well.

As soon as the movie was announced as having an all-female cast, a tidal wave of criticism and public hand-wringing spewed from every platform of social media. Some were disappointed because they wanted the old cast to return. Other people, such as James Rolfe aka the Angry Video Game Nerd, made thoughtful videos politely explaining why the upcoming film was a major disappointment. Even though Rolfe offered a very measured, sensible opinion, he was accused by some of “soft sexism.”

Things heated up even more when photos of the cast were released. Their jumpsuits had massive, reflective caution lines on them which look bizarre and do not match up with the suits in the original film at all.

After that came the trailer which, frankly, was not funny and left many thinking that the film would bomb.

The fighting got so intense that execs publicly discussed it. The head of Sony, Tom Rothman, actually used some very explicit language when talking to The Hollywood Reporter about the “sexist comments” aimed at the film.

After all of that rage, trolling, and over-reacting, it turns out that the film is good. It’s funny. It currently has a 73% rating on rotten tomatoes which, while not stellar, it certainly is better than many predicted.

The movie has done well enough that a sequel is looking very likely. In some ways, the cultural storm around the film was more interesting than the movie itself.

Mark Rylance Teases Opening Scene of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan has worked hard to make a name for himself within the science-fiction and superhero genre of films. This time around, though, Nolan intends to tackle World War 2 in his upcoming project, Dunkirk. The film tells the tale of both British and Allied forces surrounded by the enemy on the beaches of Dunkirk. So far, the film stars Tom Hardy, Cilian Murphy, and Mark Rylance, who recently teased the opening scene to the movie.

Speaking to Empire, Rylance discussed Nolan’s unique approach to the film, calling the filmmaker the most serious and interesting man.

In teasing the opening scene, Rylance has said there really is no build-up like in other war movies. No one will be playing a guessing game, but instead the action begins almost immediately with a “BANG!” Viewers will be thrust directly into the middle of the action as we watch soldiers in the midst of a “desperate situation.”

While it is certainly too early to tell, Dunkirk may very well be the ticket to an Oscar for Christopher Nolan. He has secured multiple nominations previously, but always come up just short. The Dark Knight and Inception, two of his very best films, were both worthy of the award. While those two were firmly based within the superhero and science-fiction genres, it is nice to see Nolan take a change of pace.

Dunkirk will release to United States theaters on July 21, 2017.

Darth Vader Banished to Virtual Reality

The Star Wars movie universe kicked off incredibly well with The Force Awakens. It is already the top grossing movie of all time and was able to bring the luster of the franchise back following the disappointing prequel trilogy.

The follow-up films are a big question mark. Rogue One raised a lot of eyebrows when it was learned that there have four weeks of reshoots were ordered in May. Rumor has it that Disney is gravely concerned about the film. Apparently, Rogue One is too dark and has too much of a “war movie” feel.

Now there is news that there will be a Darth Vader film written by David S. Goyer, author of Batman Begins. The catch? It’s going to be in virtual reality.

Viewers will be able to interact with the characters in the movie and, so it is said, even be able to touch them.

Here is the thing about this project. Have you seen any virtual reality projects out there right now? The quality is poor at best. Right now, most virtual reality games and programs have a single environment such as a tavern, and the characters do not move their limbs or mouths.

How can Disney possibly make a movie starring Darth Vader using technology that is clearly in its infancy? How can this possibly work?

Disney decided to make a military movie of Star Wars and the Darth Vader movie is shuffled off to be a pseudo-video game. That seems like an incredibly backwards situation. Almost every Star Wars movie is really a Darth Vader movie. He is a pivotal character that deserves better.

Indiana Jones and the Movie Universe Nobody Asked For

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull wasn’t exactly well-received. That is the film that spawned the “Nuke the fridge” meme, inspired an episode of South Park about how George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are exploiting their old properties/ It also inspired a public outcry at the very notion of Shia LeBouf taking over the franchise as the lead character.

Mutt Williams and the Greased Lightning? It doesn’t exactly sound like a classic. In fact, the entire concept of Indiana Jones movies set in he 1950’s just doesn’t sit well. Indiana Jones is at his best fighting Nazis. Nobody wants to see Indy whipping hippies in the swinging 60’s.

This is not apparent to the brain trust at Disney. Many are surprised at the news that Disney is planning not just an Indiana Jones sequel, but an entire movie universe.

The shared universe will begin with the fifth Indiana Jones film, set to be helmed by Steven Spielberg. That movie will star Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Many speculate that this film will also feature flashbacks to a younger Indy, as was done in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade featuring a very adept River Phoenix in the role.

Who would fans accept as a new Indiana Jones? At this point, should they even try?

What kind of spinoffs could there be? Is Disney actually thinking of having entire films centered around Short Round and Marion Ravenwood?

Not everything need to be a movie universe. This situation seems motivated more by short-sighted greed more than anything.

Darth Vader virtual reality movie in the making

David S. Goyer, a writer who worked on both Batman Begins and Man of Steel, announced at a recent Star Wars panel that Industrial Light & Magic has begun developing a virtual reality movie based on Darth Vader. This original narrative story, Goyer proclaimed, is designed to help the viewers become fully immersed in the action.

Goyer’s work with xLab on the Darth Vader VR experience is a bit of a departure from the work that he became familiar with while being part of the team behind Nolan’s Batman trilogy. This movie is meant to be a completely original addition to the Star Wars lore, though at the same time, it’s still being developed by the same creative team behind the series’ most recent live-action titles.

Though the story is meant to be an original production, creative executive Pablo Hidalgo has stated that the story is congruent enough with the events of the original films to be considered completely canon.

While the early stages of VR development have been primarily focused on promotional tie-ins or gaming, the xLab team has stated that this project is meant to be a no-holds-barred dive into the medium with a depth that they believe has yet to have been achieved by any other experience in the industry. While the team has taken some tentative steps towards their vision of an all-immersive VR experience in the past, this will undoubtedly be their most ambitious venture to date.

‘Stranger Things’ and the Influence of Steven Spielberg

The new Netflix binge-watch ‘Stranger Things’ is attracting quite a bit of attention. People from all walks of life are raving about the series, including people such as Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro.

The show stars Winona Rider and clearly draws influence from Steven Spielberg films of the 1980’s. The plot is quiet and simple. A boy has gone missing and a group of friends set out to try to solve the mystery. The kids are quite like the Goonies or the children from E.T. The show involves a number of sci-fi elements, including strange creatures and psychic powers.

There has been a steady trickle of Spielberg tributes over the past decade but frankly, you’d think we would be seeing more. Some may think this to be blasphemous, but let’s face it: Steven Spielberg is probably the greatest film director of all time.

His movies have been both commercial and critical successes. Some of his movies, like Jurassic Park and E.T. are classics that defined childhood for entire generations.

Films like Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan are simply great films that are universally lauded. They hold up jut as well today as they did when they were released.

J.J. Abrams paid homage to Spielberg with Super 8, but he is one of the few to do so. Perhaps the hesitancy comes from the fact that few people could do what Spielberg does. It could be that they simply appreciate him from afar rather than try to simulate his work.