Neurocore Offers Relief From Stress

Stress has become an integral part of everyday life. With increased stress, our health is at risk as well. Ineffective stress management has many symptoms and can include sleep disorders, migraines, and increased blood pressure. Stress can also contribute to mood disorders and depression. Our health requires our effective management of stress.

When stress gets out of control the traditional methods of treatment have generally required psychotherapy or medication. Oftentimes lasting benefit requires a combination of both. While traditional treatments can be effective, Neurocore offers another option, biofeedback. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Biofeedback is a technique that uses self-awareness of the body’s functions, often breathing, heart rate rhythms, or brain waves coupled with regulation of these function to retrain the brain’s thinking and behavioral patterns. Neurocore uses two methods of biofeedback, Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV) and Neurofeedback Training.

Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV) helps bring awareness and control to the breath, which will subsequently control the heart rate. This process aligns the cardiopulmonary system with the brain and will help keep all three systems within normal rhythms and within normal boundaries. This type of training is incredibly helpful in controlling anxiety and allowing a more restful sleep. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurofeedback Training, Neurocore’s other technique, brings further control to the brain. By noting out-of-bounds brainwave activity, as recorded through an Electroencephalogram (EEG), greater control can be gained over thought and behavioral patterns. This type of training also helps reduce stress levels, improving memory, focus, and sleep quality.

Both methods individually have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which also lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels, and will improve sleep and energy levels. The Neurocore method combines the two, enhancing each therapies benefits. Migraine frequency and intensity can be reduced using the Neurocore Method and with improved stress management, the mood will improve as well.

With the Neurocore method, there is a third option to the traditional stress management treatments, one that can provide long-lasting benefits, allowing more ways to tackle the complications of daily stress and allow everyone better control over their health.


Nick Vertucci writes about Seven Figure decisions

Nick Vertucci has authored a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions.” This book contains everything that one would like to hear and learn about successful entrepreneurship. He wrote this book so that he could help other entrepreneurs who might be in the same situations he has been through to change. He has lost everything and built his life from the bottom. His lessons on becoming rich are drawn from real life experiences. He knows what is needed to turn from a poor to a millionaire in the shortest time possible. Since he has done it, he believes that everyone else can do it.

Reading the Seven Figure Decisions will leave you enlightened on how to build a solid foundation. In this book, Nick Vertucci is not only talking about doing this and that. He gives a detailed outline of how he did it and the outcomes he got. He goes ahead to talk about the fears he had and how he managed to overcome them. All these are important talking points plus how he has managed to overcome subsequent obstacles in the line of his duty.

Nick Vertucci attended a real estate training academy. It is here that he learned what it means to be successful. He has built his life not by thinking that he is the smartest person in the room, but by believing that he would be successful. Failure was not an option for him. Nick Vertucci says that most of the successful people we know today have experienced the highest number of failures in their lives. It is the difference they make by succeeding that sets them apart from the rest. By believing that you need to be successful, you develop a mindset that allows nothing short of success. You do everything with the willpower to succeed.

James River Capital: Improving Corporate Productivity

It is the desire of every firm to get the value for money in every factor of production, especially from the workforce. It is, however, one of the most frustrating moments in management to realize that ‘burning out’ is a reality. James River Capital is one of the few companies that are working to reverse this reality and make companies more productive. The CEO of this company, for instance, has been so passionate about this particular issue in the recent past.


Paul Saunders points out that the main reason why most employees are no more productive is mainly due to self-doubts. Self-doubt is common among employees in competitive career paths around the world. Saunders acknowledges that self-doubt is a complex human condition and therefore it is impossible to have a working environment free of self-doubt and work insecurity. He, however, points out that companies with the help of professional entities such as James River Capital can restructure. Restructuring, in this case, means that the companies must set reasonable individual goals. According to Paul Saunders, setting reasonable goals is not a way to reduce productivity but a smart move to a less self-doubting workforce.


If employees feel that they do not have control of their future within the company, their productivity is farfetched. Paul Saunders, therefore, advises companies to have clear structures on promotions, work expectations, and contracts. These three aspects according to Saunders are the most defining aspects of a successful company. Saunders points out as the part of the James River Capital; he has been active in helping the companies make these factors a reality. When employees have an opinion about their future at the firm, their productivity is not a farfetched reality. For instance, if the employee understands the criteria, the company uses to promote people and reward them; they are more likely to work hard compared to when the company has opaque policies.


Paul Saunders also points that emotions and attitudes have a significant effect on the company’s productivity. He points out that although people are emotional, the emotional aspect should never be a hindrance in achieving the company’s goals. He suggests a customized approach to the emotional issues within the company. James River Capital main suggestion is creating support systems within the organization. Support systems make people feel wanted, valued within the firms, and therefore more productive in the long last. The main advantage with creating a support system within the company is that they are a relatively cheaper remedy to unproductivity and they are customizable.


Operational issues such as productivity of the workforce, management of different investments and advisory on various topics in the corporate world are some of the problems Paul Saunders is passionate about and therefore the main reason for founding the company. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad: Get Everyone Vaccinated

Dr. Saad Saad was a pediatric surgeon for over forty years. During his time practicing medicine, he said it was common to get calls from concerned parents about a wide variety of symptoms their child may be experiencing. Dr. Saad Saad is now retired but he continues to share advice on a wide variety of health topics. He recently gave his opinion on vaccines. This is a sensitive topic, as there are many who worry that vaccines can cause more harm than good. There are individuals who say that vaccines can cause the very diseases they are supposed to prevent, can cause autism, or contain hazardous toxins. Dr. Saad Saad understands that parents are concerned about their child’s health, but he reassures parents that getting their children vaccinated is the right thing to do and benefits all children. Learn more:


If a child is sick, a pediatrician will first ask a parent if their child has received vaccinations. Children who are not vaccinated may get severely sick and, in some cases, may need to be rushed to the emergency room if the illness could be life-threatening. It is also possible that the child could have spread the sickness to other children who also may not have received vaccinations.


Vaccinations can mean the difference between life and death for a child. Vaccines have also prevented many children from becoming disabled. There are numerous reasons to make sure that children get their vaccinations. Many diseases have been eliminated because of vaccines. An example is Polio. This was a disease that many children became paralyzed and died from, but today, there are no reported instances of the disease. Vaccines can save people money and time. If a child is sick with a disease that could have been prevented with a vaccine, they could be forced to stay home from school or from the daycare facility they attend. This forces a parent to miss work and must pay extremely expensive medical bills.


There are individuals who will still say how dangerous it is to give a child vaccine. Dr. Saad Saad points out that vaccines are quite safe since scientists and other professionals in healthcare study the effects of vaccines for a great amount of time. If vaccinations were to stop, diseases that were thought to be nonexistent would return. The only time people should not be vaccinated is if a baby is younger than two months or if a person does not react well to a vaccine. For these reasons, it is critical that the rest of the population of individuals get vaccinated. Dr. Saad Saad encourages parents not to believe the myths surrounding vaccinations and to make sure that their child gets their vaccinations for everyone’s benefit.


Dabie Tsai, Financial Expert and Former KPMG Partner

When it comes to financial gurus, Dabie Tsai should be considered one of them. As a former partner with KPMG, she has worked in many different roles. Tsai has a broad range of experience in specialties like US GAAP, IFRS, and SEC capital markets and periodic filings. She is also astute in areas like SOX 404 controls and processes, credit risk, consolidations, M&As, and corporate governance. Tsai has worked in the United States, Canada, Spain, and Chile, and is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese.


During her time as an auditing partner at KPMG, Tsai led the interactions with her clients’ audit committees, senior management, internal audit, and regulators. Tsai has also been a team leader for hundreds of global professionals who come from many different areas of expertise and knowledge.


Most recently, Tsai served as the Global Lead Audit Engagement Partner for of the largest audit client of KPMG Spain. Before working at KPMG Spain, Tsai held many leadership roles with KPMG in the United States. She worked as the Lead Segment Partner for the Global Consumer Banking part of KPMG’s biggest global banking audit client.

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The Inspiring Story of Nick Vertucci

Most successful people do not give the whole story of how they really came to be successful. The fact is there are many challenges that they have to overcome to get to the point where they are today. Nick Vertucci is one of the individuals who does not shy away from sharing the truth about his success. He is a real estate titan, an author and most importantly a source of motivation and inspiration to many people around the world.

Nick Vertucci was born into a humble family, and his parents had nothing much to offer. Things became difficult for Vertucci when his father passed away when he was only 10 years old. This must be how his ability to overcome unexpected challenges was born.

However, when he turned 18, he started his tech business which turned his life around. This went on well until 2010 when he lost everything and was left with million dollars debts to pay that could take him years to settle. This was neither the end of his career nor troubles. He joined a real estate academy which helped him recover once more. Unfortunately, after establishing himself, he suffered some betrayal from his partners who literally kicked him from a venture he created.

This was a difficult time for Nick Vertucci. He says that he had a lot of money but couldn’t access it because one of his partners wanted him to sign a deal that was against his interests. All the same, he was able to rise back again. He admits it was not easy because he had to overcome depression. This was when he wrote his book, Seven Figure Decisions.

Nick Vertucci has mentored many individuals and encouraged many people to stop focusing on the challenges they are facing and concentrate on finding new ideas to propel them. He also teaches on the blocks that may be blocking you from success in his book.

Talkspace therapy success and their recent partnership with Michael Phelps.

Talkspace and Michael Phelps declared their partnership in raising Mental health Awareness. In the partnership, Michael Phelps will be among the Talkspace board members sharing his longtime struggle with anxiety and depression, take part in the national campaign, and work closely with Talkspace in raising awareness about mental health and the benefits of seeking professional help.

In the Talkspace website, Michael Phelps has shared his story struggling with anxiety and depression as well as explaining how therapy plaid a significant role in making him stay strong. The partnership is considered a natural partnership because of his willingness to share his struggle. With the partnership, the two parties intend to break the walls that block people suffering from mental health problems to seek professional help. With the use of a celebrity’s story, those suffering from mental issues will likely come out and seek help.

With the use of therapy, the mental health disorders may be solved and help in reducing the pain tolerated. Michael Phelps will share how therapy helped him in dealing with the lifelong depression and anxiety. Talkspace Is platform that links clients with professional therapists. The application offers services at different costs. The services may be accessed via text, video calls, and voice calls making it easier for the clients to access the services at their convenience and in a way that suits their life. The company offers unrestricted access of the live talk services via the live talk therapy accessed through a phone, tablet, or a laptop as well as couple counseling. Through the life story shared by Michael Phelps, people will understand the power of therapy, and it will encourage people to seek the services that will help them in recovery.

As the best online therapy company, Talkspace has revolutionized the access to mental care services by easing the access to services offered by therapists. The company was established with the aim of eliminating the mental health stigma and making it easy for millions to access therapy. Talkspace has helped over one million people who have sought the services of the therapists.

How Felipe Montoro Jens helps in Strategizing and Managing Finance and Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens has a vast experience in finance and infrastructure, having held positions in big financial institutions. Having previously worked as the director of Santo Antonio Energia, the Chief executive is well versed with financial matters and is an expert in his field. He offers help in financial strategy for both individuals and companies. To break it down, Felipe Montoro Jens mostly deals with infrastructure, looking for the best methods states and firms can use to get rid of economic waste, and accountability with finances. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens recently reported that the “Great works stopped: how to face the problem?” study conducted by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) showed that 2,796 works in Brazil are inactive. 517 of those are linked with the infrastructure sector, which cost about R $ 10.7 billion to the government treasury.

When talking about infrastructure, proper sanitation was seen to be the most affected. The implementation period saw a total of 447 businesses affected. Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the disruption of the development of the day-care centers, preschools and sports facilities in the educational units was also cued by the study. According to the study and Mr. Jens, the economic disaster in Brazil is the reason why spending needs to be controlled. This has led to the interference of crucial infrastructure projects by the federal government.

The study by the CNI is just a part of 43 documents on strategic matters that the unit presented to candidates who wish to vie for the presidential ticket in the elections that are to be held next October. With Felipe Montoro Jens’ input and experience, the unit is mandated with running the Social Service of Industry. The entity also comes up with rational policies that improve building and infrastructure in the country.

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James River Capital

James River Capital was established in 1986 and served as alternative investment department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. In 1995 it became an independent investment firm after Paul Saunders, and Kevin Brandt acquired the business from Kidder. James River is licensed as an Investment Advisor with the SCE, Commodity Trading, and Pool Operator with the CFTC. According to statistics James River had over $570 million under management in James River products, as of July 1, 2018.

Recently James River released a blog on three things to do to improve leadership qualities. According to River, a leader is both an art and science as great skills of development are required to lead and effectively manage a team. For one to be a great leader, there are simple changes you can adapt to your leadership approach which can make a big difference. Many companies have conducted extensive studies, and they have discovered three simple changes that can improve leadership skills.

1.Support your team rather than Leading them

A good leader who is dedicated to supporting, and willing to see his squad succeeding should utilize this strategy. It begins with making a critical mentality shift not to lead but instead help your team. Such Small changes sometimes make the most significant impact. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn

2.Promote and Encourage Close Communication

Fact shows that about 85 percent of employees withhold critical information to their employers. With poor communication, there will be no room for innovation, collaboration, and engagement. Openness and transparent communication are vital for the success of any business. Google through research discovered psychological concept, which ensures there are close links between employees and their bosses. This close link makes people feel safe when presenting to you their problems, challenges, and improvement. Methods of creating psychological safety in your firm are through encouraging and making sure every worker gets a chance to speak during meetings. Learn more:

  1. Listen and Accept Everyone`s Opinion

During team meetings, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate participating members. An appropriate strategy should be laid down to ensure every member of the conference gets a chance to a speak out their view. This can be achieved through recording members in attendance and also placing checkmarks next to person names when they speak. Following that procedure, you will realize the quitter members and ask them for their input. Following the above will enhance mutual understanding of workers to their boss. 


Oren Frank Innovates To Save Lives

A recent study shows that increased temperatures have a detrimental effect on mental health. In fact, rising temperatures are correlated with a staggering rise in suicide rates. This comes at a time when the United States federal government is actively denying the man-made impact on global climate change. This puts millennials into a particularly precarious position. They look out over the economic landscape to see fewer opportunities and higher income inequality at a time when climate change is ravaging the earth. It’s no wonder that millennials, in particular, are showing a rise in depression and anxiety.

Oren Frank, CEO and founder of Talkspace, is attempting to combat this rise in mental illness with his tech company. Talkspace offers up video chat mental health services for just $79 per week. The company also offers a messaging service that costs just $49 per week. And it seems people prefer the messaging service.

Oren Frank has discovered the preference for messaging through his consultation with large companies. Talkspace is contracted to offer up its services to the employee base of large companies. Oren Frank claims that about 10% of the company’s employees begin to use the service while most prefer the messaging side of the business.

These massive companies are concerned about a decline in productivity. The rise in depression and anxiety has had a negative economic impact that Talkspace can help combat. And Oren Frank is poised to take the company public. He has made some bold moves in an effort to increase the company’s valuation.

The mental health services company has recently hired a chief medical officer. Neil Leibowitz comes from United Health with a wealth of connections and experience in the health insurance side of the business. This comes at a time when the company is moving towards prescribing medications through its online services. This will all have a beneficial economic impact on the company’s valuation.

It’s easy to root for this mental health services company. Head on over to Oren Franks twitter feed and you’ll find a man deeply concerned with mental health issues pertaining to the youngest generation in our society.