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The Five Crowdfunding Platforms Acquires Tycoon Real Estate

On November 9 2015, the very first acquisition of the crowdfunding platform was conducted. A five-platform acquired Tycoon Real Estate for the first time. The group aims to repair and revamp the projects. The purchase was done by various companies, which involved Peer Realty, CrowdFranchise, Patch of Land as well as the American Homeowner Reservation.

People have known much about the estate crowdfunding and this courtesy goes to the Shark Tank, which featured the Tycoon. Mr. Jason Fritton, the current CEO of Patch of Land said that they had an opportunity to explain thoroughly about the environmental regulatory authorities, which permits the crowdfunding. He also added that the SEC regulations are being leveraged by prosperous companies to crowd fund millions of dollars in the real estate investment.

Mr. Mandy Calara, the CEO of CrowdFranchise stated that they were very overwhelmed about the Tycoon acquisition. He also noted that the authorization of the Title III showed the ideal acquisition. The JOBS Act was approved on October 30 2015, which was on a Friday. The approval enabled the non-accredited investors get involved in the crowdfunding.

The CEO of American Homeowner Preservation company, Jorge Newbery, made it clear that there was a very strong sense when the five platforms came together to combine their efforts in the investment. This was an indication of growth in the industry and a bright future. Mr. Bhavik Dani also stated that there is a an achievement in finding local investments in real estates through online as well as getting other Franchise businesses.

Tycoon Real Estate Company has thus offered commercial as well as residential estate investments opportunities the clients. The company is commonly known from the Shark Tank Episode. Kevin O’Leary later offered fifty thousand dollars for 50% of tycoon and Daniel declined the offer. Much later, the five platforms stepped up to attain 100% of the Tycoon.
Many business tycoons exist in Chicago. Mr. Majeed Ekbal is one of the famous investors in the city. He is a senior marketing Executive who was born Illinois, Chicago. He graduated from American University based in Washington DC. Ekbal high values the spirit of hard work. He has always strived to give his clients the best services as the president of Expresso Inc.

Mr. Majeed Ekbal upholds professionalism by getting qualified staff on his businesses making his wealth growth rate increase. He believes that a good environment in the working place and respect to the employees high maximizes the capability of employees to work. His social media accounts like instagram show that he is passionate and encouraging in all he ventures in and this has made him an experienced known man in Chicago.

Doe Deere Dared to Dream Big

Lime Crime is Magical in Every Way
It took some dreaming to make Lime Crime Makeup a full blown reality. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime who actually dared to dream. This Russian born CEO grew up in New York City and is currently residing and flourishing in Los Angeles. She has turned her dreams into a magical company that strives to empower everyone to discover their own unique magic. This CEO offers cruelty-free makeup that is filled with vibrant colors. Ms. Deere will encourage anyone to fully explore their own beauty with Lime Crime. This is one founder who has a distinct style of her own. She supports others in every way. She offers a product that is truly magical in every way.

Doe Deere and Entrepreneurs
Ms. Deere has achieved success as a trustworthy businesswoman. She has accomplished this through her Lime Crime Makeup business. She instills a sense of empowerment to others. She believes in entrepreneurship. She is a person who is more than willing to share her secrets to success in order to instill confidence in those around her. She is a woman who made the decision to succeed on her own terms. This is the reason that she encourages others to exceed their own expectations. She will claim that entrepreneurs have the ability to experience success.

Unique in Appearance
Ms. Deere has an extraordinary look about her. Her entire appearance is very unique. Her appearance reflect a remarkable businesswoman like no other. You may see picture of a blue haired CEO. This can be viewed as confidence. She is a lady who is not afraid to express herself. She will also encourage others to release their own individuality. Her makeup products will enable everyone to be their own unique selves. She holds the belief that makeup can do so much more than cover flaws. Lime Crime makeup products are filled with vibrant and beautiful colors. Doe Deere believes that every person can express themselves with wonderful makeup products. Living without apologies can be a reality for anyone.

Feeling Right Every Moment
Doe Deere has some remarkable views on makeup. She may state that beauty is not necessarily about looking the best. It must incorporate the idea that makeup can be all about feeling right at any given moment. She seems to hold the belief that makeup must feel right while encouraging self expression. She provides makeup products that allow anyone to fully experience magic and creativity.

The Focus
It appears that the focus of Lime Crime and Doe Deere revolves around individuality and feeling good about who you are. This is one CEO who does seem to believe that dreams truly can come true for everyone. Lime Crime Makeup is a cruelty-free makeup that promotes self expression and magic.

From Professional Lacrosse Player to Coach: One Man’s Story

Lacrosse was invented by Native American Indians in the 1100s as a contact game to be played by tribe members as a way to help encourage good formation in battle. It is a sport that evolved in North America, so it only stands to reason that the best Lacrosse players — and the best camps — would be found where it began.

The sport is currently played at the intramural, college, and professional level, with the 1999 formation of the Major League Lacrosse bringing nine teams from across the country to play games throughout the Lacrosse season. Because it is possible to go from a college team to a professional team, it is important that Lacrosse players find a camp that can improve their skills on the field, as well as teaching them smart strategies off the field.

Free, round the clock training on Twitter from lacrosse coach Jon Urbana is great, but getting training on Facebook is even better.

Even better than that? A camp that features former professional lacrosse players; it’s the best option for serious players. The best option available is to learn from former pro Jon Urbana at the Next Level Lacrosse Camps, which are located in Denver, Colorado, a day camp for male intermediate players.

The camp, which runs for five days in the summer, is positioned to help players nail technical moves while striving to give them a competitive edge by doing conditioning drills and practice scrimmages with other participants. While the camp is small, a recent post made it clear that expanding the program to female players is on the mind of Jon Urbana, the founder of Next Level Camps.

Jon Urbana, a native of Denver, is a former professional Lacrosse player with an impeccable record as a team member during college at Villanova, and as team captain of the Varsity Lacrosse team at Denver East High School. He has since retired from the field, instead focusing on his career as a pilot and the creation of Next Level Lacrosse Camps alongside Lou Braun.

Urbana and Braun began Next Level Lacrosse in 2011 after seeing the need for the new generation of Lacrosse players to be given some extra coaching from former professional players. With the team Urbana leads at the camp, he is creating a new system of coaching lacrosse that extends beyond the field. His teaching system includes tips on Instagram, educational blog articles, and detailed presentations on Slideshare. Urbana will do whatever it takes to see his high school and college Lacrosse camp-goers meet their goals on the field.

Next Level Lacrosse Camps is taught by Urbana and a slate of rotating professional players. The camp is currently closed until the off-season.

In the meantime, you can find Jon supporting charities like Earth Force, the Animal and Rescue Adoption Society, and Bright By Three.

How to care for your dog

When it comes to dog care, weight is one of the most important things to consider. Making sure that puppies and dogs get the right amount of exercise and eat a proper diet is a great way to keep up on weight. Taking them for a walk twice a day and letting them play in the yard are good ways to exercise them. Some other good ways are, playing Frisbee, teaching them tricks and playing fetch. Talking to a vet to discuss how much a dog should eat each day is another good ideal, this way they do not become overweight or underweight. Feeding puppies can be a hardship, but there are steps that can be taken to ensure a healthy puppy. Beneful is really great for growing puppies who just want to play all day. It is very important that puppies get the right formula pet food. Puppies have a very high-energy life, so they need food that can support this lifestyle. That is why Beneful offers so many different types of puppy food for each specific puppy. While the kibble may be smaller for puppies, it is packed full of calories for more energy. Beneful also helps to provide all the nutrition needed for every puppy in each small kibble. It is very important for puppies to get what they need for healthy growth and development, and Beneful provides all the necessary nutrients to make that happen. Every puppy has specific needs that need to be met, some of the basic nutrition guidelines include: a high amount of calories, fat and protein; the Omega fatty acid DHA, this is necessary for the development of the brain and vision in growing puppies; Vitamins E and selenium, these are helpful antioxidants that are able to help aid the development of the growing immune system in a puppy; Puppies also require a good calcium to phosphorus on ratio to help with the proper growth of bones. This is why it is important for growing puppies to be fed the best that they can be fed, and also why Beneful is the best thing to give them.

New Campaign Shows Off Beneful Purina Pride

Dog owners everywhere adore their pets. They know that their pets need the best possible nutrition to stay in good shape. This is why dog owners look to companies such as Beneful to help them keep their loving companions in good health. A new advertising campaign by pet food provider Purina seeks to help remind pet owners how they work with the company to feed their dogs high quality dog food from Beneful. The new campaign will be shown on television. Purina aims to help remind dog owners everywhere that they can work with the company to give their dogs the ideal nutrition. The I Stand Behind Beneful advertising campaign was filmed at the company’s Atlanta, Georgia factory. Dog owners are reminded that Purina cares deeply about the health of their pets. They share the aim of the owners to help provide the best quality dog food for all dog owners who purchase this product. Associates who work for the company help remind many viewers that they are also adoring pet owners who have pets they love at home. They also have beloved animals that they feed Beneful dog food on Walmart Stores to each and every single day. Each employee of the company shown in the advertisements aims to help their fellow pet owners in any way that they can. The current campaign started off as an internal rally after criticism of the Beneful line was made by outside sources. Those who work for Purina to help produce and supervise the creation of the dog food want to remind their customers just how much they care about providing pet owners everywhere with dog food they can trust and feed to their dogs. The campaign showcases the company’s devotion to quality and their determination to help assist their fellow pet owners.

Bruce Levenson Historic Contribution

People will always love the pressure experienced in the basketball pitch. For some, it will be just be about fun every time the teams are battling each other. However, for a man like Bruce Levenson, he goes ahead of the rest. This is because of his contribution as an owner in the basketball arena. He has made tremendous upgrade in the Hawks upto a time when he sold it. It was amazing to the analysts who thought the price could not near the $1 billion mark. However, it ended up otherwise as people value the Hawks and appreciate their playing plans. The deal which was facilitated by Inner circle sports and Goldman Sachs attracted attention from the industry players.

The progress of NBA

It is considered as the basketball premier league in the world. Watched from all ends of the world, NBA has upgraded over the years to make a professional men basketball game in North America. It has 29 member clubs in the United States while 1 is in Canada. It has remained a strong member of the USA basketball. The professionals playing in the teams are the highest paid in the world of sports.

NBA began in 1946 in New York City. By this time it was called the Basketball Association of America. This name was adopted in 1949 which was after a merger with the National basketball League which was a close rival. Later the name was changed to National Basketball Association with the reason for change being to avoid legal complications with the previous name. As the game continued to grow, there was desire for each region to have their team. This brought about the owners who have been quoted to sell their teams to new owners at some point.

NBA ownersbreakdown

The principal owners of National Basketball Association teams have played part in revamping the game. Contribution in terms of monetary terms, moral support and strategic ideas has given the audience an extra reason to celebrate their favorite teams. The different owners include Tony Ressler of Hawks, Michael Jordan of Bobcats sports and entertainment and Jerry Reinsdorf of Chicago Professional sports. Mikhail Prokhorov of Onexim sports, entertainment holding and Dan Gilbert of Cavaliers are also in the line. There is also Mark Cuban of Dallas Basketball limited, Tom Gores of Detroit Pistons. These among many others from different companies have different Franchise. The owners are also divided into regions including Northwest, Pacific, Southwest, Atlantic, Central and Southeast.

Business think tank Bruce Levenson

As the owner of Hawks, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has been hailed for the transformation experienced in the team. This is because he believes in giving back to the society. He has served in various positions which are about development of the society to a better one. The positions include presidency of ‘I have a dream Foundation which carries out philanthropic endeavors. He is the co-founder of United Communications Group. He has studied in Washington University acquiring a degree in Arts. He also attended American University where he acquired a law degree.