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Nobilis Health Is Your One Stop for Gastrointestinal Scopes

There are so many great healthcare companies around the world, but some of the best are those that are offered by Nobilis Health. Not only do they have excellent reviews and an amazing reputation but they offer a range of services for the patients who go there. One of the types of services that Nobilis Health offers is gastrointestinal scopes. The doctors who perform these scopes are qualified, experienced, and very friendly too.

There are many different gastrointestinal scopes that Nobilis Health offers. Some of the many scopes of this type that one can get from them include a colonoscopy, a flexible sigmoidoscopy, a liver biopsy, an upper GI endoscopy, and others too. When the doctors at the Nobilis Health locations perform these gastrointestinal scopes, they do so with much care and consideration to the patient, and they make sure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. They also make sure that they are offering their scopes at an affordable cost as well.

Say a person is having stomach issues. Maybe they’ve been having extreme pains in their stomach. Maybe they’ve been having issues going to the bathroom as well. Those who’ve had these symptoms or others symptoms that are related may very well be in need of a gastrointestinal scope. Those in need of a scope are going to want to get to the Nobilis Health location closest to them. They will have a doctor that can help them out. The person can meet with the doctor, talk about their symptoms, discuss a plan of action, and they can schedule for specific tests to be done. Nobilis Health’s staff will be in contact with the person soon after the tests have been conducted, so no additional waiting is necessary.

The process that Nobilis Health uses for their gastrointestinal scopes and all of their other services is quite simple, and the staff and locations are very patient-friendly. There are many doctors in many other healthcare locations, such as hospitals, urgent care centers and other healthcare facilities that will just dismiss many common stomach issues as general constipation or something of the sort. However, the doctors at Nobilis Health will take a patient’s stomach pains seriously, and the staff will fully examine the patient to find the root of their pain.

Those who are having stomach issues shouldn’t just dismiss them, but they should have the issue examined at one of the many Nobilis Health locations. Their doctors will make sure that the patient gets taken care of, and they will make sure that the patient gets the answers that they’re looking for. There is no need for anyone to go through each day with stomach pains. The doctors at Nobilis Health want to help their patients and solve any problems that they are dealing with, and they want all their patients to feel better. Don’t wait any longer, call Nobilis Health right away, and the doctors will be glad to help any patient in need of healing from any kind of pain.

Ken Griffin: A Success Story

Ken Griffin is a well-known hedge manager who has won numerous industry awards for his skills in investment management. As the CEO of successful investment firm, Citadel, Kenneth overseas more than $25 billion in investment capital. Since forming Citadel, he is able to transform the corporation to become one of the largest in the hedge fund industry. Currently, the net worth of Mr. Griffin is estimated to be about $6.6 billion.

Prominent business magazine such as Forbes has declared him among the best hedge fund managers. In fact, Kenneth is not only acknowledged by his peers, but he is also well -known in the social circles of the United States. As an Alma Matter of Harvard University, he recently donated $150 million to the institution for research. In addition, he has donated more than half billion dollars to charity and social cause.

Early Career

Unlike some of his compatriots, the struggle to fame required patience and diligent effort. For instance, he started a small hedge fund in early 70s by borrowing capital from family and friends. The capitalization of the funds was only $265,000, which also required Insidermonkey fund manager Ken Griffin to sign contracts to return the initial investment if he failed. However, his knowledge in the convertible bond arbitrage provided stability to the capital. Interestingly, his initial success is credited to the innovative solutions that includes installing a satellite link in his house to receive instant trade data. Perhaps, instant access to market data provided Kenneth the opportunity to preserve his investment capital during the crash of 1987. At the time, Kenneth had increased his investment portfolio from $0.25 million to almost $1 million.

Successful Years

During his senior year at Harvard, Kenneth’s remarkable skills were noted by the CEO of Glenwood Capital, Frank Meyer. Frank was so confident in Kenneth’s skills that he gave full rights to Kenneth to invest $1 million in the market without any contractual obligation. The decision paid off as Kenneth produced 70 percent return on investment. Just when the US economy was rebounding from the crash of 1987, Kenneth started his own company with $4.6 million. The new company, Citadel, gained immense popularity within few years reaching $1 billion mark and employing more than 100 workers.

Road to Fame

In June 2002, Forbes magazine declared Kenneth Griffin as one of the most influential peoples in the world of finance, and he was also included in the CFO 100 list. In 2003 and 2004, Kenneth was on almost every list published by Forbes. He was recognized as one of the youngest self-made entrepreneurs; whereas his company was rated as one of the best places to work by the Great Places to Work Institute.

Social Activities

As stated, Mr. Griffin is also very popular in the social circles. He is involved in many activities including membership in various advisory boards, philanthropy, political campaigns and artistic endeavors. He continues to support various institutions and charities in the Chicago area including Art Institute of Chicago, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago’s Early Childhood Center and a number of public schools. Accordingly, he is an active patronage of art who has large number of private art collection at his disposal.

Selling Your Home With the Official 990 Sells Homes

Take the experience of Timothy Grahams. He spent half of his life tucked away in a serene neighborhood where house prices were falling beyond imagination since the 2008 recession. The fifty nine year old former pilot could hardly sell his house on time. Then came the idea for the 990 sells homes plan, a real estate listing firm along the way. Tim was able to sell it quick before his mortgage lender could take the house back. “I was forced to look at my options like taking in a tenant for a 100 sq ft spare bedroom”, says the father of five. “I guessed that my savings would be depleted and I’d better concentrate on a second job, just a bit earlier than the house got sold, thanks to 990 company”.

In many cases, people who have listed their properties on 990 company have really made good profit on their homes despite the bad economic situation. Even people who have experience selling real estate page through this website and set aside their other tasks to pursue this company. Hall Kirkland had a Victorian era rental house with basement and porch to sell. He loved his house but the maintenance of the 3000 sq ft home was taking a toll on his financial health. He eventually heeded the call from 990 company agent and in 2010 entered into a contract with a buyer, 3 months after listing his home on the website. He made a straight 20% more profit than he expected. What’s more, Hall and his wife have been able to pay off their mortgage as well as equity loans early.

You might be better off than you expected with 990 company because what you pay as commission no matter how big or small your property is only $990. I was out in Los Angeles visiting my investment home which I needed to sell badly due to a tenant issue. I was about to call the pricey real estate agents there when I noticed an advertisement for 990 company on a similar website. The price was good, I thought. I called the company and within a few months found out that I had a good number of offers to begin with. My advice is for everyone to really think about selling their homes or real estate through 990 company. You can do it yourself, just open an account, gather details of your property and post it on the net. In addition, you don’t have to pay exorbitant cost as commission to the listing agent. Your house will be taken care of from open house to closing and all documents completed on time. When you do a comparable exercise, you will see that you have spent only a fraction of what other real estate brokers would charge.

Magic Mike XXL: Magical Cinematic Fantasy

Imagine a night club full of women looking to be entertained. The lights are down low, the smoke rolls off stage and the music begins, amidst the curtain, Romanesque built male dancers emerge. Fulfilling your wildest dreams and most envisioned desires, this is the essence of the Comedy/Drama film, Magic Mike XXL.

Magic Mike XXL is the 2015 sequel to the first Magic Mike film that premiered in the year of 2012. The film was directed by Gregory Jacobs and stars an solid cast including Channing Tatum as Mike Joe Manganiello, Jada Pinkett Smith and Matt Bomer. Guest stars include Amber Heard, Michael Strahan, Facebook fan favorite Crystal Hunt and Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover.

Crystal Hunt plays an eccentric character named Lauren. This is a great change of pace for Hunt and she has spoken openly about the joy and comradery she experienced while on the set of the film, and shared many funny behind the scenes photos with fellow cast members on her Instagram.

In this sequel, we find the infamous Magic Mike settling down in a quieter lifestyle with a serious relationship and running his own furniture business. He receives a surprise phone call from former stripper buddy, Tarzan that brings him back into the forefront of his former dance group. The dancers all agree that the ride was slowing come to a halt and propose going out with a bang by traveling and performing in a Myrtle Beach stripping convention. Mike at first argues and after reminiscing with his famous “Pony” dance routine, he decides to join the troupe on their excursion.

Among many shenanigans and experiences, the group finds themselves in a bind, searching for an emcee for their performance. Mike visits an old flame, Rome (Pinkett-Smith) who agrees to join the dance troupe in Myrtle Beach.

The group features six amazing music and dance performances at the convention such as Bomer’s soulful stripping and singing routine to “How Does It Feel?” as well as a dark, sexual fantasy dance by Manganiello to the Nine Inch Nails hit “Closer” involving a wedding and a sex swing. Among others, the convention closes with a jaw dropping duo performance with Tatum and dancer, Twitch to the R. Kelly song, Cookie.

This film features some of the best cinematic dance performances in the last decade, proving to be iconic and mimicked across the world for years to come. The soundtrack is even more stand-alone than the film featuring the famous Magic Mike song “Pony” as well as songs by 112, Bando Jonez and more.

Bernardo Chua, Benefiting People with Ganoderma through Organo Gold Products

Bernardo Chua is a well-respected businessman when it comes to multilevel marketing and has conducted many video coaching sessions. He started his career in the Philippines as an executive for Gano Excel and within a period of three years, he helped expand the business to Hong Kong, United States, and Canada. Later, Bernardo Chua established Organo Gold in 2008. He serves as the chief executive officer of the global corporation. Organo Gold is a company that focuses on daily products that include coffee and tea with the view of introducing the world to the benefits of the ganoderma, a highly regarded ancient Chinese herb.

Bernardo Chua has gained much success through direct selling. He prefers using this business model in doing business for Organo Gold. According to him, when establishing Organo Gold, he viewed direct selling as a way of growing the business quickly within the Philippines and across the globe. The model has been effective and he still uses it today. Through direct selling, Organo Gold has been conducting business with over a million people getting meaningful employment.

He ranks high among the most successful entrepreneurs in the Pacific Region. His business achievements have received accolades. Bernardo Chua has won several awards throughout his career, most of which documented on SlideShare. Most recently, he was awarded the Dangal ng Baya Award for business and industry. He received the award from the Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and the National Consumers Quality Awards in 2014. Organo Gold was also recognized by the National Shoppers Choice in the food supplements section as the top direct selling company. Bernardo Chua has been honored in more than five different events with his company winning the Direct Sales Company of the Year award.

Bernardo Chua has put a great effort in establishing Organo Gold to be a world leading company in direct sales. He continues to focus his energy in refining his enterprise whenever possible. Bernardo Chua has managed to achieve much success by working closely with the best organic ganoderma makers. Close working relationship with ganoderma makers enables him to manufacture products that are of high quality and affordable prices. He also dedicates his funds towards supporting research activities related to ganoderma, which enables Organo Gold to stay ahead of its competitors.

In a bid to increase the presence of Organo Gold across the world, Bernardo recently opened shop in Turkey. The Turkey Branch was the 39th country that the gourmet coffee firm had set its operations in bringing together Organo Gold’s African, Asian and European operations. It was a great achievement in line with the company’s initiative of having a global footprint. Through his leadership, Organo Gold has become the most trusted direct selling company. The company has operations in Canada, making it register many customers owing to their trust of Organo Gold products given the stringent measures that products have to go through.

Holidays are Easy With Handy Home

Holidays are coming with all of the joys and the stress. Time with family and friends in front of a fire place coincides with shopping lists and extra chores and major house cleaning. If family gathers at your place, you know the feeling of wanting everything to be spotless. There are always those family members that will critique the bed sheets and find fault with the silverware. Be ready for them this year with Handy Home Cleaning Services.

Weekly bookings that exceed a million dollars make this a great platform that works for both the consumer and the supplier; making home cleaning easier than ever. Say you want your home deep-cleaned for the Thanksgiving meal. You just list the job, the starting time and the area in which you are located. Handy Home takes it from there.

Their qualified professionals see the listing. They see the starting time, the pay rate and the area. Then they can decided if the job is for them. Does the time conflict with a school conference? Is the job so far away it will not be profitable? These factors are considered. If the professional decides they can do the job, they accept it.

Now imagine what that means. No more days of trying to find someone to clean your home. No more asking friends if they know anyone who could clean your home. No more awkward interviews or background checks- Handy Home handles all of that for you. Your professional cleaner will be thoroughly background checked and vetted. You can even pay with your phone, just tap the app. Can it get any simpler than that?

Itunes’ Handy Home also works for the professional cleaner. You don’t have to try and find work anymore. No more will you have to worry about getting ‘stiffed’ on a job. No more hassles of trying to figure out taxes. Handy Home Cleaning Services makes sure you get paid. Just finish the job and tap your app and get your money. They figure up your taxes and even give you verifiable income, perfect for filing taxes or trying to get a loan. Even tips are handled through this new way of doing business.

Word is spreading from city to city about the convenience of using Handy Home Cleaning Services. They not only offer house cleaning, but also plumbing. They even have handyman services to fix that broken lock or repair a squeaky cabinet door. In the future they hope to roll out other services. Customers who have used and know the brand will feel secure in using more services by this up-and-coming company.

There are now 25 U.S. cities and London using the Handy Home brand. The popularity and simplicity of their platform is sure to make them welcomed in many more cities in the near future. Who knows? Maybe soon they will be available in your home town.

No more chasing dust-bunnies and ironing sheets for Aunt Helen’s visit. Just call Handy Home Cleaning Services this year.

Keep Your Online Reputation in Check With Status Labs

Whether you’re an individual trying to move up in the business world, or a company trying to be the best, having a positive online reputation is critical in order to bring in new clients as well as maintain current ones. When someone wants to learn about a top executive, celebrity, or corporation, the first thing they are most likely going to do is do an online search. What shows up in that online search is likely to become their first impression. Unfortunately, maintaining a strong online reputation can be difficult at times, especially if your company is faced with critics, or if a rogue employee does something to damage the reputation of your company.

Luckily, there’s a company that does all the hard work for you so you can always have the best, most positive online reputation possible. Status Labs is a leading image management company with a focus on making sure you look your best online. Through their Search Result Engineering, they will keep any bad news about you and your company off search results to ensure you’re always leaving a good first impression.

What sets Status Labs apart from other online reputation providers is they know that search engine results aren’t the only factor when it comes to having a good online reputation. Status Labs offers “digital first” PR professionals that can help your company, small or large, with all the PR rules of the digital age.

Social Media crises do happen from time to time, whether they come from within your company or are the result of a traditional media report. When these crises happen it’s important to know how to recover from them. Luckily Status Labs has helped Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as many public figures, make the proper response to crises.

Having a blog is an important part of maintaining a good online reputation, and Status Labs has content marketing specialists that can help you give your content as much positive exposure as possible to give you good exposure on the search engines.

Each and every company and public figure needs to maintain a good online reputation whether they have a website or not. Search engines and social media have become the two most common places for people to gather information and opinions, and a good online reputation will guarantee people only get the good, correct information and opinions.

Highland Capital Management Has It All

Most people need a little hand-holding when it comes to money management. And there is nothing to be shy with that. In fact, there are some areas in your financial portfolio where professional help is an absolute must. This help comes handy when you also need second opinion about an investment that you are making. Professional help is required when you want a review of your overall financial situation just to make sure that you are on the right track. You want to ensure that you are not missing anything important in your financial life.

People who are approaching retirement needs professional help as well. Highland Capital Management is one such firm that offers this and other kinds of assistance with managing money. Such a review becomes essential since many of these people will be facing issues that are irreversible and easy to mess up. All such decisions can be best made with a financial planner’s input. There are dozens of financial planners at Highland Capital Management whose founder is James Dondero. Anyone with financial needs can call a financial planner or financial adviser at this company for an initial consultation. Furthermore, these professionals who offer you advice will put your interests before their own. They will help you with high performing investment products as well. They are all certified financial planners which is a gold-standard credential for the financial planning profession. Someone who as gone through this and other tests have comprehensive knowledge of emerging market and has gotten experience under their belt. They are competent and ethical in many areas related to finance and investment.

There are many options available for anyone looking for capital or asset management from Highland Capital Management company. Some options are fee-only plan and the planner is compensated by the fees you pay. These are smart and competent planners referred from other clients. Most are also members of the National Association of Financial Advisers which only accept people with strict experience, education and ethics. If you have zeroed in on a financial planner, the next step is to ask questions regarding the financial package and investment of your choice. If you have chosen a financial planner from Highland Capital Management, many of the important questions have been answered. And there are other things that you want to know. You want to be more comfortable with someone who has been planning professionally for many years and that kind of experience is found in Highland Capital Management employees. Here the professionals like James Dondero of will prefer to look at your entire financial picture including insurance, spending, investment, estate, tax and so on so that they can offer you the right comprehensive advice. This process will also involve many hours of your and their time. However, you will find professionals here who are willing to limit themselves to specific situation of yours upon request, such as review only the retirement portfolio or recent estate tax. That would allow you to get the most out of a small fee paid.

The Man Who Wants To Change Your Online Reputation

Is it possible that you have taken a hit in your online reputation? It is quite possible based on things that you have practically no control over. Therefore, you probably want to regain control of the way in which you are perceived in the online world. You can do this by hiring a company that works on online reputation management and even crisis management in some cases. One man who wants to help you do just this is Darius Fisher.

Darius Fisher is the President of Status Labs which is a company that works on reputation management for people of all kinds. He believes in helping those who have taken a hit in the online world because it is also his firm belief that the online reputation can be just as important as the reputation that one develops in the real world as well. Keep this in mind because both reputations are important and can have an impact on the bottom line.

Darius Fisher is someone who has personally managed his own crisis’ within the company and has helped more than 1,000 clients get past the things that they have had to deal with as well. That is a lot of experience that can be put to the test and used to make better choices for the future.

Awards have been received by Yahoo News and the New York Times for the help that they have offered to the people who have been taken down a peg by the hack of the Ashley Madison website. It was their greatest honor to receive these awards and indeed to help out the people that they did. For some people this was the difference between being able to keep their family together or keep their job or do a number of other things. It is so important to have companies around that can help on these types of things.

It is often the most high powered people in our society that need help protecting their reputation. Think about people like politicians, athletes, and movie stars who constantly have to answer questions from the public about what they think on a variety of issues. Considering all of this scrutiny, it is no surprise that mistakes can be made and reputations can be ruined even just by the slip of the tongue. Considering all of that, why not take the time to hire someone who can manage these things for you? That is what Status Labs is all about and why they are so helpful to so many.

Yeon-mi Park Keeps Fighting For North Korea

For decades now, reports have slowly leaked out of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, of rampant governmental abuses and an oppressive governmental regime run under the leadership of Kim Jong-Il. Finally, in 2013 a UN committee was tasked with an in-depth investigation of allegations made by more than 300 escaped citizens and refugees. In early 2014, that report was released and detailed more than 400 pages worth of abuses and outright horrific human rights violations.

Among the allegations were claims of enforced starvation, rape, torture, forced abortion and even infanticide committed in the state’s numerous government run hard labor camps, not to mention the severe civil rights violations of its general citizenry. Punishments for even minor infractions ranged from short to long term incarceration in the labor camps to outright execution, often without any form of trial or civil procedure of any kind.

Witnesses testified to having their hands cuffed behind them and then being hung on a wall for days on end, unable to sit or stand. Left to urinate and defecate on themselves, they testified to being in such severe agony that they would rather die than go on living. One witness testified to seeing a guard beat a starving woman who had recently given birth and then force her to drown her own newborn baby. Another woman claims on to have been imprisoned for watching soap operas; a claim that might seem ludicrous under other circumstances, but unfortunately lines up all too well with the claims of more than 300 other witnesses.

One such witness to the despotic conditions endured by North Koreans, is 21 year-old Yeonmi Park. Born in Hyesan, North Korea to parents who were mid-level civil servants in Jong-Il’s government, her early life was one of relative privilege until the long term effects of his dictatorial methods began to set in. By the late 90’s her parents had resorted to smuggling goods into China as a means to support their family. In 2002, Yeon-mi’s father was sent to one of the labor camps detailed in the UN report. She saw the violations first hand, as she watched his health rapidly decline.

They decided that if they were to survive, they had to leave North Korea. They made their way into China, but their troubles were still far from over. The Chinese government regularly acted in complicity with the North Korean government to hunt down defectors and send them back across the border. Yeon-mi and her mother managed to elude Chinese authorities, but they still faced far greater horrors and atrocities in the year and several months it took them to make their way into Mongolia to freedom.

Now living in Seoul, South Korea, Yeon-mi is determined to never let the world forget the plight of her country. As an avid speaker and guest on a number of radio and television programs, she gave a moving speech at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland in 2014 that went viral and gained her a whole new global audience sympathetic to her cause.