Agora Financial, an American Based Publisher

Agora Financial is a renowned publisher located in Baltimore, Maryland. As an affiliate member of the Agora network of companies, Agora Financial has grown to become one of the best independent publishers that offer investment research reading material in the United States of America and the rest of the world and learn more about Agora Financial.

For years, the Baltimore based company has thrived only because of efforts put by its team of bright and hardworking employees. By offering unlimited growth potential, Agora Financial has been able to help young and energetic minds to gain a footing in the publishing world. Thanks to the many prints and online publications released over the years, Agora Financial has been able to assist people lost in the sea of economic challenges to recover fully and Agora Financial on Facebook.

By offering consumers with both free and paid reading material, financial information has become readily available to prospecting investors. As an independent organization, Agora Financial has never, not even for a single day, accepted monetary donations from corporations and investors that want their prospects covered.

As a result, Agora Financial has been able to raise the bar for other publishers, helping its team of editors to get recognized in media streams like The Daily Telegraph, Fox Business News, and The Wall Street Journal.

Thanks to Agora Financial, everyone has an equal chance of investing for a better future. With a diversity of content from the publisher, people of all ages have that once in a lifetime opportunity of financially improving their lives and that of their families. Thus, all information coming from Agora Financial is easy to decipher even by the ordinary Joe and resume its.

Due to the simplicity of the information produced by Agora Financial, you can begin trading eliminating avenues of exploitation by brokers and other people that want to make a profit out of your naivety. With over twenty publications in effect, you not only gain knowledge on how to generate income but also the know-how of protecting your assets from economic meltdowns. As it turns out, Agora Financial is a partner that always has your best of interests at heart and

Market America Shop is Making a Big Impact

When you think of shopping, what companies come to mind. There are many big names that are taking advertising campaigns to insane new levels, just to get your attention. But consider for a moment Market America. It is companies like Market America and that are changing online retail shopping trends. The newest products being available, are just one of the the ways people shop differently. But Market America Shop is anything but a passing fad, it is something completely different by changing the economic paradigms. This is so everyone can become fully secure in their own financial independence by creating a new basic economy.

Today the membership of Market America Shop is making a big impact. The need to shop only through designated major brand retailors is a thing of the past, because more people are shopping and buying with a conscience. More products are available, than just those in the brand name catalogs or on television infomercials. Market America is ready to break down doors with new and useful products that Americans really want to buy. It is all the things shopping is said it could be, but never delivers on. Making the right buying choices is the purpose of joining something great. Market American is making the old shopper rethink their buying habits.

Famous Civil, Human and Migrant Rights Groups

Organizations that are dedicated to the preservation of human rights, as well as other civil society groups, have continued to play an essential role in upholding of migrant rights.

The organizations also offer the services needed by vulnerable groups and work in close collaboration with governments across the world to address humanitarian crises. Some of the well-known organizations that fight for these human rights include:

Amnesty International

A household name across the globe, Amnesty International is tasked with reporting disproportionately about more open and democratic countries. Its stated intent is not to issue a range of reports that give statistics of global human rights abuses, but instead take advantage of the pressure that public opinion brings to drive change.

The organization is widely financed by the donations and fees from its members all over the world. Amnesty International says that it receives no donations or funding from governments.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project says that it is committed to the protection of immigrants’ civil and human rights. The organization carries out its work in many ways, including litigation, advocacy, and outreach programs.

In fact, the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project is involved in the biggest civil litigation program in the United States. The litigation program is carried out through both district courts and the Supreme Court. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights are among the leaders in the global fight for human rights. They act as agents of change at local and regional levels as well as at the global level.

Through the support of a large group of volunteers, staff, and partners, they push for the implementation of the rule of law as well as international human rights standards. For over 30 years, they have led the fight for human rights and helped to change the lives of immigrants, especially women and children.

Human Rights Watch

The organization opposes all violations of basic human rights that include discrimination due to sexual orientation and capital punishment among others. Human Rights Watch is a major advocate of freedoms, including the freedom of the press and religion.

Based on the norms established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the organization carries out research and produces reports that highlight violations. From these reports, international attention is drawn to abuses, putting pressure on international organizations and governments to carry out reforms.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The co-founders of The Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, are two reporters who, after doing an unflattering story on the local sheriff, were picked up from their homes during the night and thrown in jail.

Following the event, the two reporters successfully sued the county, winning a settlement amounting to $3.75 million.

Michael and Jim motivated by their successful fight for the implementation of their First Amendment rights, founded the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization funds groups that advocate for migrant rights in Arizona.

Rick Smith | Proudly Leading Securus Technologies to New Heights

Rick Smith serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Inc. He assumed office in July 2008 and immediately started revamping and expanding the company into a leading service provider within the correctional industry. Smith has an impressive resume, excellent background, and unique skill sets. He also has a background in several fields including finance, business development, information technology, telecommunications, and operations.

Securus technologies’ headquarters are found in Dallas, Texas. The company provides a broad range of services to over 1,000,000 inmates. It also serves 2,600 correctional facilities as well as public safety and law enforcement agencies in Northern America. Some of the services offered by the company include public information, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, monitoring, communications, emergency response, incident management, and investigation.

Rick Smith’s Background

Rick Smith holds bachelors and Master’s engineering degrees from State University of New York (Buffalo) and State University of New York respectively. He later joined and graduated from the University of Rochester with an MBA.

Smith worked for Global Crossing North America Inc. from 1972 to 1998. At the company, he held several positions including Chief Information Officer. He also Frontier Information Technologies’ President, the VP of Midwest Telephone Operations, and a Director at Network Plant Operations.

In 1998, Smith joined Eschelon Telecom Inc. and served as its Chief Financial Officer. In 2000, he was promoted to company President and later became its CEO. Under his management, he increased the company’s revenue tenfold from $30 million to over $350 million annually. He led the company’s 2005 IPO and stayed on as CEO until 2007.

In June 2008, Rick Smith left Eschelon Telecommunications to join Securus Technologies. He joined Securus as company President and Chief Executive Officer. One year later, he acceded to the board as chairman.

Securus Technologies Acquires JPay Inc.

In 2015, Securus Technologies Inc. acquired JPay Inc. after making a definitive stock purchase. JPay Inc. is a leading tech firm that provides correctional facilities with innovative email, entertainment, educational, and electronics payment related apps. The acquisition allows Securus to provide high tech and software based products to correctional facilities.

JPay’ CEO Ryan Shapiro said that the company was always eager to expand its footprint. He added that his company’s products provide great value to all correctional stakeholders. He was happy to work with the entire Securus family.

Positive Emails and Letters

Rick Smith is proud of Securus Technologies because the company provides products and service development proposals every week to assist security agencies in preventing and solving crimes within their jurisdictions. Smith added that Securus continues to receive thousands of emails and letters from the public detailing customer satisfaction with their services and products. Smith reiterates Securus’ mandate to serve and protect everybody in the communities in which they operate.

How Kim Got Started With Her You Tube Videos

For the past few years, we have featured synopses of Kim Dao’s You Tube videos about her travels, makeup, and more. The now 27-year-old vlogger explains how her You tube channel began. Kim Dao earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Australia studying Japanese and psychology. Learn more:


Her first blog began in 2011 after she traveled to Japan and decided to document it. After posting the blog on You Tube, Kim Dao began to attract attention. The attention led to Kim Dao posting other videos in You Tube on other trips, her life living in Japan, popular culture, and more. Kim Dao sometimes takes suggestions from her subscribers who have ideas concerning what kind of videos they’d like to see, from makeup reviews and demonstrations to facts about Kim Dao. She’s excited about how the social media brings everyone all over the globe together. Dao recommends people get involved in something they’re passionate about in order to bring joy to others . The best $100 she ever spent was a plane ticket from Japan to Australia to visit with friends and family. When she’s away, Dao loves using Skype to get in touch with family and friends. Dao recommends that people read Jab Jab Jab by Gary Vaynetchu sbout social media strategies. Rolf Potts is her favorite writer. Another person who inspires Kim Dao is Malcolm Gladwell, who is an author, journalist, and speaker. There are six social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter where people can connect with her.

Visit here:

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of the USHealth Group and USHEALTH Advisors

2017 Update on September 6th:

Good article on Troy McQuagge on Affiliate Dork.  The piece highlights what Troy has done at USHealth Group to help the company grow, and expand over the past year.  Also highlights major awards that he’s won, for contributing to the healthcare field.

2017 Update on August 5th:

Troy McQuagge has won another award as CEO of the Year.  Winners were honored at a ceremony in San Francisco on June 26th.  Read the full story of Troy’s latest accomplishment on the PRWeb website here:

He has an unbridled passion for the Captive Insurance Industry and products for a better quality of life. His thirty years in this extremely competitive field have sharpened his business acumen, strengthened his leadership skills and he makes the businesses profitable.

His accomplishments were submitted to the One Planet Awards Programs and he was the recipient of the Gold Award for “CEO of the Year.” He contributes his winning the award with the complete involvement of all the employees of USHealth Group.

The One Planet Awards wants to acknowledge their hard work while informing businesses of how well USHealth Group is operating. The awards program also acknowledges some company’s services offered, new products, corporate communications, and Marketing.

Troy McQuagge entered the President Agency Marketing Group in the Health Market and sharpened his talents in PR, Marketing, Hiring, and Recruiting from 1996 through March 2008. He joined USHEALTH Advisors in July 2010 and developed an Agency Platform to market their services and their client’s service.

He continually proves that he is “The Man With A Plan.” The Stevie Awards honored Troy’s people skills as a Finalist for “Hiring and Recruiting Program of the Year” in February 2007. The awards continue to flow because of the innovative techniques for marketing, applying exceptional leadership skills to teams and being a team player.

His awards from 2016 also include, “CEO of the Year” and the “Most Innovative CEO of the Year” by CEO World Awards.
The company received the Silver Stevie Award for the “Field Sales Team of the Year” and then was given the “Sales Growth Achievement of the Year” in March. June brought them the Gold Stevie Award for “Company of the Year, Insurance.”
In June they were awarded the “Company of the Year, Accounting, Banking, Financial, Insurance” by the Golden Bridge Awards.

Troy McQuagge has proven that people are his business. Satisfying them personally with the correct insurance coverage and products their clients’ wanted. He has volunteered his services and made donations to many charities over the years.

Dick DeVos’s History As A Businessman, Philanthropist And Political Organizer

It’s really hard to say what Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. is about in only a few words because he is about so much. From running a big corporation and starting up his own business on the side to organizing economic development committees, serving on multiple education administrative boards, fundraising for political candidates and and even being involved with art competitions and sailing races, it never seems to end with DeVos. His most recent return to the national stage happened when his wife, Betsy Prince DeVos was chosen to become the 11th US Secretary of Education. That’s only one of a handful of events dotting the DeVos’s timeline.


Dick DeVos was influenced by his father, Richard DeVos Sr. in business and philanthropy as DeVos Sr. has started numerous foundations of his own and began the DeVos’s main company, Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos achieved his education in business and economics from Northwood University before beginning a 20 plus year career at Amway. It culminated with him becoming CEO in 1993 and building a new partner company known as Alticor during the 10 years he ran Amway. His main business focus has been investing through the financial holding company he and Betsy started known as The Windquest Group. This company is spurred growth in renewable energy initiatives, boxed water technology, home storage solutions and several non-profit groups including ArtPrize.


Dick DeVos began his work in education in 1990 when he ran for the Michigan State Board of Education and held office there for 2 years. He and Betsy began organizing grassroots-based scholarship programs for K-12 private schools, and in the 2000 election even funded a voucher and credit measure that could amend the state’s constitution, though it did not pass. He also became a founding partner of the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010.


Dick DeVos also brought Grand Rapids leaders together to form Grand Action Committee, a civic organization that was started when Dick DeVos and his friend Steve Van Andel pushed to keep construction of an arena within the downtown of Grand Rapids. He also gave over $20 million to complete a children’s hospital in 2006, and subsequently won the Art of Giving award for it. He’s served with Betsy on the Michigan Republican Party’s various campaign committees, and in 2006 even entered the race for governor, just coming up short in that endeavor. DeVos is also the author of 1998’s New York Time’s top-rated seller “Rediscovering American Values.”


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Avaaz = the World in Action

Avaaz promotes global awareness and activism. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with citizens and volunteers all around the world. The issues it supports include human rights, climate change, poverty, animal rights, conflict and corruption. It is based in the United States and has worldwide offices.

Funding is from individuals and small organizations, no corporate or large donations are accepted. This keeps it ethically a grass roots NGO. The Guardian has reported that Avaaz relies on the generosity of its members and supporters. They have raised more than $20 million dollars for operations and programs. The Avaaz movement has more than 45 million members worldwide.

The name Avaaz is generated from a Persian word meaning voice. Since its intent is to speak on behalf of under-represented groups and causes, this name is apt. Director Ricken Patel describes its mission as uniting the practical idealists of the world. Close the gaps between where people are and where they want to be.

Avaaz is the community that brings people-powered politics to decision-making around the world. Campaigns are suggested by members from 30 different international offices. By using the Internet, email, petitions and various media-friendly attention getting events Avaaz takes a non-traditional approach to communicating with global decision makers. The Economist asserted, in 2010, that the Avaaz approach may be an asset in an otherwise divided society. The cause is more important than race, class or geography.

Avaaz created a human chain handshake three miles long attempting to create dialogue between the Chinese Embassy in London and the Dalai Lama. This is one example of their non-traditional strategies. Currently, a petition campaign, suggested by members, is attempting to prevent a merger between two major corporations, Monsanto and Bayer.


Securus Technologies Is Moving Forward

The public safety field is an important industry all across the world. Securus Technologies is the leader, and they are respected and known for their exceptional work in the field. They have numerous clients that are based in the US. Their specialties are in both the civil and criminal sides of the justice system, and they create new technologies to implement for safety on a weekly basis.


Over a year, Securus Technologies deals with prisoners that number in the millions. They are adept at using techniques and technologies to make sure that the correction facilities are safe places for the prisoners, workers and visitors. They know what works in terms of keeping everyone safe, and that is what they are looking for when they create new technologies. The US government utilizes their expertise in their correctional facilities all across the nation.


Client feedback is very important to Securus Technologies. They want to know how their technologies are working in their facilities. They wrote an article that shows the public just what their clients are saying about the technologies and how they have helped them.


Their clients make detailed comments about how their facilities operate after they implement the technologies that Securus Technologies creates. Since the public has a chance to read all of their comments, they are even more confident in this company. The future brings many more clients to their door every day, and Securus Technologies continues to lead the industry in order to make the world a safer place for everyone.