Lime Crime & Its Unicorn Hair Collection

There are a ton of hair care products on the market today. This is one of the most exciting and fascinating industries in the world. Some of the biggest names are from this field of work including Vidal Sassoon, L’Oréal, Almay and Maybelline. One of the most popular brands of 2017 is Lime Crime, and it has just introduced a new product to its ever-expanding list. The new products come in the form of hair dye. These aren’t you’re average hair dyes because they’re gentle on the user’s hair and scalp. On top of that, these hair dyes are vegan as well as animal cruelty-free. Unicorn hair dye is the name and providing the user with intense color is the game.

The all-new Unicorn hair dyes fall under the company’s Unicorn Hair Collection. These products are much more efficient than other similar products because they’re longer lasting, they’ll provide full-coverage, and they’ll give the user a much darker tone. Standing out in a crowd is what LimeCrime does best. The Unicorn hair dyes previously came in bright color tones such as tweet-bright-yellow, strawberry-jam-pink, leeloo-bright-orange, mint-ice-green, moonchild-lavender and many more. The new Unicorn hair dyes come in four darker tones. This includes:

  • Charcoal Dusty Gray
  • Chestnut Maroon
  • Squid Purple
  • Sea Witch Green

Founder Doe Deere has another hit on her hands as these products were specifically designed for brunettes or for people with naturally dark hair complexions. Ever since their release on Oct. 24, the general public just can’t seem to get enough. Deere is a revolutionary in a sense. These actual products are basically a reflection her own style. Not only are the products 100 percent vegan, they’ll leave your hair with a fresh smell and a smooth finish. How to use? Lime Crime makes all of its products fairly user-friendly. The first thing to do before applying the dye is to clean the hair. The next step would be is to massage the dye into every strand and leave it in for about 30 minutes. For tinting purposes, leave it in for about 45 minutes. The last step would be is to rinse the hair. There you have it. LimeCrime, and its Unicorn hair dyes are the cream of the crop and if you want to rep team unicorn, these products are the weapons of choice.

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ID Life: Offers Products Such as ID Life Meal Replacement

ID Life offers a variety of nutritional products as well as complete nutritional plans that will help a person maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Nutritional supplements can help with weight loss and maintenance, building a strong immune system, increasing energy level and prolonging life.

Logan Stout is currently the CEO of ID Life. Logan Stout is a well known and accomplished businessman as well as an former World Series Player. In addition, Stout is an experienced coach that still actively participates in coaching and training young men that play amateur sports. Logan Stout was also the former CEO of the Dallas Patriots Baseball team. Mr. Stout is known for his leadership and business savvy skills.

ID Life has an informational web site that can show just about anyone how to get into shape and maintain your new look. You can dramatically change your life for the better by putting aside just 5 minutes a day to follow the recommended ID Life suggested plan.

ID Life offers products such as ID Life Meal replacement, Appetite Control chews, ID Sleep strips, Energy drink and Energy chews. In addition, ID Hydrate, ID Lean as well as ID pre and Post workout may add the finishing touch to your daily ID Life routine.

ID Meal replacement shakes are delicious and can help you lose as well as maintain weight. The drink consists of whey protien and other healthy ingredients. ID Meal replacement shakes may also help you feel more energetic.

Appetite Control chews come in tasty chocolate flavor. The chews will help you to resist tempting snacks by curbing your appetite. You will be amazed at how wonderful you will look by following a sensible diet and exercise program and of course trying the tasty chews.

ID Sleep strips are a pleasant mint flavor that helps regulate healthy sleep patterns. These amazing strips will help you manage and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. When we experience disturbed sleep patterns our body is not getting the required healthy sleep that it needs every day. ID Sleep strips will help you develop as well as maintain better and healthier sleeping habits.

Energy Drink is a ten calorie drink that will provide you with a boost of energy. This amazing drink will give you elevated energy levels without over-stimulation of any kind. Energy Drink will actually help you stay motivated especially when engaging in a workout program. The orange and mixed berry flavors are quite pleasant and can be consumed just about any time of the day.

Energy Chews provides all of the benefits of the ID Energy Drink. However, energy chews eliminate the need to consume a full serving of the ID Energy Drink. It is as simple as popping a tasty energy chew into your mouth any time of the night or day, Energy Chews are perfect for those on the go.

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ID Lean can help increase metabolism as well as the development of lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is what we all hope to maintain. Lean muscle keeps us slim, healthy and well proportioned. ID Lean can certainly help you reach your goal when it comes to weight control and staying firm and toned.

ID Pre-Workout provides enzymes, nutrients and necessary vitamins. ID Pre-Workout will help you get the most out of your workout. In addition, you may experience substantial muscle growth with the assistance of ID Pre-Workout. ID Post Workout helps or assists in helping your body repair itself after a strenuous workout. For more info about us: click here.

ID Life will certainly put you on the road to better and healthier living. Celebrities such as Troy Aikman have taken advantage of all the products and suggestions that ID LIfe currently offers. Troy Aikman has stated that ID LIfe has certainly changed his life for the better.

ID Life products can easily be ordered on line and delivered directly to your home or office. Additional information can be viewed at Informational videos can also be viewed by logging on to the ID Life web site.

David Giertz’ 3 incredible secrets to retirement financial security.

David Giertz David Giertz is a businessman with more than 30 years experience in the finance industry. He is the current CEO of Nationwide Financial’s sale and distributors organization. He has run different business organizations successfully, and he also has firm plans of operation which has led to an increase in the cost of the asset to $17.8 billion from $11 billion. This growth in the capital base and the expansion of the Nationwide Financial’s sales and Distributors organization is one of the reasons why the famous businessman earns global attention and respect. Recently, he proposed the ways through which young men can increase their retirement benefits through saving. These skills are as discussed below

The principle of compound interest

The youth should start shaving and see their money grow over the years since it is at 22 years of age that young people should start planning for their retirements. In case a young man deposits cash in such an account, he should only expect the transaction charges to apply upon depositing the cash and zero transaction charges when he would be withdrawing the money upon retirement. This is possible if you save your money in a fixed deposit account.

Multitasking and having side businesses

As a young person, there is need to maximize your potential before the day of retirement reach when you win out. So the great finance guru tells the youth to utilize the saying that never put all your eggs in a basket. He also encourages that as one business might not cater to all your needs, you should have more companies so that you do not run short of cash as this could lead to reduced saving habits.

Evaluation of personal financial health

Most of the times the youth spend more than they save and as a result, they end up suffering in the long run. For this reason, David Giertz says that a person should know what he earns, what he s[pends and what he saves so that upon retirement, he/she does not suffer due to lack of cash. He emphasizes on prompt repayment of debts.

Online Mobile Therapy with Talkspace in Business Matters

To begin with, Talkspace is a mobile-based form of business therapy. Here, all the business individuals visit the app online to get their problems done. Though all these advising and giving of a way forward in different businesses is done through phone, there are human individuals behind all that. But to keep Talkspace going and become trustworthy, they have to always ensure that they keep the privacy of the people or the companies that have reported problems to them. This company is very much certified and licensed meaning it is approved by not only the government in charge but also the clients who run to them for help.

Always, the therapists never have a negative motive towards their clients nor do they judge them according to their problems instead they hold on to them warmly and offer positive advise and a reasonable way of dealing with the issues. Unlike going to therapy offices for such help, Talkspace saves you time and their price is favorable to any customer. Office Therapies need one to book appointments and really stress on timing whereas, with Talkspace, you have a chance to have a chat with your therapist any time you wish to be it on a smartphone, laptop or even a tablet.

Before one is allocated any therapist, assessment is done to identify the type of problem he or she carries and the specific therapist who can help. Talkspace is situated in New York. These therapists first undergo this technological training on how to use the app and everything related to it. Talkspace therapists don’t even have the face of their clients instead they only know them by their usernames. So everyone in need of a business solution should be clearly assured that all in Talkspace is private and confidential.

Thanks to the two individuals who came up with this great invention because, since 2012, the business sector in New York has encountered positive changes.

The Walking Dead’s Ratings Reveal a Bad Omen

The Walking Dead seems to be on a march toward ratings death. The 8th season of the series only aired two episodes and the viewership numbers don’t exactly look promising. The ratings currently reside at their lowest ranking since season 2. That is awful news because a ratings decline becomes very difficult to turn around. Once fans leave the series, they do not often return. Pulling several million departed viewers isn’t exactly something that can easily be done. Someone at The Walking Dead and AMC has to figure how to stop the ratings death spiral or else this series won’t last much longer.

The incredibly exciting World Series currently taking place may be drawing viewers away from The Walking Dead. While this might account for some lost viewership, serious examination shows the entire Negan and The Saviors storyline is flopping. The decision to make the show even more violent than usual further turned off fans. The excruciating death of fan-favorite character Glenn was too much for many in the audience to bear. They tuned out of the show and do not seem to be coming back. Maybe something can be done to draw them back in, but the Negan “All-Out War” storyline won’t do it. Ratings so far indicate antipathy towards the events.

The end of the series won’t exactly happen this season. More than eight million people turn in to watch. The Walking Dead tops its cable competition by a wide margin. The series also makes money through all sorts of additional revenue such as video games. The declining ratings show the series won’t likely have legs too far beyond the 10th season. Hopefully, once the current storyline ends, the series can reboot its direction and try and rebuild ratings.

Blade Runner 2049 Delivers Box Office Oblivion

No good news seems to be coming out of the box office performance of Blade Runner 2049. The film opened with soft box office numbers. Fans and insiders tried to put a positive note on the weak opening. Perhaps the film would do much better overseas than it did in North American theaters. Maybe the feature would draw consistent numbers each week and build a following leading to eventual impressive numbers. All this wishful thinking turned out not to be rooted in the reality of the financial truth.

Blade Runner 2049 hasn’t even earned $100 million at the North American box office, which is horrible for a $150 million-budgeted film. Overseas, the film isn’t doing any business. The film failed miserably in China, a market that has often helped deliver tremendous ticket sales for films that did not necessarily do well elsewhere.

What makes all this so sad is the fact Blade Runner 20149 stands as an outstanding sequel. In terms of quality, this is an outstanding science-fiction film that brilliantly builds on the mysterious ending of the original 1982 film. Blade Runner 2049 came along at the wrong time. Few films seems to be connecting with audiences. Superhero films and the outlier Stephen King’s It did extremely well. A tremendous number of movies, sadly, underperformed. Quite a few films turned out to be massive box office flops. Even some truly excellent features performed poorly.

What is causing films such as Blade Runner 2049 to underperform? Competition from so many other forms of entertainment do keep people away from theaters. Blade Runner 2049 surely suffered from alternate media competition. The film, however, also couldn’t overcome the fact the audience interested in the sequel was comprised of only a small number of classic sci-fi movie fans.

Avengers: Infinity Wars will feature some unusual frienships

If new reports from Screenrant can be believed, it appears that Hulk is going to have a brand new friend in”Avengers: Infinity War”. It appears the green rage monster is going to become buddies with the furry raccoon looking rage monster in Rocket.

Excitement over the Marvel movie universe is ramping up thanks to “Thor: Ragnarok” being right around the corner. That excitement has led to more news about an upcoming movie, that’s still months away. Mark Ruffalo was recently talking about the continued evolution in the Marvel comics tales. Thor: Ragnarok showed a bit of a change in the way the character interacts with his teammates. The fact that there is even an understanding that he has teammates is something quite different for the Hulk.

Mark Ruffalo recently talked about how the green giant will find himself interacting with Rocket in a way that should be quite endearing to fans of the comic book franchise. “It’s a very funny relationship that the two of them have: First of all, it’s the biggest superhero and the smallest. Just keeping them in a frame together is a feat and hilarious in itself.”

One of the reasons the two might become an interesting pairing is because they have something in common when it comes to simply making the film. They are both done using CGI. That might make it easier to have them onscreen together the way Rocket and Groot have been paired up in Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The two are also similar in temperament. This could lead to rather hilarious hijinks. Members of the Marvel movies are quick to point out that while there has been comic relief in their movies, that never takes away from the overall enjoyment of those films. For now we’ll have to take Mark Ruffalo’s word for what it will look like, but we won’t have to wait that long to see the two on screen together in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Andy Dick Fired From Film For Sexual Misconduct

Andy Dick has been discharged from working on the independent film “Raising Buchanan” for multiple allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. While the victims have yet to formally comment, two witnesses vouched for incidents where Dick inappropriately touched at least four individuals involved in the film’s production.

In a recent comment, Dick admitted he had been dropped from his minor role in the film but denied the allegations of groping. Dick admitted he may have licked people and had made sexual advances toward some members of the cast and/or crew.

Those familiar with Dick’s legal woes are familiar with his over-the-top antics and bratty behavior. Unfortunately for Dick, the recent tumult in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s scandalous behavior casts such actions in a far-less acceptable light. While Dick understands his reputation, his initial reaction to the issue was to laugh it away, followed by denial of groping others or exposing himself in his more recent years as an actor. Dick had also brought up the Weinstein scandal with Raising Arizona’s cast and crew and felt that his opinion on the matter caused undue anger toward him.

“Raising Buchanan” is the story of a woman who robs the grave of James Buchanan in the hopes of ransoming it back only to discover that she has few, if any, people interested. Dick’s time with the film seemed fraught from the beginning: he showed up late due to a missed flight, had failed to memorize his lines and brought a friend, Paul Ryder of British music group “Happy Mondays,” onto the set who had slept soundly enough to snore during filming. One source alleged that Dick had been acting intoxicated; Dick has a long history with substance abuse that has seen him going to rehab clinics more than a dozen times.

Saturday Night Live Takes Weird Swing for Halloween

Halloween just passed, and it’s a good thing because NBC’s Saturday Night Live may have been using the holiday as an excuse to throw out some questionable programming. This past weekend, SNL did not air a new episode, instead offering an animated program based on the spooky day.

The cartoon was based on the Tom Hanks character “David S. Pumpkins” and told a story of how he should be the Santa Claus-type figure of Halloween, bringing candy to all the little girls and boys.

The program itself was weird and unexpected, and no one is sure if it worked. Was it for children, as the plot and style seemed to indicate? Or was it for adults, since it aired at 11:30 PM Eastern on a Saturday night?

The episode wasn’t funny enough to be purposely designed for adults, yet it felt too weird to be a kids program. There was some odd middle ground that I doubt SNL was purposely aiming for. Yet that was where the end product fell into.

Besides the execution, the show itself was a bizarre programming choice. David S. Pumpkins was a one-off sketch character of Hanks from a year ago. The original sketch was endearing because of its oddity. It wasn’t exactly funny as much as it was smirk-worthy because of its unnecessary existence and silly behavior. The sketch succeeded within the episode that it aired because of the freshness of it. Remaking and blowing that sketch out into an entire program felt like a major reach.

Another reach is referring to David S. Pumpkins as a “beloved” SNL character. He isn’t that, and it feels like the show may be forcing things in order to develop new material during weeks in which no live show is airing. There is no harm in doing this, but it isn’t the best form of entertainment.

Andy Serkis Snubs Actor Who Played Jar Jar Binks, World Rolls Its Eyes.

Hollywood has been experiencing a motion capture revolution over the past couple of decades. Motion capture, in Hollywood, is when an actor acts as the physical representation of a character that will later be added in the film via CGI. Ahmed Best is not a household name and he probably certainly isn’t considered a legend in Hollywood, but Best did bring Jar Jar Binks to life in the film, ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’. Best’s work was revolutionary at the time so it is only right that he feels overlooked by Andy Serkis, the King of Motion Capture, who recently released a video tribute to the artform without Best’s work included.

Andy Serkis rose to critical acclaim for his motion-capture performance of the character Gollum in the legendary trilogy, ‘Lord of the Rings’. Since then Serkis has been a part of nearly every major mocap performance in Hollywood, most recently playing the role of Caesar in the ‘Planet of the Apes’ trilogy. Serkis was brought on the host a video released by Wired titled, “Andy Serkis Breaks Down the History of Motion Capture Performance.” The video went over, in detail, all of the big motion-capture breakthroughs throughout the medical, video game, and entertainment industry. Notably absent was Best’s work as Jar Jar Binks in the ‘Star Wars’ prequel series. The reason that Best is notably upset was that his mocap performance actually precluded Andy Serkis’ star-turning performance in ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’.

Ahmed Best took to Twitter to vent his frustration. Best said, “I don’t know how to retweet this and not sound bitter, but I feel I have been forgotten. No disrespect to the great @AndySerkis”. Best went on to point out that Jar Jar Binks created the workflow that would later be used on ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Avatar’.