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Police Called in Because of Sprinkles

What do you do when you don’t get as many sprinkles as you would like on the ice cream that you have ordered? If you are like one woman in Michigan you bring in the authorities. That’s right, one woman decided to call the police for something as small and unimportant as sprinkles on ice cream.

It seems that this woman was at a restaurant and unsatisfied with the amount of sprinkles that the clerk had given her. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital didn’t quite understand the problem. Did this woman have enough sprinkles on her ice cream, at least in the eyes of a normal person from Fortune? We don’t know. What we do know is that the woman didn’t think so. This woman was upset and felt that she was being ripped off. The woman was paying for the ice cream with sprinkles, and she wanted to make sure that she got as many sprinkles as she had asked for. This woman called in the authorities to help her with her ice cream crisis, and the clerk in turn called her in after she left.

NASA successfully tests its RS-25 rocket

NASA has returned to the historic Stennis Space Center to complete the latest tests of the rocket engines designed to power human beings further into space than ever before. The Sun Herald is reporting that a successful 45 second test was completed at the often used A1 test pad to test the operation of the largest rocket engine NASA has so far produced. This is the second test of the engines that will be used to power the newly designed Space launch System, which will replace the outdated and now defunct space shuttle program according to Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn.

The latest test will provide information on the performance of the rocket engines, which will be used to power a large spacecraft attached to four RS-25 engines producing more than 1.6 million pounds of thrust. Testing the modified space shuttle engines is the latest step in the program, which it is hoped will result in humans embarking on deep space exploration. The ultimate aim of the RS-25 and Space Launch System are to propel humans to an asteroid and then onwards to explore Mars as the first steps in a movement through space.

Collection Company Takes a Hit

The recent numbers from the Nielsen’s rating system have TV analysts concerned that big time network television is collapsing. The four major television networks are NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox. The data collected from the 2014-2015 television season would suggest that ABC, NBC, and CBS are almost tied for first place. The major network Fox, was a close fourth with only about a hundred thousand viewer difference from the rest of the networks. Analysts have concluded that this information is prime example of why television and its rating system is collapsing. People are no longer only able to view shows through one mode. Cell phones, tablets, iPods, laptops, and everything in between can stream shows whenever viewers feels like it. Unfortunately, the streamed shows don’t go into the recorded data that the Nielsen Company collects. Only television shows watched during prime time are recorded. Unfortunately, some people are requesting that Nielsen ratings stop recording television viewership data. The company report their findings every year but without being able to collect data from suggested streaming services, the numbers for networks can be incredibly wrong. The Nielsen Company was also under heavy fire in recent years when it was reported that some of their numbers were fudged to give CBS a moderate lead in the major network line up. Alexei Beltyukov ( has learned that the company has expressed their desire to continue recording data. The Nielsen rating system is a staple in American culture and American TV. The company has also noted that they plan on fine tuning their data collection for streaming services and will continue to provide quality service to television viewers and companies.

Kardashian News

Kardashian fans will be pleased to know that Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Scott are finally getting along. It has long been rumored that Scott and Kourtney were going to separate, and there were even rumors that Scott wasn’t living at home. However, it was recently reported on TMZ that Scott and Kourtney Kardashian are happier than ever.

The TMZ article features a sweet video of Scott and Kourtney Kardashian playing in the snow. In fact, the video also shows how much love Scott and Kourtney have for each other. The Kardashians have never approved of Scott, but Kourtney Kardashian has always followed her heart’s desire. Nonetheless, it seems that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott will be together for years to come. However, aside from Scott and Kourtney Kardashian’s pleasant trip to the ski slopes, but the rest of the Kardashian girls were involved in a lot of controversy.

Critic Mikal Watts confirms that Kylie Jenner has continued feuding with Blac Chyna, and now the women are battling each other via Instagram. Also, Khloe Kardashian has caused a stir by posting an image of herself in costume as a Muslim woman. Khloe and Kylie have been hit with a ton of criticism, and many people are hoping the next episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ will shed some light on the strange behavior.

Al Sharpton Calls Kenan Thompson a Tubby

Al Sharpton is one of the most revered men in the black community. He is known worldwide for his outspoken criticism of white America. Al believes that Americans should show greater love and thoughtfulness to African Americans. However, Al Sharpton himself is under a ton of criticism for his rude and outlandish statements on Kenan Thompson.

Reverend Al Sharpton was recently interviewed while walking on the street, and a TMZ reporter asked Sharpton about his thoughts on a black man replacing David Letterman. Strangely, Al Sharpton began to call Kenan Thompson a fat and worthless tubby. Many people were caught off guard, because the TMZ reporter didn’t even mention Keenan Thompson’s name.

Al Sharpton has said outrageous and eyebrow raising things in the past, but his recent words about Kenan Thompson have confused everyone. What did Kenan Thompson ever do to Al Sharpton? I thought that Al Sharpton was supposed to respect and support the African American culture. Well, someone should remind Reverend Sharpton that Kenan Thompson is black.

Keith Mann has become aware that African Americans are extremely upset with Al Sharpton’s criticisms of Kenan Thompson. People should also be reminded that Al Sharpton once weighed over 300 pounds himself, and he has no right to judge others. People of all backgrounds are extremely disappointed with Reverend Al Sharpton.

News About A Major Suicide Squad Spoiler Breaks

A new video has emerged from the set of Suicide Squad and we get to see The Joker racing away from the scene of a crime in a purple sports car. In the passenger seat is his paramour, Harley Quinn. In the synopsis we have been told so far, The Joker is supposed to locked away in Arkham Asylum. We do not know anything about what point in the film this scene takes place. Perhaps it is at the end of the film when The Clown Prince of Crime is supposed to get away from his imprisonment.

Sam Tabar pointed out that there is something else that is extremely interesting with this clip. The Joker is not the only person with his own super-vehicle. He is being chased by – THE BATMOBILE. This clearly confirms that Batman is going to have a major cameo in the film. How big of a part the Caped Crusader has in the feature remains to be seen. Clearly, Ben Affleck is playing a part in the film and this is a good thing. A meeting between Batman and The Joker is going to sell the film big time to people who might not be up to seeing a film that solely features villains they may not be familiar with.

Suicide Squad is going to not only set up the various villains for future D.C. hero movies, it is pretty clear the film is setting up a Batman solo project and/or Batman’s role in the Justice League movies.

George Clooney is Extremely Happy With His Wife

George Clooney is one of the most handsome men of all time. He has been voted as the “sexiest man alive” more than once, and it seems that his appearance get better with age. George Clooney is like a fine wine, and he only becomes more valuable and sought after as the years go by. However, George Clooney is also a notorious heartbreaker.

George Clooney finally decided to get married, and his lucky wife’s name Amal Alamuddin. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick ( have found that George was recently interviewed, and he said that he is the happiest man in in the world. Apparently, the marriage is a match made in heaven, but some people have not forgotten about George Clooney’s previous relationship. Prior to getting married, George Clooney was in a highly publicized relationship with former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler.

For those of you that don’t know, Stacy Keibler is one of the most beautiful women alive. She has long legs, and a beautiful face. Men all over the world fantasize about Stacy Keibler. However, George Clooney is not an ordinary man, and he decided to break up with Stacy after years of being together. Stacy Keibler was completely heartbroken after the breakup, and she said that George’s marriage to Amal made things even worse. features a lengthy article about George Clooney and his new wife. However, Stacy Keibler is still heartbroken over the gorgeous man. George Clooney is truly one of a kind. No one in their right mind would dump Stacy Keibler, but apparently, George Clooney is on a whole different level.

Pierce Brosnan Makes 61 Look Good

Pierce Brosnan, who used to play 007, he is currently 61 years old. Not only does Pierce not look like he’s 61 years of age, but he looks absolutely riveting. Pierce was found on the beach recently, and while he was coming out of the water, pictures were taken of him. Pierce. Pierce still has a great body, and he looks much younger than his actual age. Although Pierce hasn’t been 007 for many years, he still continues to keep up with his health and his fitness.

Pierce was replaced by Daniel Craig as 007, but he is still remembered fondly for the role nonetheless. In fact, a new 007 movie will be coming out in the near future, and the title of the movie has already has been chosen. Now back to the beautiful Pierce Brosnan with his great looking body but hairy skin. Although Pierce looks great, he could use a shave or two!

Pierce has joined some of the few stars out there that look great past the age of 60 such as Tina Turner or Kevin Seawright. Many stars these days are trying their best to keep up with their looks once they reach the age of 40 and beyond. There is a movement of stars that are showing off their curves as well as their looks once they reach 40 or higher. No matter what, Pierce Brosnan looks great, and he should keep up the good work.

Jean Claude Van Damme Dances With Conan O’Brien

Crunchbase and their friends at Madison Street Capital agree that Jean Claude Van Damme is one of the greatest action stars of all time. He has appeared in several hit movies such as ‘Kickboxer,’ ‘Bloodsport,’ and ‘Hard Target.’ Jean Claude Van Damme is loved worldwide, and over the years, he has made somewhat of a comeback. Van Damme has always been an extremely handsome man, and he’s always had the charisma to match his looks.

Movie fans feel that Jean Claude Van Damme’s best movie is ‘Kickboxer,’ and late night TV show host Conan O’Brien happens to agree with that assessment. Jean Claude Van Damme was recently a guest on the Conan O’Brien show, and the pairing of the comedian and action star was truly memorable. Conan O’Brien joked around with John Claude Van Damme, and Conan asked Van Damme to recreate the ‘Kickboxer’ dance scene for him.

Jean Claude Van Damme walked onto the stage, and the crowd went wild as the classic eighties music played. Jean Claude Van Damme started shaking his booty, but then he was attacked by two Asian men. The moment was an exact replica of the ‘Kickboxer’ film, and the crowd was loving it. John Claude Van Damme proceeded to knock both of the Asian attackers out, and Conan O’Brien then joined in on the dancing fun. The crowd absolutely loved the moment, and the video of the event has since gone viral. For more information on this story, and to watch the video of Jean Claude Van Damme and Conan O Brien dancing, visit Rollingstone.

Fan Footage Captures Leto and Robbie on Suicide Squad Set

D.C. Comics Entertainment and Warner Bros. Studios are probably not very happy at all that fan footage capturing Harley Quinn and The Joker (Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, respectively) has surfaced on the internet. The recorded footage is in ultra-longshot so we cannot make out any fine details of the characters. The fan who shot the footage was on top of a roof. What we do notice is the mannerisms Leto puts into the character and they are very Joker-like. Also, the white jacket and purple pants the villain wears are right out of The Dark Knight Returns. Leto does not look super-bulky as had been speculated.

Also surfacing is a still video of Leto in Joker makeup with Robbie in her pre-Harley Quinn psychiatrist outfit. Again, executives are probably less than thrilled these unauthorized images are being made available to the public. The still photo doesn’t even look like Leto is in full costume. Was this a rehearsal scene?

Okay, while the executive and producers are probably less than thrilled the footage is leaking, fans are probably more hyped than ever before. Leto does look cool as The Joker and, based on the footage, he may have a bigger role in the film than previously suggested. Reports that he spends the bulk of the film locked up may be inaccurate although the scenes shot here could be from the ending of the movie.

Overall, Suicide Squad looks to be a really fun film and is quite offbeat for superhero movie fare. The squad at along with Brian Torchin feel those elements should make it a hit.