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Darius Fisher: Managing Digital Crises

The Internet is structured in a way that can either make or break you. This makes security of one’s information paramount. By being doxxed (having personal or private information discovered by a third party then released to the world at large) a reputation you may have built for yourself could be undone in a matter of days. Depending on how damaging the leak may be, the damage could be done in a matter of hours.

Many may find themselves caught in a tizzy, and possibly unable to react to the situation in real time. For problems such as these we have people like Darius Fisher. Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs, a public relations firm operating out of Austin, Texas, focusing heavily on reputation management and digital marketing. After four years of operation and an expansive staff at their disposal, Status is now operating in New York as well as São Paulo, Brazil.

The team at status prioritize the image of their clients above all else, and their main concern is the rehabilitation of their images, providing second chances to prominent public figures such as executives and politicians. In the time they have been operable, they have handled more than 1,500 clients in 35 countries, collecting a robust portfolio that demonstrates their effective PR strategy.

Their effectiveness isn’t a fluke, but rather a progression from personal experiences. Darius Fisher’s skill is put to work after having to rescue is own image while Status Labs stood accused of editing Wikipedia pages against the terms and conditions of the site, leading to separation from Jordan French, the firm’s other co-founder. From this black eye the firm was able to recover, making Fisher something of an expert in the field of online public relations.

Having spoken at conferences like Impact15, an Internet marketing conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fisher also lent his expertise in managing one’s image prior to crisis. This degree of image management and protection works both as a method of self promotion of one’s digital presence, giving the individual control over how they’re perceived online, a useful tool for anyone to wield. This knowledge of search-engine optimization has also come into play in his business consultancy, which has boosted the revenue and exposure of more than thirty business all over the world.

Fisher is a graduate of Vanderbuilt University, where he majored in economics, helping him in his entrepreneurial career. He’s also spent time working as a copywriter for Agora Publishing and a political consultant with Storefront Political Media.

George Soros Defends Refugees Against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is one of the world’s top billionaires with a fortune estimated at $4.4 billion. He ranks position 121 on the Forbes 400 list. He is an accomplished investor and billionaire with presidential ambitions in the forthcoming elections.

Trump has always been a people person though most of his remarks border the controversial and politically incorrect topics. He has been known to make absurd declarations that divide rather than unite the people of the world. In a recent rally, Trump promised to seal US borders from refugees and Muslims once voted president.

Such sentiments rubbed off wrongly on George Soros, a human rights advocate. Soros argues that extremist groups Such as ISIS have made it their mission to divide the world along religious and ideological lines. He feels that reliable measures should be enacted to conquer this enemy. In his opinion, the extremist groups cannot be allowed to progress with their agenda and the ideas being fronted by Trump only hand victory to these groups.

George Soros demanded political maturity and responsibility from Trump and his allies. The refugee crisis and heightened insecurity can only be solved with a clear and open mind. Soros told Trump that his actions gave extremists sympathy and the refugees might join such groups. George Soros further warned the ISIS group in Syrian and Iraqi territories of defeat by determined European nations.

The Syrian refugee crisis has given Soros and his charity groups lots of sleepless nights. Soros works with a network of humanitarian organizations known as the Open Society Foundations. He founded these organizations in 1979 at the prime of his career. Soros dedicated all his wealth to the Open Societies thus contributing to their establishment in over 100 countries. In 2011, the OSF had an annual expenditure of almost $1 billion dollars.

Through these organizations, George Soros contributed to the victories of South African communities during the Apartheid struggle. Numerous scholarship opportunities were given to students across the nation while political detainees were granted legal aid during their trials. Soros also brought the OSF to Ukraine and Russian in efforts to rehabilitate communities upon the fall of the communist bloc.

George Soros has contributed to a significant extent to the building of a better global community. All his works are available in writing in the form of essays, books, journals and even videos of public forums.

Marcio Alaor’s Support to Santo Antonio do Monte

On 24 August 2014, the city of Santo Antonio do Monte hosted the 33rd Agricultural exhibition and honored the executive vice president of Banco BMG Marcio Alaor. During the event, Marcio Alaor was present and was given a plaque by the society of Santo Antonio do Monte in recognition of the crucial services he has always offered. In addition, the Food Court program was named after Marcio Alaor because of the major role he had been playing in ensuring food security is achieved in the region. The board that was organizing the ceremony thanked Marcio, his friends and colleagues for the great support they have provided to the city.
The event was organized by the Rural Union, and its president Vilmar Octavian, was present to honor Alaor. He thanked the executive of BMG for the great work he had done for the benefit the city. Vilmar said that his organization requires more partnerships like the one Marcio Alaor had created which has benefited many residents. Speaking on behalf of the board, Vilmar thanked the executive for his generosity he accords the people of Santo Antonio do Monte.
Another official who attended the ceremony was Luis Antonio Resende from the City Council. He too thanked Marcio Alaor especially for the Exhibition Centre because it had benefited residents of the city. He explained that the executive of BMG never turns down request from residents of Santo Antonio do Monte. Antonio further thanked Alaor and Vilmar for supporting the city without political motives hence assisting more people than local politicians. The mayor of the city Wilmar Son said they had reformed a structure that would be used as a food court for the region. The mayor further explained that through the project funded by Marcio Alaor, many residents would achieve their dreams.
The mayor was grateful for the work the executive has done and continued to do for the sake of his hometown. Furthermore, the mayor was proud be one of the guests during the function to honor the executive of BMG for his major role he had played in Santo Antonio do Monte. The city is recognized for being the largest milk producer in the entire region ahead of Pompeu, despite the fact that the land in the area does not favor livestock and other agricultural practices.
On his part, Marcio Alaor said that he was encouraged and motivated by Dr. Wilmar Father when he used to clean his shoes as a young boy, because he told him never to lose contact with his roots. Today, Marcio has tried to keep in touch with Santo Antonio do Monte so that he can provide the support needed and make resident achieve their dreams.

Why You Should See Magic Mike XXL Now!

“Magic Mike XXL” hit theaters in early July, 2015 and was an instant smash. This sequel to the equally popular “Magic Mike” was an incredibly enjoyable, fun, and just an overall great time to watch.

Staring Hollywood heart-throb Channing Tatum, the movie is about a crew of male strippers. In the previous movie Channing Tatum was just a grunt worker at a sketchy, but incredibly sexy male strip club. In this movie his character “Mike” decides to come out of retirement and reunite with his old dance crew.

He and his friends soon set the stage, and the women lucky enough to watch, on fire as he gyrates and grinds his way to 120 minutes of sheer fun and enjoyment. The movie stars many of the original movies cast, with some exclusions.

A huge draw to this movie is its vast array empowered female characters. A movie about males dancing for females pleasure, inverting usual Hollywood expectations, is good enough. Further though, the script has a ton of highly empowered, incredible characters and really competent and good actors to play them.

One of the more notable performances of the movie was Crystal Hunt’s portrayal of the character Lauren. One of the various strong women portrayed in the film, Lauren is a woman some of the male characters are drawn towards. She portrays a woman in control of her self and her surroundings and that is rare and different in a Hollywood movie of this production value.

“Magic Mike XXL” is Crystal Hunt’s first foray into a featured role in a Hollywood blockbuster. She’s performed as, and is most well known for, her roles on television. More specifically, her best known role till now has been her portrayal of Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. She was given a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for this role. “Magic Mike” is hopefully a watershed moment for this talented actresses career. Right now Crystal can be found on social media, where she’s known for interacting with fans on Facebook, as well as posting behind the scenes pictures on Instagram.

Her portrayal and the other women of the movie’s portrayal of strong women, the men’s steamy dancing, and the overall fun-loving, party, good-time vibe the movie gives off are just some of the reason this movie is a great choice for your next movie night.

Premium Foods To Feed Any Dog Healthier

A healthy diet can help you live longer. The same is true for the food that is fed to your dog. The premium dog food producers have determined through market research that many pet owners feed their dogs and cats much like they feed themselves and their family. New foods are now being made that do allow for pets to enjoy a wide variety of tastes and flavors like their pets do. One producer, Purina, uses only fresh meats and grains in their Beneful line of dog foods. Delicious stews and fresh cuts of lean beef, chickien and lamb are among some of the delicious folavors that dogs can enjoy. They also offer fresh meats and tastes in the Beneful line of treats. One can now even find many of the new premium tastes for their dogin the refrigerated cases at their grocery store. These foods are meant to replicate people food closely. They require refrigeration and even contain real meats and vegetables. An expiration date indicates for howlong thefood will taste fresh. While empty calories have been removed from this new line of dog food, so have the preservatives. Premium dog food makers like Beneful have found that the foods will taste better for your dog if they are negligent of the same harmful chemicals that people food is. Owners even believe that these foods are better for their pets as well. All this innovation does come at a price. Making these healthier, more people like foods for dogs and cats does cost a lot of money. This cost is passed down to the consumer. The new premium foods do cost quite a bit more than the regular dog and cat food found on the shelves at retailers. The higher prices have not seemed to have detered consumers from spending the money on the premium foods. More and more standard kibble is disappearing from the retailer shelves in place of the newer premium foods. This has also boosted the overall profits that many manufacturers have realized. The premium dog food market has expanded with the introduction of many of these new foods. This growth has grown into the billions of dollars. Other manufacturers are seeing the benefit of improving their food lines and offering healthier choices for dog and cat owners. Whether choosing new foods or an old standard, like Beneful, one is sure to find a healthy alternative for their dog.

The Exponential Growth of a PR Firm

In news of online reputation management, Status Labs has reported to have a growth of 939 percent over the past three years. With the new year, Status Lab has made their new statistics that show the company’s growth within the three years that the company has been in business. The statistics show that the company has grown 39 percent from 2014 and 939 percent from 2012.

The President of Status Labs states that the reason behind the large and exponential growth is the company’s expert team that has been able to develop a dynamic strategy for reputation management. In 2015 alone, Mr. Fisher is pleased to say that Status Labs has signed over 160 new clients that offer a wide variety of services. These offered services include finances, heath care, technology, philanthropy, real estate, beauty, politics, and much more.

Status Labs is a company that specialize in online reputation management for people such as political figures, politicians, as well as executives. The team at Status Labs understands the fact that creating a positive online reputation is the key to creating an overall positive reputation. Those who work at Status Labs are able to develop constant material that is processed and put and put onto the first pages of web browsers such as Google.

Mr. Fisher predicts that Status Labs will continue adding individuals to the team in the branches located in Austin, New York City, as well as Sao Paulo. The team that works at Status Labs has already helped over 1,500 clients that are located in 35 different countries all over the world.

Status Labs has been in the business on online reputation management for the purpose of advising people and giving individuals a second chance. Darius Fisher who is the co-founder and President of Status Labs has experience in politics and even worked as a political consultant. With Status Labs, Mr. Fisher has been able to create his vision and has built partnerships and has accomplished both domestic as well as international sales. Mr. Fisher states that his plans for Status Labs have not even been seen.

The Benefits Of Creating A Wikipedia For Yourself Or Your Business

If you run a business or concerned with your online reputation, then you should create a Wikipedia page. Here are a few benefits of creating one for a business or individual. 

Making A Wikipedia Page Will Improve Your Business Or Personal Brand 

When you create a page on Wikipedia, then you can edit the post. This means if there is inaccurate info about your business or about yourself, then you can go to Wikipedia and make a few edits, so the page reflects accurate information. Wikipedia has a set of strict regulations as well about what they allow and don’t allow, so you must be careful to follow their rules or they reserve the right to flag you or remove your page. By making your Wiki page, you will improve your reputation over time because many people turn to Wikipedia to learn about companies and individuals, which means they will be able to make a good judgement call about your business or about your personal brand. In turn, this helps improve your reputation online. 

Adds Credibility And Increase Online Presence, While Increasing Sales

Another benefit of creating a Wikipedia page for yourself is it will add more credibility to your brand, business or online persona. Furthermore, you will be increasing your online presence when you have a Wikipedia page. This may also lead to making more sales, both online and at your physical business’s location. 

Creating A Wikipedia Page

Creating a page on Wikipedia is hard work and can be time consuming and confusing. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to do it on your own, you can have experienced Wikipedia writers at Get Your Wiki to do it for you. This Wikipedia writing service knows how to write quality Wikipedia pages that will impress people, which means you will have a better online reputation and will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of having a good Wikipedia page on the internet. 

Contact GetYourWiki today and create a quality and impressive Wikipedia page.

Igor Cornelsen’s Banking Opinion

Igor Cornelsen is a leader in banking in Brazil. He has worked with many different banks on and on the market to ensure that he knows the most about banking as possible. He has worked to become one of the best banking experts and continues to strive to help others understand about banking in Brazil.

Not only has Igor Cornelsen on ireport.cnn made his way to the top of the banking expert board, but he aims to make others aware of what they can do when it comes to their banking situations. He wants to make sure that everyone knows the ins and the outs of the banking, financial and stock market world to ensure that they have the best chance possible to be able to succeed in their financial endeavors. He aims to make people more aware of the ways in which they will be able to help themselves.

Igor Cornelsen understands that it can be difficult to navigate the stock market and the world of finances, but he also recognizes that learning about it can be easy. He enjoys breaking down the financial world into different parts and helping people understand what they can do better when it comes to their banking and financial situations. He isn’t able to help everyone out, but he does give out the information that is necessary for people to be able to help themselves as well as their financial health. He wants to make sure everyone has an opportunity to get the tools to succeed.

One thing that Igor Cornelsen wants people to know is that there are just a few major players in Brazil. The top ten banks in the country are the ones that control the majority of the money and the ones that are able to provide people with all of the opportunities that they need when it comes to their banking. Among the many ways that the banking situations work, they all lead back to one of the ten top banks that are in Brazil. These banks include HSBC and Santander.

People who are concerned about the banking situation in Brazil can hold onto the hope that things have the possibility of changing. By looking toward China for an improved situation, citizens can see the hope that lies in the way that Brazil banking is done. Things could definitely change with a new banking personality from China. A new personality from anywhere has the ability to help the financial climate in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen on findthebest knows that there is still hope if a fresh banking solution were to come onto the scene of banking in Brazil. He sees the way that banking can change should power shift from some of the major players.

What Igor Cornelsen Does

As one of the top investment bankers in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen works very hard at what he does. Some may be confused as to what an investment banker does, so we will take a deeper look at what Igor Cornelsen does and how he is able to help out in the financial world.

Investments are a major part of finances and Igor knows that investing is one of the quickest and easiest ways that you can make money. He works with people around the world to help them come up with ideas that will allow them to make more money when it comes to investment. He also knows that the right investment could turn a large profit and advises people how to invest their money. He suggests some of the best investment options for both individuals as well as banks. As an advisor, he has successfully made people a lot of money.

Cornelsen also works to help people better understand their financial situation. As an advisor, he has had practice with many types of financial situations and feels confident in the way that he is able to show people what they can do. He makes sure that people know what type of situation they are in, what they can do to get out of the situation and the tools that they need to get into a better financial situation. He has worked with these people to help them better understand their finances.

Igor Cornelsen has worked not only with individuals but also with banking and business institutions. Like with individuals, he has advised them according to their financial situation. He has made them aware of what their business can do to be better and how the business can take steps to improve the outlook of the business that is going to come in the future. By advising these businesses, Igor Cornelsen has learned a lot about the business world. He has made every effort to help the businesses get into the best financial health possible and has worked with them to give them the tools that they need.

Education is very important to Igor Cornelsen and he believes that everyone should have an opportunity to understand the way that banking works in Brazil. This is something that he is passionate about and something that he works to educate people about. He knows that not everyone will have an opportunity to be a financial expert and works to make that a reality. By doing this, he is giving more people the opportunity to improve their financial situation since they know more about what they should be doing about their banking situation while they are in the financially struggling country of Brazil.