Fresh Outlook for Africa in Queen of Katwe

When you go out to watch a film based on Africa, you will, more often than not, be taken through a pathetic narration of hunger, war and the general painful ravages of poverty bedeviling a backward continent. Well, the recently released Queen of Katwe takes a path of its own in its makers’ effort to tell the true African story. According to recent interviews on BBC involving the stars featured in the movie, the new film not only gives an uplifting portrayal of the continent but it’s also deeply refreshing.

Victory and Achievements of Dreams

Queen of Katwe is based on a true story of a young Ugandan girl, Phiona Mutesi, who realizes her dream of making it big in chess championships in spite of her slum-dwelling background. Directed by Mira Nair, the film is a compassionate narration of the success born out of struggles and hope. British actor David oyelwo said that past African stories have dwelt too much on the political aspect with focus on dictatorship, devastating wars as well as the inevitable wiping out of whole populations by disease. Queen of Katwe on the other hand, he said, is a story of African victory which anyone can identify with.

An Honest Depiction of Africa

For a long time, narrators of the African story have painted a grim picture of the hopelessness of a continent that is always in need of help. However, Oscar-award holder, Lupita Nyong’o who stars in the film as Phiona’s mother said that Queen of Katwe’s depiction of Africa is the honest one. According to the actress, the film is a powerful inspiration for Africans to take the lead in their own matters and solve their own problems.

Hopefully, Queen of Katwe has begun a new era in film-making, especially in regard to embracing of diversity when telling the African story. Oyelowo is confident that, although too long in coming, movie goers will now be given a chance to see the other side of Africa. He singled out Disney, Pathe and Film4 as the companies in the forefront in the quest to promote a more positive image of the continent.

The Worrisome Justice League Photo

Fans are starting to grow a bit restless about the forthcoming Justice League film. Trailers and clips have been sparse. Recently, a photograph has been released showing Batman standing aside Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg. The photo tells very little and is intended to build up anticipation. Unfortunately, the photo is also building up a bit of frustration.


The main problem with the photo is it tells no one anything about the film. Reports about the film have been very weak. Supposedly, the project is a total mess. The delay of The Batman film is rumored to be connected to a host of problems with Justice League.


Fans should not get into a huge panic. Rumors about the film’s troubles remain rumors. Unfortunately, the poor quality of the previous three D.C. Extended Universe films have not exactly boosted expectations of quality. Warner and D.C. really bungled their superhero franchise. This does not mean the new films released under the D.C. hero banner are going to be automatic duds though.


The trouble is Warner and D.C. have done a lot to harm credibility. The release of such a generic photo seems as if there is something to hide.


What should D.C and Warner Bros. do to build up confidence in those fans who may be doubting the quality of the Justice League project? A really awesome teaser or trailer would help, but Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman had both. Everyone knows how the quality of both those projects turned out.


Maybe it would be a far better plan to release a solid new extended clip from the film. Debuting 10 or 15 minutes of uninterrupted footage at an upcoming comic convention would be a smart and strategic move. A lengthy visual snapshot of the film could tell the tale of the film’s quality.


Arthur Becker knows how to combine two successful industries.

A famous venture firm, with interest on property investments, in addition to, introductory Biological Tech developments, Madison Partners, LLC, is controlled by Arthur Becker. He is the previous CEO, in addition to, being the Chairman, of the company, Zinio, LLC. Zinio, is the leading electronic newsstand, worldwide. Previous to this business enterprise, Mr. Becker, was also the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation, NaviSite. The company has been cited by Bloomberg, for establishing online tech services and hosting in the United Kingdom, in addition to, the United States, throughout the 2002 to 2010 time frame. They have agencies situated all over the globe and distributes a multitude of online-based services, all over the business markets. As of 2011, NaviSite was purchased by Time Warner.

At the time that Becker was at NaviSite, he was deeply interested with technology and realty. Arthur Becker then extended his focus, by devoting a variety of realty expansion projects all the way through New York and Miami. This brought Arthur to the focus on early Bio Technology and how this is possible with an amount of financial undertaking, with interest on having a positive impact on society.

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The Godzilla Franchise Marches On

The new Warner Bros. Godzilla film has a new director and a new title. No longer dubbed the generic Godzilla 2, the film is now called Godzilla: King of the Monsters. As kaiju eiga fans know, this was the original U.S. title of the first Godzilla movie.


As for the director, the man who helmed Krampus, Michael Dougherty, is handling the duties. Krampus was a pleasant surprise during the holiday season. The nearly $550 worldwide gross of the Godzilla reboot was an even bigger surprise. The franchise is continuing in an expanded form. The new King Kong film, Kong: Skull Island, will connect with the Godzilla series and lead into a remake of King Kong vs. Godzilla.


All this is quite interesting considering several years of King Kong and Godzilla disappointments. In the 1980’s, King Kong Lives and Godzilla 1985 did poorly. The 1990’s Godzilla remake was a dud. Peter Jackson’s King Kong remake was a marginal — and overlong — success.


Toho rebooted Godzilla to great success in Japan in the early 1990’s, but a second reboot in the 2000’s was really hit and miss. Amazingly, Toho released a new Godzilla film to herald yet another reboot after the Warner Bros. remake. The recent Toho film was a hit, too.


The Godzilla franchise was hugely successful through the 1950’s and 1960’s. By the time the 1970’s rolled around, Toho’s giant monster films lost steam. If nothing else, the history of the Godzilla franchise shows it runs hot and cold. When hot, Godzilla can make a huge sum of money. In addition to box office results, toys, games, and other merchandise can generate massive revenues.


Godzilla is an iconic character. The giant radioactive dinosaur is never going to disappear from the entertainment landscape. Every so many years, audiences do crave monster mayhem.


Alien: Covenant Means No Alien 5

The Alien franchise continues, but not in the manner originally intended. Alien: Covenant returns original director Ridley Scott to the helm of the sci-fi/horror series. Alien: Covenant is a prequel to Alien. The prequel firmly connects Scott’s other film Prometheus more directly to the Alien saga. On the other side of the 20th Century Fox lot, Neill BlomKamp was hard at work on Alien 5, the obvious continuation of the series.


Everything seems to be in flux. Plans have changed. “Radically” might be the best word to describe how plans have changed. Blomkamp’s new sequel probably is not going to happen. Instead, the completion of the Alien prequel trilogy is likely to replace sequel plans.


Alien: Covenant is a direct sequel to Prometheus and a direct prequel to Alien. Things weren’t supposed to play out like this. Prometheus was conceived as being parallel — though not unrelated — to the events of Alien. In a sense, this was done to give the Prometheus trilogy its own identity. Connecting the film to Alien also added to the marketing of the feature. Long-time Alien fans had a reason to check out the film. Those who may be too young to remember Alien wouldn’t need to learn about a backstory to enjoy Prometheus.


The success of Prometheus led to an obvious sequel and a greenlight for a new Alien movie. Scott’s decision to drop the Prometheus name and restore the Alien moniker to the title means one thing: the separate world of Prometheus has been replaced by the world of Alien.


Is there room for a prequel and a sequel? 20th Century Fox seems to think the answer is no. At Disney, the studio is proving prequels and sequels absolutely can be released at roughly the same time via the success of the Star Wars franchise.


Alas, as strong as the Alien franchise is, it is not Star Wars.


The Walking Dead Stumbles Amidst Excessive Violence and Boredom

The producers of AMC’s The Walking Dead are insisting the show’s level of violence won’t be toned down. This might prove to be the program’s undoing.


The opening episode of the seventh season of The Walking Dead was one of the most shocking debuts in television history. The shocks were not well received by millions of fans. The decline in audience viewership during the seventh season was pronounced. In fact, many were suggesting heavy loss of the audience members was catastrophic. Due to the violent deaths of the characters Glenn and Abraham, the program veered from entertainment into a harsh spectacle of horror. The Walking Dead simply went too far in its presentation of realistic death. People tuning in for a little bit of zombie mayhem were forced to watch all-too-human carnage.


There is a huge difference from fantasy violence and violence that is cruel and disturbing. The Walking Dead walked over a threshold and many fans simply could not forgive the showrunners. The millions of people who left during season seven are not likely to come back until they feel confident such violence will not be repeated. Better storytelling would also be quite helpful to the fortunes of the program. In addition to the outrageous violence, the narrative has notoriously dragged. What is worse than excessive violence? The answer is excessive boredom.


The Walking Dead is squandering its goodwill with the audience that made the show the super hit. The villainous Negan works quite well in the comic book, but the television presentation has been very singular in note. When Negan is not turning off the audience with brutal violence, he is boring them to death with a flat performance.


The Walking Dead may continue to survive while hemorrhaging viewers, but the show runs the risk of becoming a zombie apocalypse version of the final season of Happy Days. In other words, the show may get worse and worse while hanging on to a shrinking the audience. That is a fate worse than a living death.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Owner of Dental Sleep Masters

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Iron Fist Is An Homage To The 1970’s Kung Fu Fad

Netflix is moving forward with season one of Iron Fist as planned. The titles to a number of episodes in the series have leaked. The more interesting titles include “Lead Horse Back To Stable”, “Dragon Plays With Fire”, and “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm”. Long-time fans of martial arts movies will recognize these titles as being an homage to 1970’s kung fu films. Consider the influence appropriate. Iron Fist debuted in the 1970’s to capitalize on the martial arts movie craze occurring at the time.


Anyone who has read the first several issues of Iron Fist’s appearances in Marvel Premiere and in his own title knows the stories were gems. Iron Fist was an incredibly cool character whose adventures were fun and compelling. The drawback was the character was overshadowed by Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu. Iron Fist was a mix of superhero and martial artist. Comic fans preferred a martial artist without a mask or superhero gimmick. Hence, Iron Fist could not sustain sales while Shang Chi could. Iron Fist did end up teaming up with Luke Cage/Power Man to cult success.


The tumultuous history of Iron Fist as a cinematic property likely is traced back to his lack of success in the comics. An Iron Fist movie was placed in development well over a decade ago and went nowhere. Marvel Studios eventually had second and third thoughts about spending millions on a film featuring a character no one heard of.


Netflix’s decision to create programming around realistic and grounded heroes opened a door for the character. The success of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage makes it a lot easier to debut an Iron Fist series.


Speaking of debuts, Iron Fist makes his first appearance in the upcoming series featuring The Defenders. After The Defenders, Iron Fist goes solo.


Ricardo Tosto is a Knowledgeable Business Lawyer

If you are dealing with a patent related case, it is advisable to find an experienced lawyer to help you. Disputes regarding patent matters is not something to be taken lightly. With a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer by your side, you can be confident that your case will receive the attention it deserves.

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So in going with the right patent attorney, it is very important to remember that the person should be a legitimate member of the bar to qualify as an officially authorized patent attorney.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been rendering superior services in a wide variety of business litigation matters. He has a popular law firm in Brazil where he provides outstanding legal solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs. He has handled complex legal disputes for corporations, business owners, multinational organizations and high-profile individuals.

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Gamora’s Appearance in Infinity Wars Confirmed

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is on a collision course. The Avengers have spent the past several years assembling a team of superheroes from Earth. Black Widow is a former USSR spy. Tony Stark and Ant-Man are regular humans with great technology. The Avengers movies have slowly introduced extraterrestrial heroes like Vision and Thor, but the action is still firmly grounded.


Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy is set in a distant corner of space. Aliens and mystical beings abound. There’s no connection to the Avengers storyline beyond the mindless alien threat of the Chitauri. In 2018, these two franchises will combine in the long-awaited epic Avengers: Infinity War.


Fans are already wildly speculating over which characters will be included in the movie. Thanos is rumored to be the big villain of the film. He’s made guest appearances in a few Marvel movies but stayed on his throne, content to sit back and watch others squabble. It looks like it’s finally time for him to stand up and join the action.


His daughter, Gamora, will be present, too. In a recent interview at the Golden Globes, Zoe Saldana confirmed that she’ll be in Infinity War. She told a reporter she doesn’t love her full-body green make-up but always feels  “so happy and luck”  when she gets to set.


As Thanos daughter, Gamora was originally an antagonist before teaming up with Starlord in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. Her loyalties will be tested in Infinity War, where she’ll be forced to choose between her duty to her father and her newfound role as a protagonist.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be released in 2017.