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George Soros says the Debt-Fueled China’s Economy is Similar to what U.S. Experienced in 2007-08

George Soros success is one that is understood by many people based on the influence of the financial market, American politics, publications, donor and making controversial statements. First, Soros is Jewish-Hungarian ancestry who holds dual citizenship in the United States and Hungary.

Currently, Soros is the founder and chairperson of Open Society Foundation and Soros Fund Management LLC. He is also famous and widely known as the man who broke the Bank of England after making a short sale of $10 billion dollars’ worth of Britain pounds and made an enormous profit of $1 billion on a day remembered as Black Wednesday in 1992 during the UK currency crisis. His massive wealth on has made him one of the 30 richest people in the world.

Soros is also known for making controversial statements that raise eyebrows from other financial analysts, government representatives, politicians, organizational representatives and market regulators. For instance, George Soros recently warned the global investors to be careful about the global market that is currently facing a crisis. He gave evidence with the current economic problems in China saying that the country is struggling to acquire a new growth model, and the devaluation of the currency is affecting the global market negatively.

Soros was the first to express worries about the China’s economy at a time the yuan is sinking and as the government makes a move to shift the economy from manufacturing and investment toward consumption and services. According to Soros, China had a significant adjustment problem which he called a financial crisis that resembles the one in 2008.

Soros has had a successful career in the financial world with his hedge fund gained 20 percent per year between 1969 and 2011 and now has a net worth of $27.3 billion according to Bloomberg. Soros has once again released another statement on China’s economy saying that the debt-fueled economy resembles U.S. back in 2007-08. He has given evidence of various factors such credit growth, banks holding more loans than assets and rising housing prices as some of the factors that are very alike.

Soros has referred to the current China’s economic problems as a crisis that he has already placed a bet for because he is sure China will not escape a hard landing. China’s has also responded bitterly to his claims saying that he has made similar claims before and this time is not an exception. Soros says the crisis will be exaggerated when the banks lend heavily to each other hence creating an additional source of instability and uncertainty. Soros is, however, expressing optimism on the steps taken to stabilize the currency through linking to a basket of international currencies because it would help to minimize the risk of competitive devaluation.
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Venezuela- Great Economic Growth, Now Has Increased Energy Demand

Venezuela, an important country in South America’s recent economic success has actually been fueled by energy and electricity issues. This is interested as Venezuela has enjoyed really good economic growth in recently years (e.g. it saw a decline in poverty under Hugo Chavez from 50 percent to 30 percent according to El This gave people money to buy consumer goods such as refrigerators and air conditioners and benefited the local economy. It also, being an Oil Producer enjoyed high energy prices that it used revenues from to increase social spending. Health Care and food became more affordable for the average Venezuelan. This was great and helped a has covered this issue- (Your text to link…).
So, in Venezuela thanks to economic growth and smart investing from the government, you had a situation where poorer people could now afford to buy better things and enjoy a higher standard of living. However Osio says, the article from tells us that unfortunately the government could not keep up with the energy demands of the growing spending citizens and therefore it now has to ration energy and raise prices such as gas prices. This story  from Elvenezolano is pretty interested as it shows that although growth economically is great it can lead to unforeseen issues such as increased demand for energy.

High Cuisine Really Might Be Going to the Dogs

When people talk about high cuisine they usually bring some strong associations to the discussion. People imagine immaculate dining areas. They might give a moment to consider complementary beverages that were carefully chosen to bring out a particular nuance. But not many people would immediately think of a dog happily gobbling up food from his bowl. But all that might change after one reads a recent news story from the Daily Herald.
The story highlights a surprising trend in the world of healthy and organic foods. And that’s the fact that it’s now being marketed to dogs. This might seem surprising at first. But the article highlights some of the reasons why this makes perfect sense. The examples all feature foods that are modeled after things humans would enjoy as well. This ranges from dog food styled after lasagna to chicken and turkey blends. It becomes clear that fresh and organic ingredients lead to food that’s sure to please anyone. Whether that’s a human or a dog. After all, anyone with a dog can attest to the envious looks they give when near a dinner table.

While the examples themselves are new, the idea itself dates back as far as 2001. This marks the date when a company called Beneful first launched their line of dog food. They started out with a seemingly simple idea. They wanted to create a high quality dog food brand that could deliver all the benefits of a balanced diet. Just as the name suggests, nutritional benefit was their first goal. But it quickly became clear that taste would be just as important.

Beneful discovered something that the previously mentioned brands are only just now realizing. They found out that great nutrition and great taste usually go together. Beneful worked hard to create blends of natural ingredients that would keep dogs happy and healthy. But the mix of healthy meats and vegetables also came with the benefit of great taste. It’s something that chefs of all kinds can attest to. Fresh natural ingredients always come with a great flavor as well. Because of this Purinastore Beneful was able to offer dog food that was both nutrient packed and delicious. And continued to create new healthy recipes right up to the present day. Beneful is available via

Keeping Your Morals Can Lead To A Successful Career

Before getting into the government industry, Helane Morrison was just a journalist. All the same, when she got the chance to get into the governmental sector, she was determined to reduce all elements of corruption that had established their roots. Additionally, Helane is committed to fighting for the rights of the vulnerable individuals. Her high integrity morals made her stand out and do what is expected as she goes by the rules without any exemptions.

Ms. Helane Morrison completed her degree in journalism and went ahead to do her doctorate while working as the Chief in Editor of the law review of the University. Her experience while she worked as the law clerk incorporated with her passion for helping the vulnerable individuals led her to thrive.
Due to the increase of the soiled reputation of the business and finance industry, she worked even harder to pick out elements of corruption as an attempt to clean up the segment. Helane Morrison never strayed from her goal in the period of thirty years that she had been in the area of work. Instead, she led her colleagues with great charisma and determination until the change was recognizable to the rest of the country.

The global economic crisis in 2007 scared away numerous investors after their investments declined while some disappeared altogether. They were skeptical and insecure of putting in their money to use in the future. All the same, this crisis was an eye-opener as it unveiled a lot of scum such as falsified records, a bevy of unhandled deals and fraud in the finance sector. The repercussions were significant too as it led to unemployment and a collapse in the stock market. No sooner had the scandal been sold than all the investors had liquidated their assets.

Up to date, economists and investors are not at ease. This occurrence is due to the forthcoming elections in the year 2016. The presidential race has great effects on the economy causing the investors to take hold of all their assets and highly slowing down the stock market. The unrest in the financial sector led to reduced faith in the security of property put into the industry. Also, today’s economy is strenuous making it hard to get a hold of the basics let alone setting something aside for investing or saving. On the other hand, this has increased the popularity of investment as a method of attaining wealth as time goes by.

With more than eleven years in the industry, she had a significantly impressive record hence the government offered Morrison the chance to be the Head of Commission and Regional Director. However, she could still balance her work and social life.

Securus Technologies Making The Life Of Inmates Better

Securus Technologies, a superior provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, monitoring and corrections announced the results of a national survey that was conducted at their Technology Center. The survey shows more than half of correctional facilities are focused on expanding services and updating technology in 2016. This was aimed at improving profitability, productivity and an inmate satisfaction.

56% confirmed that they intend to update their current technology while 55% said that they were planning to expand their services in their facility in 2016. An additional 15% said that cost cutting was their path to success. All respondents could choose more than one answer.

As an indicator that Securus facilities acknowledge the importance of productivity with inmate satisfaction and safety, 33% confirmed that tablets and 66% said that video visitation were vital for their success in 2016. Contraband cell phone risk mitigation, public safety software, investigative solutions and overall safety improvement were also mentioned.

To show their capabilities and answer all needs that arose from the survey, Securus Technologies invested $1.5 million dollars in their state of the art Technology center. The 10,500 sq ft facility is located outside of Dallas and houses the latest criminal and civil justice technology solutions. It offers a unique opportunity for all leaders of facilities of any size to experience the company’s technologies and services in real time.

Securus serves more than 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies and more than 1.2 million inmates all over North America. The firm provides incident management, investigation, bio-metric analysis, information management, emergency response and inmate communication monitoring services and products such as Securus most recent software, video visitation.

In a bid to enure that only superior services are offered, Securus Technologies recently added John Bell as a senior sales executive to its team. His role is to develop a high technology software based sales personnel to complete the expanded portfolio of more than 800 products for the correction and law enforcement sectors.

Bell is a graduate from Holy Cross and has postgraduate work at the Kellogg School of Management and the Wharton School of Business. His professional career has work at Verizon, Time Warner Cable, IBM, AT&T and NTT Verio.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the health product on Amazon called Securus which is used for anxiety and pain relief nor is it a part of the Securus America website for agents.

A Brave Escape from North Korea as Told by Yeomni Park

Living in America, it is hard to imagine that there exists an entire country of people who don’t know the meaning, nor the concept of the word “freedom.” So it is for the countless millions born under the dictator regime in North Korea. Though not in the public eye, there exists a holocaust being perpetrated against these people complete with concentration camps and famine. Recently a book has been published by one young girl who was able to escape the tragedy in her country. Yeonmi Park, who wrote the Amazon best-selling, “In Order To Live; A North Korean Girls Journey to Freedom,” that outline the horrible ordeal that was perpetrated against her and her family as she sought to escape North Korea.

Yeonmi admits that she never thought of freedom while living in her home country, she states that all they could ever think about was where their next meal would come from. She admits to have eaten everything from Dragon Fly’s to grasshoppers to flowers in order to survive. She was taught from an early age not to speak about anything regarding the government or those in power. At a young age she witnessed her friend’s mother publicly executed for having watched a Hollywood movie.

When Yeonmi was just 13 her and her mother took their leave of North Korea in an attempt to reach China that was on March 31st, 2007. She and her mother crossed the Gobi Desert on foot in an attempt to reach Mongolia as a refuge it was a year’s long journey that landed her in China where she suffered untold abuses before finally reaching South Korea via an airplane.

She describes the difficulty she had being in China as a North Korean refugee. Because they had no official status nor protections, her and her mother were subjected to consistent abuse, starvation and the nagging allure of suicide in order to escape the ordeal. Although her father later crossed the border to join them, he died shortly after of untreated cancer. Yeonmi Park describes their burying of her father as a criminal as they had to bury him in the middle of the night n secret.

The North Korean government has gone out of its way to publish propaganda about Yeonmi in an attempt to discredit her story of defecting. She claims that any inaccuracies in her story are do only to her difficulty with the English language. She describes the sexual abuse her and her mother suffered in China in an interview with Reason T.V.



George Soros Tackles The Economic Challenges Currently Facing The World

George Soros was recently offering financial advice to global investors on a Sri Lankan economic forum when he decided to tackle the current economic crisis that’s growing in the world. George Soros, a world famed business person and economic analyst, asked these investors to be cautious on the direction the global market is taking. He said that there is a huge threat on the investments that are currently in the market. The current economic crisis that is looming on the global markets has the potential like that of 2008. This crisis on Bloomberg threatens to collapse global economies and bring down investments all over the world. George Soros says that if the current global crisis takes the direction of the 2008 financial crisis, then the world is heading to dangerous financial times.

George Soros says that the China’s attempts to turn around its economic model that drives its growth is the major problem, and it is what is causing this crisis. George Soros say the largest economy in the world China, has spread its economic influence far much deep into the world. There is a devaluation of its currency as it shifts from the production and manufacturing sector to the new consumption and services sector. This devaluation of the Chinese yuan spreads the nasty economic effects to global stock markets with Chinese equities in them. George Soros points out an example of the Asian situation where its stock markets experienced a $2.5 trillion loss from 2015s the last quarter to 2016s first week. In this same week, this stock markets experience a bad price for Chinese equities, and its markets were forced to stop operations for the rest of that week’s Thursday. George Soros says that the Asian countries are currently swept in this economic crisis that China has started.

George Soros expressed his concerned for the welfare of third world countries which are innocently caught in this crisis. Many third world countries had of late come to depend on China as their trading partners. These countries are now under economic pressure that is pushing their interest rates up. Other world regions like Europe and America are not spared by this economic crisis. In Europe, the situation is worrying considering the that the region is currently under a lot of crises. The Ukrainian crisis seems to be bringing the union down even before the economic one sets in. In America, most stock markets are slowly failing as others struggling to stay sustainable.

George Soros is an American-Hungarian born entrepreneur who started the successful hedge fund firm, Soros Fund Management. He is also a philanthropist working to bring human rights and democracy obligations at the center of every government worldwide. He owns the Open Society Foundation, over 100 countries network of democratic and human rights movements and groups. George Soros has since 1992 been offering economic advice on the oncoming economic situations. He has correctly predicted various economic situations including the nasty 2008 one.