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Why Does Glenn Beck Hate George Soros?

Billionaire investor George Soros Nazi has several distinctions – dual citizenship, leading philanthropist and a negotiator in Hungary’s peaceful political transition. Now Soros also claims a new distinction – hated by ultra-right-wing personality, radio show host and best-selling author Glenn Beck, star of the 2010 three-hour Fox program against Soros called “The Puppet Master?”

World War II: What’s Old is New Again

Beck’s beef centers on George Soros’ activities in his native Hungary during World War II. Soros, then 14, worked as a messenger boy for Budapest’s Jewish Council. History would later paint the Jewish Councils in Europe as tools of the Nazis, but at the time, Jewish Councils were seen as the only way to keep Jewish local populations alive.

The New Yorker reported in 2010 that Soros survived because his father was able to convince local Nazis that the Soros family was not Jewish, when in fact it was. Back in those “Kafkaesque times” as award-winning reporter and child of Budapest Jewish parents Kati Martin describes, it was every man for himself in order to survive. Jews that obeyed Nazi laws died. Those that somehow found a way around the Nazi laws lived. It was that simple. Surviving the Holocaust should not be considered a crime.

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Is Soros An Anti-Semite?

Beck’s main contention in his programs concerning Soros is that Soros is not only out to bring down established governments, but also is a raging Anti-Semite. These are familiar charges against Soros by people who profited from Hungary’s Communist rule and were therefore annoyed when Communism was toppled.

However, there is no proof that Soros or the Soros family actively worked to harm Jews anywhere in the world. Beck’s comments that Soros and his family are Anti-Semitic are themselves being called Anti-Semitic by news sources such as The Daily Beast, The Nation and The New Yorker.

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Wen Makes Our Childhood Hair Goals Come True

Children grow up wishing to have the thick lustrous hair of Rapunzel or Superman. These children then become adults who also wish for the hair they thought was the best when they were children. Princesses and super heroes always have good hair and because these fictional characters are often what children love the most, they grow up to desire that look as well.
Wen Cleansing Conditioner is made to give you super hero or Princess hair. The formula is designed to make hair stronger. It’s meant to give hair life and volume. Studies have shown that the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner improves the three most desired traits in hair for most women and men. It improves shine, volume and hair health. It may not exactly give you long blonde Rapunzel hair or lustrous shiny black Superman curls, but it will get you closer to your hair goals.

A young woman writer from Bustle commented about her Wen Cleansing Conditioner thoughts after she saw the QVC ads for it. It did improve some of her initial hair goals she made before trying it. She wanted to have increased hair health and improved hair shine. She got both of those results from the product and more. She found less hair fell out of her scalp when she was washing her hair, compared to the amount of hair that would pop out when she used her usual shampoo. She noticed more bounce and softness to her locks when it was washed with Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

If the results that Wen promises to deliver and what the Bustle writer noticed improved in her hair after trying the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner sounds promising to you give the Amazon available product a try. Why not since you could get super hero or princess locks?

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Who and What is the Midas Legacy?

The Midas Legacy is a collection of self professed success shortcut advisers who promise to make their clients immensely more productive,essentially accomplishing more than they could have ever dreamed previously. The company mainly advertises to individual investors, entrepreneurs, or those aiming to retire as soon as possible. In addition, they advertise a more spiritual subsection of their business to those who desire to find inner happiness and become happier overall, regardless of the physical connection associated with the end product.

Upon hearing this, clients may be asking how exactly The Midas Legacy delivers on these promises, and according to The Midas Legacy themselves, they are a set of experts in the areas of finance, real estate, and entrepreneurship who are willing to offer guidance in the areas they themselves have struggled through. In addition, members of the team are acknowledged advisers in the more spiritual areas of the self, natural health, and retirement. This team, collaboratively, has pooled together their collective knowledge and experience and delivers to their clients the most efficient path to be traveled to accomplish what they desire.

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When offered such a sensational possibility, it is important to consider the real aspects of what the company is and what are the atomic elements of it. The Midas Legacy is stationed in Winter Garden, Florida, and is run by three individuals. First, there is Jim Samson, who operates as Publisher for the company. He is internationally renowned in the areas of trading, entrepreneurship, and real estate with at least two decades experience in each of the different branches. In addition, there is Sean Bower, who operates as the Chief Editor. The main element of the work that he brings to the table is his experience in both journalism and finances, and the mixture of two into a cohesive unit. His work has appeared internationally and has been seen in Yahoo Finance. Finally, there is Mark Edwards, who retains the title of Natural Health Expert. His mission as it relates to the company is to handle the spiritual aspects of the business, such as physical and mental health as it relates to natural remedies for illnesses. A primary passion of Edwards is uncovering the most damaging secrets within the health sector of major corporations and outing the information for the general public.

Collectively, this group aims to offer clients guidance to success.

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India’s QNET and Japan’s Sharp Meet in a Million-Dollar Partnership

QNET’s innovative streak in the health and wellness sector caught the attention of the Japanese tech-leader Sharp Business Systems. As such, the two mega companies have gotten into a strategic partnership which will see QNET be the sole distributor of SHARP QNET Plasmacluster Air Purifier. This air purifier is suitable for use in both homes and offices, and is bound to provide reprieve from the air-pollution that is rife in industrialized cities. The co-branded product will be sold through QNET’s online platform to its direct users. This win-win arrangement will provide Sharp with access to QNET’s wide customer base and the latter in turn will be able to live up to its healthy-living mantra by distributing an innovative product that improves immunity by creating ion-rich forest-fresh air. Sharp Corporation which was founded in 1912 in Tokyo is a multinational that specializes in manufacturing electronic products. Its headquarters are in Osaka, Japan and has an employee database of close to 50,000 people globally. QNET Sharp is just another feather in its cap.

QNET is a direct selling company with a multi-level marketing strategy. The company founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran has customers in close to 160 countries globally and has products ranging from luxury goods to homecare products to energy, nutrition and weight management to fashion accessories. It also provides vacation get-away packages dubbed Q-breaks. Its partnerships with universities such as Swiss e-Learning Institute and SMC University has enabled it to also provide an online portal that allows people to get educated and earn their degrees remotely. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the QI group of companies and its headquarters are based in Hong Kong.

QNET’s multi-level marketing strategy has enabled a lot of Independent Representatives become self-employed and work their way out of abject poverty. This model, often confused for a Pyramid Scheme involves the recruitment of downline distributors who also market and sell the products to consumers. The Independent Representative earns from the sales of products and commission from the sales of its downline distributors, who in their own right are also Independent Representatives. The beauty of this model is the fact that the amount you earn is directly proportionate to how hard you work; everyone gets what they deserve, hence the sky is the limit. There are more than enough stories of financial success, thanks to QNET. With its wide range of innovative, effective products, the QNET brand is not a hard brand to sell.

Wen: A Hair Health Boost

In an attempt to find a Haircare product that transforms her hair, one woman sets out to try a widely known product called Wen and records her results on a website. Wen hair is a brand of Haircare, created by Chaz Dean [see,]. Chaz Dean is a famous Hollywood hairstylist and has been doing so professionally for many years. This celebrity hairstylist invented a formula of hair product that is designed to cut down the styling time. The much buzzed about product on sephora beauty market is called the Wen hair cleansing conditioner and it contains a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment in one bottle. WEN Hair Care products are also available at eBay.

The author of the article decides to experiment for one whole week. She uses a series of photos plus an explanation of her results each day on the website. Having normally thin hair tends to be problematic when it comes to styling. Her hopes were to make styling easier and to find some volume. Overall, she ended up getting that extra volume boost, plus a whole lot more! She was receiving compliments for her new shiny tresses and she notices that her hair was a whole lot softer! In one week, Wen was able to transform her hair and it shows in the photos! You will be amazed at the difference.

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Businessman Bernardo Chua Makes A Splash With Ganoderma Infused Products

Bernado Chua has made his mark in the direct sales industry. This enterprising businessman grew up in the Philippines and rose to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Pacific Rim. He built a direct marketing company that became a juggernaut. That company was Gano Excel. Chua’s innovative approach to direct sales marketing helped to propel his company to the top of the direct sales industry. Gano Excel was known for the high quality of its products. But Chua was also beloved because of all the employment opportunities he created.

Although he was raised in the Philippines, Chua is of Chinese heritage. As a youth his Chinese grandmother taught him about a powerful plant called Ganoderma Lucidum that had been used in Chinese medicine for over two millennia. A mushroom, ganoderma had been long been used to strengthen the immune system, treat urinary tract problems, improve cardiovascular health, control cholesterol levels, and protect the liver. Some have even suggested it can help to prevent and even cure cancer. As an adult, Bernardo Chua created a line of coffees and teas infused with ganoderma. These products were a big hit throughout Asia.

In 2008 Chua helped to found a new company, according to CentralJerseyWorkingMoms. It’s called Organo Gold. Chua, now based in Canada, has created a new line of ganoderma infused products and through Organo Gold he is introducing the plant to people in the Western world. He is currently working with a group of talented organic farmers to ensure they produce the best ganoderma possible while reducing the cost of the products which contain it. Chua has also embarked on a mission to educate people about the valuable properties and uses of the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom.

The work Bernardo Chua has done with Organo Gold has been a runaway success. The company has over a million distributers and is one of the largest direct sales companies. This is due to the high quality of Organo Gold products and Chua’s business acumen and innovative marketing practices. The work Chua has done with Gano Excel and Organo Gold has enabled the companies to be 5 time winners of the Direct Sales Company of the Year award. The delicious, nutritious ganoderma infused products have struck a chord with people in the West. Many say the products have played a role in improving their overall health and provided them with many medicinal and nutritional benefits.